Why is it hidden and popular with the digital collection of the “Metaverse”?

Is it worth having?

In 2021, the most popular concept is the Metaverse.

But there is disagreement about “what is the Metaverse”, and the most intuitive understanding is “virtualization of the real world”.

At last year’s Yunqi Conference, Tan Ping, head of the XR Lab of Alibaba Dharma Academy, delivered a speech around the Metaverse. Tan Ping believes that the Metaverse is the entire Internet on VR/AR glasses. Tan Ping’s point of view may be a more realistic and down-to-earth explanation for the Metaverse at the current stage.

The Metaverse will include new social, e-commerce, education, gaming, and even payment methods in the future. The applications of the Internet that people are familiar with today can be presented on the Metaverse in a three-dimensional, more immersive way.

In the 1990s, the PC was the mainstream computing platform, and then the rise of the mobile phone gradually replaced the PC. In the future, VR/AR glasses may become the next-generation computing platform.

With the migration of computing platforms, the application of the Internet also iterates. In the VR/AR era, it is very likely that everyone will have a virtual avatar. Through the virtual avatar, you can communicate face-to-face in the virtual world. Under such a setting, it is very likely that social networking, e-commerce, and many applications will change. .

When 3D presentation is very mature, people will be immersed in a virtual world of information, there will be a virtual task to communicate with us face-to-face, and there will be a virtual shelf around them with a variety of dazzling goods.

Tan Ping believes that display and interaction are the bottom layers of all applications. When such a major change occurs in display and interaction, the upper-layer application must undergo a huge revolution. Based on these analyses, “the Metaverse is the grey rhino of our time”.

All in all, the virtualization of the real world, and the realization of large-scale commercial applications, it seems very far away. But on the other hand, around the concept of the Metaverse, NFTs (digital collections) have taken off in the last year. Whether it is Internet companies or traditional enterprises, they have begun to issue their own specific digital collections, and young people have also shown great curiosity and enthusiasm.

01  Where is the charm of NFT

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is an encrypted digital proof of rights and interests that cannot be copied, tampered with, or divided, and is based on blockchain technology. It can be understood as a decentralized “virtual asset”. or digital certificates of ownership of physical assets”.

Tokens are well understood and are virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. A homogenized token is like a bitcoin in a hand and a bitcoin in b’s hand. The bitcoins of two people can be exchanged with each other, and there is no difference in essence.But non-fungible tokens, that is, each of these tokens is unique and cannot be exchanged at the same value, which is a bit like a commemorative coin. But at the same time, it has the same blockchain features as bitcoin, such as traceability and hard to tamper.

NFT is actually a virtual “commodity” formed by combining blockchain technology + Metaverse concept. This kind of commodity can be an avatar, a virtual can of Coke, or a painting, and so on, in various forms.

A simple understanding is that some companies issue some virtual goods, which are tangible (virtual images), which use blockchain technology and have unique identification numbers, which can be exclusive to a certain person (cannot be stolen by others). go).

In July 2021, Coca-Cola and digital wearable device design platform Tafi jointly launched NFT digital collections. This group of works called Coca-Cola Friendship Box contains four rare single-edition dynamic NFTs, and a hidden surprise.

Why is it hidden and popular with the digital collection of the "Metaverse"?

Photo: Coca-Cola Friendship Box Collection of Coca-Cola Digital Collections

Through this digital collection released by Coca-Cola, we can probably get a feel for how the business world is grafted with the design of the Metaverse:

Coca-Cola’s digital collection includes a metallic red bubble jacket inspired by Coca-Cola’s old delivery uniforms that can be worn in Decentraland, a virtual world platform. A friendship card, modeled after the 1940s Coca-Cola game card; a sound touch device, including the business of opening a bottle of Coca-Cola, the sound of drinks being poured over ice, bubbles making sounds, and more; and a retro refrigerator , which is modeled after the redesign of the old vending machine in 1956, went online in Metaverse. The final hidden easter egg is revealed after winning the auction and opening the Coca-Cola Friendship loot box.

Last May, Gucci released their first digital virtual sneaker: the Gucci Virtual 25. This pair of shoes cannot be resold, and can only be worn in the online world. After buying, you can “wear” them in the virtual world to take photos or record small videos, and then share them.

On November 23, 2021, CCTV Animation and a third-party payment platform released two 3D digital collections, which are the classic images of Guoman – Xiaolongnu and Nezha. The two products were sold out soon after they went on sale.

Because these digital collections are unique, have historical commemorative significance (issued at a specific time), and are visualized, whether they will be valuable in the future, whether they can be auctioned or transferred, whether they can be handed over to collections, etc., all have infinite possibilities for imagination.

02  Foreign hype and domestic cautious attitude

Since the beginning of this year, digital collections are in the ascendant.

On January 5, 2022, the first online IP digital collection in China, “Da Feng Da Geng Men: All Heavens and Ten Thousand Realms”, opened for pre-order, limited to 2,000 copies, and was officially released on January 8. This is an encrypted digital commodity issued based on Tencent Cloud’s “Zhixin Chain” technical agreement, and it is the first phase of China Literature’s entry into the digital collection.

