Why do more and more college students become real estate agents?

Will college students become the catfish of the real estate agency industry?

Recently, the story of a college student is very popular: Yao Qinwen, a post-95 master of Communication University of China, worked as an intern in a real estate agency store. Three months later, she was attracted by this career and started selling a house on an electric car.

Similar to the 985 master’s stall, Tsinghua graduates working as security guards, and Peking University master’s selling rice noodles, the topic of “post-95 graduates to sell houses” once again sparked public debate.

When college students go to sell houses, some people think that they are overkill, and some think that buying and selling a house is the biggest transaction in an ordinary person’s life. The service provider should be reliable and highly educated.

Most college students choose to work as real estate agents because they can get high returns for their hard work. At the same time, many college students use reverse thinking to think that since some real estate industry practitioners need to improve their service capabilities, they bring professional knowledge and accomplishments into the industry, and their advantages are even more obvious. Of course, there are people who sell houses for the purpose of training themselves. They want to overcome introversion and social fear.

No matter what posture you take to enter the industry, the funnel of the real estate agency industry is large enough, and more and more highly educated people enter the industry. And when they tasted the benefits of fairness and transparency in the industry, large income space, clear promotion channels, and interlocking growth systems, those who remained from the funnel insisted on reaching the top of the pyramid. Some netizens even referred to real estate agents as ” Treasure career that has not been discovered by the public .”

What is the charm of real estate agency that can become a career choice for so many college students? Behind this phenomenon, what changes have taken place in the real estate brokerage industry? Only by understanding the industry can prejudice continue to be biased.

In fact, no job is easy, no one can get something for nothing. For college students who are choosing a career, the low-hanging fruits are often picked up early. It is not a kind of wisdom to find another way.

01 The past talent depression, 

It’s also the height of opportunity now 

Not all efforts have results, but in the real estate brokerage field, hard work can be exchanged for high returns.

Born in rural Henan and admitted to 211 colleges and universities, Yao Dan, an agent of a chain store in Haidian District , after graduating from Zhengzhou University in 2013, he chose to sell a house to exercise himself. He said that he was not smart. When he started to work, he took a simple assessment of sales handouts. It took him several months and dozens of times before he passed the assessment.

There is no shortcut to success. It is hidden in every detail: the weather is hot, he prepares water, umbrella and sunscreen for the client; the visitor’s cell phone is out of power, and he carries a power bank in his bag; the client wants to smoke, but Yao who doesn’t smoke Dan carried cigarettes and a lighter with him; when the client asked how wide and high the house was, he had a rangefinder in his hand.

The client’s evaluation of him is: “There are not many people who are ruthless, and I would not easily recommend a house to disturb people, but the recommended house must be worth seeing.”

In the first year of work, Yao Dan became the annual sales champion, and in the fourth year, he was promoted to level 10, which is also the highest level of real estate agent business positions. Yao Dan said without hesitation that he chose the sales and service industry because his income is in his own hands and there is no ceiling.

Exams for civil servants, entering large factories, and head-to-head with famous school students may not have advantages, but staggered competition and entering the fast-transforming traditional industry with professionalism are opportunities visible to the naked eye.

“This is a lowland of talents. Many people are unwilling to be real estate agents. This is a blue ocean for high-educated service providers.” said Peng Huan, a girl born in Mianyang, Sichuan in 1997.

In 2016, she was admitted to the Fudan University Law School with the highest score in the college entrance examination . “I used to practice in the court and organize materials from 9 to 5 every day. The work of judges and lawyers seems glamorous, but in fact, I have to face it every day. All kinds of disputes.” The outgoing Peng Huan couldn’t bear this boring. After graduating from university in 2020, she did not become a judge or a lawyer, but chose to work as a real estate agent from scratch in Shanghai.

Not only is the rising channel of qualifications a rare situation for college students in other industries to enter the workplace.

Why do more and more college students become real estate agents?

Zhao Qingyu graduated from Hebei Institute of Engineering and Technology in 2020. At the beginning, his parents and girlfriend did not support him as a real estate agent. The reason was that “you can’t sell a house for the rest of your life.” But he felt that he could give it a try in his first job.

Zhao Qingyu was catching up with the epidemic when he first joined the company . Many old colleagues were not accustomed to using the VR tape watch developed by Shell . He used VR tape to watch it madly. This item alone ranked first in the region, and even sold an order through VR. .

In the first sale, he blamed himself for introducing the top floor building to the customer as a non-top floor, and focused more on the business; he also patiently faced a 60-year-old aunt who came to the store for 14 consecutive days to explain the terms of the contract. , To grind your temper.

With an average of one order per month, Zhao Qingyu spent a year ranking first among newcomers in Hangzhou, and obtained the qualification to run for business district manager (ie, store manager) in an exceptional manner.

