Why do we urgently need Web 3.0?

Large-scale censorship and de-platforming (de-platforming) are rapidly evolving. Fortunately, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies has paved the way for a brighter tomorrow with less oversight, which has facilitated the arrival of Web 3.0.

Why do we urgently need Web 3.0?

Large-scale censorship and de-platforming (de-platforming) are rapidly evolving. Fortunately, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies has paved the way for a brighter tomorrow with less oversight, which has also facilitated the arrival of Web 3.0.

Why is the Open Internet needed?
The freedom of expression is extremely powerful, which is why it is always bound by various frameworks. Sometimes the content of expression can be hate speech, and other times it can be misinformation. Whatever the case, the power of the free flow of information on the Internet cannot be ignored.

The traditional media co-promoted the gas scam scandal in Syria some time ago, sparking another devastating war that will lead to decades of unrest in the region for years to come. The media’s reputation is in tatters, and this incident has caused the public to be wary of traditional media.

And the open Internet has an important role to play in building trust online. And with the Biden administration’s recent announcement that it will work with private companies to regulate domestic populations and thus circumvent legal loopholes, the trend toward stricter censorship has emerged.

The emergence of Web 3.0
From the 1990s to today, the World Wide Web has gone through two distinct phases.

Web 1.0 – static pages, simple content creation, and personalized pages. Not user-friendly, so this is primarily a read-only (read-only) experience.

Web 2.0 – This phase saw an increase in user engagement, resulting in a new Internet experience. From YouTube and Twitter to Reddit and Instagram, users can submit and interact with content and collaborate with each other through dynamic pages, making it a read-write experience.

Web 3.0 remains a theoretical framework, also known as the Semantic Web, that assumes that the Internet is not only effectively managed by a single search engine. the key hallmark of Web 3.0 is its reliance on artificial intelligence to connect users to more relevant and meaningful data.

In other words, Web 3.0 should be the pinnacle of machine understanding of natural language. In addition, semantic metadata will allow users to more quickly connect to any of the environments and services that connect them to what they need. This content will then be seamlessly distributed between devices and applications, thus upgrading the Web 3.0 experience.

More importantly, the Semantic Web is poised to decentralize user data in a distributed manner, making it simple and allowing users to own their own holdings. In the current Web 2.0, companies leverage your user data, which is why most services on the Internet seem to be free.

What will Web 3.0 look like?
When we consider the process of driving Web 3.0 or the Decentralized Internet (DWeb), Protocol Labs, a pioneer in this field, deserves a lot of credit. You may have heard of, or own, their Filecoin storage token. This project interconnects with IPFS and libp2p, which are P2P storage network protocols. The latter allows developers to run web applications independent of site, execution time and address services.

In the future, people can access content based on content relevance rather than geographic location relevance, while not relying on a single server that may have a single point of failure.

In addition to Protocol Labs’ project, other projects are working to replace existing services such as

Textile Photos – a decentralized version of Pinterest or Instagram.

DTube – a decentralized version of YouTube.

Graphite Docs – a decentralized version of Google Docs.

OpenBazaar – a decentralized marketplace that aims to compete with Amazon on digital goods.

Interestingly, hybrid alternatives that combine blockchain, apps and websites are also on the rise. For example, Odysee (formerly Lbry) uses the LBRY blockchain protocol to set uploaded videos, images and documents into unbannable mode, and the site itself is built on top of this censorship resistance protocol. Likewise, LBRY can be used to reward content creators in the form of microtransactions, eliminating the need for advertising and preventing sponsor corruption from occurring.

Achieving Web 3.0 is difficult, but there is a silver lining
Any service can be decentralized. Despite the difficulties, the technical aspects are the least of our worries. One of the more important points is the weighty effect of network effects. In other words, the service that is immediately available with the least amount of effort is also the most popular service.

When comparing Twitter and Gab (American social media), one can find little difference in their functionality. However, the difference lies in the popularity of both. Some organizations are becoming more and more aggressive in trying to stifle people’s thoughts and language, so there may be a turning point in the decentralized field of network effects, which will facilitate the early introduction of DWeb (decentralized Internet).

Finally, there is the problem that the DWeb (decentralized Internet) is no longer a centralized form. The solution to this problem may lie in DAOs (distributed autonomous organizations) and healthy competition in the market. Although the chilling effect of “de-platforming” will succeed and bring automatic censorship to millions of people, the trajectory of history is always in the hands of a small group of entrepreneurs, and the arrival of Web 3.0 will be a turning point in the history of the Internet.

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