At the same time, on January 5, the official certification number “Bilibili Digital Collection” of Station B released a message, announcing that its first digital art avatar “Pigeon De” was officially open for registration, with a limit of 2,333 pieces on the entire network. This means that Station B has officially entered the army of issuing digital collections.

On New Year’s Day in 2022, Xiaomi released the 3D model of the digital collection “Core Era”, Tencent launched the “2021 Year Care Canvas” digital collection almost at the same time, and OPPO also launched a limited gift box for the Find N-Metaverse Adventure Digital Collection.

On December 26, 2021, the official website of Yuan Vision (nft.500px.com.cn) and the mini program ( Yuan Vision Collection) under Vision China (000681) were officially launched.

As of January 4, 2022, Yuan Vision has a total of 14 digital collections for sale, including Jia Wei’s “Flowers in the Wild Garden NO.1”, Li Ge’s “Matrix THE MATRIX”, Wang Sibo’s “Light Painting Mountains and Seas” series and Sun A brief introduction to the “Snowflake Factory” series of photos, original paintings, computer-generated digital images and other products.

NFTs are becoming more and more popular, and more and more brands and celebrities have begun to participate in this emerging field, and even a special trading market has emerged. Opensea, the world’s largest NFT trading platform, generates a large number of transactions every day. There are all kinds of things sold on it, art, music, sneakers, cards, virtual land…

Why is it hidden and popular with the digital collection of the "Metaverse"?

Picture: One of the first Metaverse Art Exhibitions on Tmall Double 11 in 2021, Wuliangye Digital Collection, limited to 9 copies

In addition to Station B, Internet giants such as Tencent, Ali and JD.com have all begun to deploy NFTs and launched related platforms. Ali’s whale scout and Tencent’s magic core no longer mention nft on their platforms, but use the term “digital collection”. And they also stated that any form of digital collection hype is not encouraged.

In foreign countries, NFTs can be traded between owners, which brings speculation and hype. No matter what product, as long as NFT is mentioned, the price will skyrocket. A digital avatar can generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Under the blessing of the two concepts of blockchain and Metaverse, NFT has produced a lot of bubbles.

In terms of distribution channels, foreign and domestic NFT products are also different. Most of the foreign NFTs are issued by public chains such as Ethereum, and can be traded on the public chains. Domestic NFTs are only sold on the consortium chains owned by each company, and theoretically cannot be traded on public chains such as Ethereum. At present, these domestic platforms have not opened the function of mutual transaction.

In view of its uniqueness and specific time attributes (for example, products released in 2021 may be rare and commemorative ten years later), NFT products may have a certain value-added space in the future, but judging from the overall market situation last year , has a certain tendency to foam.

Many collections have no special meaning, neither are products released within a certain period of time, nor are they issued by special companies, and the collections themselves do not have unique symbolic elements and sense of design.Almost organizations large and small (not just businesses) can issue NFTs, creating a phenomenon of spam.

03 In  essence, it is still the IP of the brand

From the domestic situation, NFT is still used as a means of marketing and communication so far.

Each digital collection is actually an image, prop or scene. These are the basic elements of IP. Moreover, the more culturally attribute a brand is, the easier it is to make NFT digital collections that complement each other. On the contrary, it is easy to have nowhere to start, or it seems far-fetched.

For example, in Coca-Cola’s Friendship Box last year, every piece of NFT in it is closely related to Coca-Cola’s history and culture: the metallic red bubble jacket is inspired by Coca-Cola’s old delivery uniforms; the friendship card is modeled after the Coca-Cola game card in the 1940s; The Sound Visualizer is a Coca-Cola sound experience; while the retro fridge is redesigned after a vintage 1956 vending machine.

When the brand itself is very vivid, well-known, and has IP characteristics: highly positive and positive brand associations and the authority of the brand in the category. It is obviously a good marketing tool for organizations to issue NFTs at the right time.

However, in order for NFT to form a word-of-mouth effect and influence in the Internet world, it needs to follow the following four basic characteristics:

First, the unique commemorative significance. The issuance of NFT needs to have a unique commemorative meaning. For enterprises, the NFT during this time period did not emerge out of thin air, and the commemorative meaning is also one of the best sense of value of NFT products.

Second, the authority of the issuer or the leading position in the industry. Similar to the central bank issuing special commemorative coins at special times, the authority of the issuer or the organization in the leading position in the industry, its own brand has a high degree of popularity and acceptance, the NFT issued by it is easier to be recognized, and it will be more popular in the future. Possibility to add value.

Third, scarcity. From the current point of view, a set of NFTs often does not exceed 10,000 pieces, and scarcity is one of the elements of value.

Fourth, the artistic value of the collection itself. The addition of artistry, sense of design or some kind of master value, such as the design of a well-known celebrity, makes the collection itself appreciable and precious. The highlight of the artistic sense can make up for the deficiency of the issuer’s lack of visibility. For example, an NFT designed by a well-known person for an unknown company.

When NFT causes word-of-mouth effect in the virtual world, it is an effective means of communication for a brand or an activity.

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