When competing for employment, the scene was full of leaders at the “city chief” level with a serious face. When he saw that the candidate in front of him was only 23 years old, Zhao Qingyu clearly remembered the surprised look from the other side. Seeing that look, he was angry and wanted to prove that he would do it.

“They asked me if I became a business district manager how to manage, what can make you collapse and many other practical problems, I said, these are the problems that I will encounter after becoming a business district manager, and I am not afraid of these today. The problem is that you dare not let me go up because I am a 23-year-old young man. The interviewers laughed.”

In April 2021, Zhao Qingyu became the youngest business district manager of Hangzhou Lianjia and began to lead the team.

Unlike Zhao Qingyu’s natural sociability, many college students enter the industry to overcome their personality weaknesses .

Yang Dingliang, born in 1997, graduated from Jingjiang College of Jiangsu University. He is a bit fat, not very confident, and a little socially afraid. During college, due to my low self-esteem, I didn’t dare to communicate with others and missed many beautiful opportunities. When he graduated, he decided to push himself. It happened that real estate agent was a job that tested communication skills, had a good career prospect, and had a sense of accomplishment. He decided to devote himself to this job.

“I hadn’t issued an order for half a month, and I was particularly suspicious of myself. At this time, the store manager asked me to talk, help me analyze the reasons, and help me get out of the predicament. Because of the mentorship culture, I can grow quickly.” Yang Dingliang said . On the 4th day of employment, he helped clients rent a house. On the 11th day of employment, he became a real estate agent. After 8 months of employment, he was promoted to the manager of the rental shop.

Big rivers and rivers eventually enter the sea. Real estate agents entered the industry with different purposes and got the same gains.

02 Why do college students fall in love with the real estate agency industry? 

In the past, the average working life of real estate agents was less than one year. The reason for the high liquidity of the industry was that some people did not issue bills for three to five months, their income was too low, some were not used to the pace of work in this industry, and some were caught in a career bottleneck. Expansion capacity. Most of them left in a hurry without forming a standard service concept and deep cognition and thinking about the profession. Without the fertile ground for talent development, the industry naturally cannot move forward. 

Why can today’s real estate agency industry attract and retain so many college graduates? There are some things in common in the actions of the brokerage brand cooperating with Shell on college students. 

The first is the guaranteed income. 

In the past, real estate agents had no basic salary and only relied on housing sales performance. Newcomers who had just entered the job had no experience and the chance of billing was low. Now most of the brokerage brands that cooperate with Shell provide high-educated talents with no responsibility basic salary of 3-12 months. College student brokers reduce the psychological pressure in the early stage; in the commission-sharing model, brokers can share commissions according to their roles as long as they participate in the transaction. For example, the house entry person, owner maintainer, customer maintainer, etc. can be divided into the total performance; In terms of income structure, the structure of basic salary + commission realizes distribution according to work and earns more for more work.

The commissions for such commodities as housing transactions provide a higher ceiling for the income level of real estate agents . In the real estate industry, experienced and hardworking brokers have an income no less than white-collar workers.

The second is a clear path to career advancement.

Highly educated brokers can develop into senior brokers. After they develop their management skills, they can compete to be hired to lead the team on their own . After the experience is mature enough, they can also start their own businesses . Giving college students plenty of space also allows them to do their best to maximize the value of talents.

After 7 years of work, Yao Dan has become the highest-level agent and has the opportunity to lead a team as a store manager. However, he feels that he is more rewarding in selling a house in a front-line position; and 23-year-old Zhao Qingyu has become a store manager. Agent, his income has dropped, but he feels that he is still young and it is more important to get different aspects of training and growth. He secretly set himself a goal: two years later, he will have the opportunity to compete for the director.

Why do more and more college students become real estate agents?

Finally, there are employment prospects.

As the Chinese real estate market quickly enters the era of stock housing, different from the operating mechanism and logic of new house sales, the power of real estate agents has become more and more important. Service providers in the residential field are becoming professional and professional, and it is more important to provide high-value services that meet the psychological needs and emotional experience of consumers. In the future, the demand for “highly educated, highly professional, and highly professional” talents will also increase.

Zhilian Recruitment’s “2021 College Students’ Employment Research Report” shows that the real estate industry has become the top 2 industry where graduates expect employment, second only to the Internet industry.

Wang Guangmei, CEO of Yunchuang Interactive, an educational consulting agency, told Shenran that more and more college students are working as real estate agents. On the one hand, because of the large number of college graduates every year, many college students have difficulty finding jobs that match their majors, and they are confused about employment; on the other hand, , The real estate agency industry is developing rapidly, standardized development and talent upgrading have provided a large number of jobs, and the salary package has become more and more competitive.

