Why is it that people’s expectations for the immersive virtual world of the metaverse are both beautiful and absurd?

Meta Universe is trying to let users “live” on the Internet, not just surfing in 2D. Although this idea is ambitious, due to the limitations of technology and ideas, the meta-universe driven by augmented reality and virtual reality has not yet been fully explored in the real world. This “place” is still on the cusp of science fiction.

Why is it that people's expectations for the immersive virtual world of the metaverse are both beautiful and absurd?

Although the term “meta universe” has existed since the early 1990s- American writer Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche” shared the idea of ​​human beings as unique avatars in a three-dimensional virtual area and communicate with each other -but no Any organization or public institution has made clear progress in creating it. Recently, Facebook claimed to have made great strides in creating a shared virtual world. Similarly, Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has also stepped into this concept to further enhance its popular multiplayer game.

Metaverse reimagines the Internet as a virtual environment that is always on. In this environment, your virtual self or unique avatar acts as your business card and can interact with others in a digital three-dimensional space. There is no doubt that virtual reality will play an important role in the creation and maintenance of the future meta-universe . In such a world, virtual transactions will become the norm in the electronic retail industry, and participation in remote concerts, football matches or conferences may become quasi-physical activities that can be shared.


Why is the meta universe so brilliant

The collective virtual sharing Internet uses virtual reality and augmented reality technology to try to integrate almost all the best details of the real world into an immersive virtual world. 

Why is it that people's expectations for the immersive virtual world of the metaverse are both beautiful and absurd?

◉ The prospect of long-distance travel

As we all know, the epidemic has made traveling abroad a difficult task. Due to our existing long-distance social ecosystem, the idea of ​​meta-universe has developed rapidly. It uses VR technology to allow you to “be in” wherever you want to go. So far, we have used tools such as Google Earth and Google Maps to view foreign locations in real time. If the virtual reality world of Metaverse is constructed correctly, the process of “traveling” to an ideal location will be a piece of cake for Internet users . Although the tourism industry may be slightly hit, environmental sustainability will be promoted. In addition, physical disabilities and other health-related deficiencies no longer prevent individuals from going where they like.

◉ The relationship between the retailer and the customer is closer

Once Metaverse is open to people from all walks of life, the physical retail store model may disappear. With the help of VR headsets, buyers can see, “touch” and test the products they need to buy without leaving home. From a retailer’s point of view, Metaverse will break the boundaries based on location and enable them to engage with potential buyers around the world. In essence, demand and supply may have a more global significance rather than the specific situation of a country.


Why the concept of meta universe is absurd

The meta universe seems to have all the advantages. A borderless experience powered by VR sounds perfect to everyone. So, what might be the problem? It turns out that there are many. As mentioned earlier, Metaverse intends to introduce all the positive aspects of the real world into the virtual world. Unfortunately, negative aspects may also be dragged in, as well as some obscure factors.

Why is it that people's expectations for the immersive virtual world of the metaverse are both beautiful and absurd?

◉ Data security and privacy issues

Although this is hard to say, data protection has not been perfectly managed in the real world. Although we have the best network security tools and systems, the concept of online user data protection and privacy is still a controversial issue .

VR and AR systems require users to provide their biometric details and other sensitive personal data before enjoying the immersive experience of the technology. Although the company that builds Metaverse will have its own network security measures and protocols to ensure the safety of users, personal data is vulnerable to attacks from malicious elements on the platform. For these reasons, laws such as GDPR and CCPA may oppose the implementation of Meta Universe in their respective jurisdictions.

◉ The law surrounding the virtual is vague

Certain aspects, such as legal governance in the meta-universe, are still shrouded in ambiguity. Metaverse avoided a question: Do we need to use new legal policies and systems in the virtual world? Similar to artificial intelligence governance strategies, governments around the world must also prepare for virtual governance . Strict supervision may reduce the creative space for technological progress.

As we currently know, there are still some problems with the Internet, and these problems need to be corrected before we turn to a bold concept like the meta-universe. Although the good aspects seem to be outstanding, the bad aspects have a huge impact on the global implementation of the meta-universe decision-making process.

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