Why do you never receive rewards for your staked DOTs?

Community friends often encounter the problem of not being able to receive staking rewards. Today we have compiled a self-check guide to answer your questions about not receiving staking rewards.

Current Polkadot Staking parameters and situation

  • Nominations on Polkadot currently require a minimum stake of 10 DOTs (0.1 KSM on Kusama). Please make sure you are above the minimum requirements or you will not be able to nominate. Note: Not all nominees above 10 DOT will receive staking rewards. The minimum amount required to earn a reward is dynamic and can be found on the Targets page. See Referendum 55 for details. https://polkadot.polkassembly.io/referendum/55



  • Why do you never receive rewards for your staked DOTs?
  • Up to 22,500 nominees are currently supported. This means that if there are already 22,500 nominees, you will not be able to nominate, even if your DOT exceeds the minimum 160. You can double-check the current number of nominees on the Staking Overview page. https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Frpc.pinknode.io%2Fpolkadot%2Fexplorer#/staking
  • This is a temporary situation and a solution is being explored. You can read more details on why the minimum requirements are required here (https://polkadot.network/polkadot-and-kusama-staking-changes/) and read monthly updates on permanent solutions here. https://gist.github.com/kianenigma/aa835946455b9a3f167821b9d05ba376

Please check the following

Please check your DOT address on a block explorer like Subscan or Polkascan to see if you are accepting rewards before following the steps below. If you definitely didn’t receive the reward, here are a few things to check:

Why do you never receive rewards for your staked DOTs?

If you don’t have tokens bound, follow the instructions here to stake. https://support.polkadot.network/en/support/solutions/articles/65000168057

  • Have you nominated at least one validator? If not, please follow the instructions to nominate. https://support.polkadot.network/en/support/solutions/articles/65000168057
  • If your account is frozen for nominating less than the minimum amount , but then you stake more funds, you will need to nominate your validator again to start earning rewards. Because it stops nominations when your account is frozen.
  • Have you nominated too few validators? You can nominate up to 16 validators. The more you nominate, the higher your chances of receiving regular rewards. Not every validator enters the active set every day, so if you nominate too few validators, you may not receive rewards every day. However, make sure you only nominate validators you trust. Check out this article to learn how to choose a validator. https://support.polkadot.network/en/support/solutions/articles/65000150130
  • Has it been at least 48 hours since you started nominating? After selecting a new validator set, it will take some time before the staking rewards will start to be issued.
  • Have you nominated at least one active validator? Remember to always check to see if your nominated validator is still active!

Having multiple inactive or waiting validators is not too much of a problem unless they appear to be inactive. In this case, you can nominate more validators, up to 16 or change the validator of your choice.

  • Are your active validators oversubscribed? If you are not in the top 256 nominees (in terms of stake) of active validators, you will not be rewarded. To resolve this issue, reselect validators that have not yet oversubscribed.
  • Are you sending the reward to the correct address? Typically, rewards are sent to the stash or control account, but you can also choose to send rewards to an account you define.
  • Did you check your pending rewards? You can see this in the “payout” tab according to the image below.

Why do you never receive rewards for your staked DOTs?

Payouts are usually done by validators after each ear. If your validators haven’t started claiming rewards and you can’t wait to claim them, you can do so by clicking the payout button in the upper right corner or the button next to pending payment. Note that this will cost you transaction fees. If you’re not in a hurry, just wait for the validator (or someone else) to claim it.

About Bags List

We mentioned earlier that the minimum nomination amount required to earn rewards on Polkadot is currently dynamic, which you can see in the Targets tab under the Staking page! If there is no problem with the above checks, please reassign the account according to the following tutorial!

With the runtime upgrade to 9170 some time ago, we saw the implementation of the so-called “bags-list” feature. This is done to implement an ordered list of nominators within the constraints of the relay chain runtime. It allows to lower the bound minimum to a dynamic minimum instead of a fixed number of DOTs. You can read more details about the bags-list functionality here. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RMoTpvXyoudMeVTRJ-a6p9XDpdCfUovRapJINZJB4hI/edit#heading=h.qdfly7gal555

If you staked more than the minimum amount and still haven’t received the reward, your address may need to be relocated in the bags list. This happens because the bags are sorted by stake, but the accounts in each bag are not. Therefore, in the last bag, only the first X accounts will participate in the election. But since accounts are not sorted by stake, it is possible to exclude accounts above the minimum amount.

Accounts can use bagList.putInFrontOf in extrinsic to put themselves in front of other accounts with lower pledges in the same bag. It is important to note that this process will only put you in front of accounts with lower stakes, and there is no guarantee that you will start earning rewards, as your address may be put in front of an account that is not itself included in the validator pool.

Setup flow on Polkadot-JS UI

  • Make sure your storage account is active, then navigate to the Bags page and select My bags. (This example is on the Westend testnet, but the same is true on Polkadot). https://polkadot.js.org/apps/#/staking/bags

If you see a button that says Rebag in place of the button highlighted below, that means your account is currently placed in the wrong bag. Do this first if you need to, this will move your account to the correct package. Then proceed to step 2.

  • When you see the button highlighted in the image below, it means your account needs to be relocated. Select it to emit extrinsic.

Why do you never receive rewards for your staked DOTs?

  • Next, sign the commit transaction

Why do you never receive rewards for your staked DOTs?

This will readjust your position in the bag and hopefully get you started earning rewards again!

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