In his view, college students have received systematic higher education and have advantages in industry standards, professionalism, professional ability, and learning ability. ” Furthermore, the development concept of the future society must be that high education does not mean high ability, and high education does not mean having a good job. University is a platform for receiving general education and training and improving the way of thinking. After graduation, college students take the initiative to lower their attitude and work hard There is a way out .”

In recent years, people’s stereotypes about careers have been changing. Apart from prestigious school students who work as real estate agents and home economics, many prestigious school graduates work as nanny and live-in tutors. The insurance industry has also recruited a large number of high-quality talents, and there are also a considerable number of them. College students are takeaway riders, and many traditional industries have ignited the young people’s lights one after another.

In fact, no profession is completely equated with academic qualifications. No matter what industry you are in, one thing can be achieved to the extreme, and you can reap the value of life.

03 Do you really need college students to sell a house? 

Judging from the results, college students poured into the real estate brokerage industry based on the measurement of income return, career prospects or personal growth. Those who persevere have achieved themselves and improved the overall service level of the industry. 

In further investigation, the evolution of the real estate brokerage industry has allowed college students to see their career potential. On the other hand, the industry has also made efforts to allow highly educated brokers to receive special attention. 

On the supply side, real estate agents are facing problems such as rapid loss and unbalanced service levels. Some service providers lack professional training and growth. On the demand side, the huge second-hand housing transaction market needs professional brokers to meet the needs of customers. Housing demand and improve service experience. 

Recruitment is the first step. In the past, it seemed incredible to let college students sell houses. How could a fledgling student continue to work in the sales and service industry because he had no experience and resources. The era of only performance has passed, and the quality service of real estate agents has become the key to the survival of the stock housing market. At this time, college student brokers with high comprehensive quality, strong learning ability, and great development potential have become fresh blood for the development of the industry. 

In 2021, Shell Looking for Real Estate and the new brokerage brand will provide 600,000 broker recruitment positions, including the distribution of 200,000 school brokerage offers.

As a special project for the introduction and cultivation of high-level talents from Lianjia, the “Navigator Program” wants to recruit a group of high-potential college students to cultivate leading marketing and management talents for Lianjia.

The “2021 College Student Real Estate Broker Career Survey Report” released by the Shell Research Institute shows that 65.01% of brokers have a college degree, of which, Beijing and Shanghai brokers have a bachelor degree accounted for more than 60%.

The second and most important step is to retain talent.

Take Shell as an example. They have joined a number of brokerage brand stores and promised to provide an irresponsible base salary, increase the safety insurance for the watch, and help newcomers create a stable professional environment. In training brokers, Shell has a “big exam for learning”, and brokers need it. Familiar with “thousands of questions”, but also “exhibition and clearance”, simulated trading scenarios, and hands-on training for newcomers with the “mentor-apprentice system” as the core; in addition, Shell also provides Shell Brokerage School, Huaqiao School and more Type courses and training.

In the mouths of many brokers, they worked hard to help clients find a suitable house, and when they were recognized by the clients, the sense of value became a kind of ambition. Entering the forefront of the annual performance and taking the family to Beijing to enjoy the honor dinner is the time when their faces are brightest and full of pride. This profession has dignity from the outside to the inside.

Why do more and more college students become real estate agents?

Many people are curious, why does this industry take time and effort to train college students to sell houses? Do you need someone with a high degree of education to sell a house? The answer is yes.

In Yao Dan’s view, most college students surpass those with a college degree in the depth and height of learning ability, accepting new things, and looking at problems. “My intuitive feeling is that college students are more delicate. Through a simple chat, customers can probably know the knowledge of the intermediary. This is very important for real estate transactions. They feel that millions or tens of millions of things should be given to one person. Educated people are more at ease and practical .”

Moreover, from the perspective of industry development, consumers are customers and brokers are users of the industry. The employment environment, growth status, and retention time of brokers represent the service level of the entire industry. In order to make this ecology more prosperous, participants in the real estate brokerage industry must also provide brokers with a better living soil.

Industry evolution affects service providers, and service providers are also changing the industry . Nowadays, college students working as agents have begun to introduce new gameplay, and they are good at using platforms such as new media, station B, and Douyin.

After joining the company in July last year, Shanghai Lianjia agent Li Shu insisted on “writing a diary” at station B. There was her promotion process from Xiaobai to store manager, and her analysis of Shanghai’s real estate policy and industry. The most popular is her entry.5 A summary of the month’s experience, with 30,000 views. After Li Shu was promoted to manager, the recruitment problem was solved at station B by the way. Because of her true feelings and story, recruiting people is more convincing than posting a recruitment poster.

Young graduates who enter the real estate industry will gradually improve the service ability and level of real estate agencies with high literacy and learning ability. They are becoming the catfish of the team and the industry.

*The title picture comes from “An Jia”, and the picture in the text comes from Unsplash. 

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