Why is it more and more difficult to play Axie Infinity now

Blockchain October 10th. The “Pokemon” style game Axie Infinity has recently taken the world by storm. Players can breed a creature called Axie in this game and divide it into groups of three. Go into battle. Axie itself is represented by NFTs, which can be used to prove ownership of game characters. However, with the increasing popularity of the game, the difficulty of participating in the game now seems to be becoming more and more difficult.


Currently, novice players first need to purchase three Axies to play, and each may cost hundreds of dollars. However, in order to make the process of getting started for new players smooth, Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis announced last month that it plans to provide new players with free entry Axies. Axie Infinity co-founder Alexander Leonard Larsen (Aleksander Leonard Larsen) said that they are well aware of their role in this field-educators, and all his email inboxes send him requests for help s mail. Moreover, about 25% of the 500 support emails the team receives every day have never had a bank account.

Seeing so many newcomers enter the blockchain field through the game, the Axie team feels that it is their obligation to lead the newcomers to understand the broader field of encryption through the game. Larsen also said that in addition to making money for these people, what other benefits Axie Infinity can bring? 

In fact, Axie Infinity has become a source of income for some players in developing countries such as the Philippines. Not only that, the trading platform FTX recently announced that it will cooperate with Yield Guild Games, the chain game guild, to launch the Axie Infinity player’s Play-to-Earn reward program. Alexander Leonard Larsen said that Axie Infinity currently has about 2 million active players every day, 50% of whom have never used any encryption applications before. Not only that, he also acknowledged the learning curve of the game (Learning Curve ) encryption for beginners “very difficult.” If the process of joining new players is compared to swimming on a small island, then in this attempt “many people will drown” -in the words of Alexander Leonard Larson, “Basically, they cannot Enter the game itself, because it’s too difficult.”

However, despite these obstacles, the game still has approximately 2 million active players every day, a fact that the Axie team is very encouraged. Just imagine, now these 2 million players are starting their difficult beginning phase, what happens once it becomes super easy? For this reason, Alexander Leonard Larson believes that their only concern now is growth. He is thinking about how to teach these people in the first place and benefit from this world. Maybe they can join the meta universe, or the broader digital world.


Not only that, Alexander Leonard Larson also stressed the need for intellectual property (IP) rights holders of the popularity of the NFT, similar CryptoPunks , here. Bored Ape Head Yacht Club and other projects, and Axie Infinity itself. In fact, many players think that “owning an NFT means having the intellectual property rights to create something, but this may not be the case.

For example, many NFT buyers think they can reach an agreement with Adidas, or something similar. In fact, NFT copyright and IP issues is a very difficult problem, all kinds of cottage Apes and Punks in Ethernet Square emerged on the outside of the block chain, the NBA and other major brands quickly claimed control of their actual sales of the NFT content. According to official terms, NBA Top Shot NFT holders cannot “commercialize” any element of their NFT without the NBA’s “prior written consent”; nor can they modify the image without the NBA’s permission.

It is worth mentioning that Alexander Leonard Larson does not care about competition from traditional game studios. Because Larsen felt that they were not moving fast enough, and at the same time he was afraid of having to give up control of the project. For a game studio, the worst thing may be to get something, but lose control of it, and never get it back.

Compared with traditional game companies taking “everything”, the company only draws 4.25% from each transaction for the $200 million NFT value created in the Axie Infinity world. Alexander Leonard Larson concluded by saying:

“Because the purpose of Axie Infinity is to create an open in-game economy, allowing players to make money in these games without taking everything, and this also means making money in the long tail.”

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