Why do I believe GameFi will still lead the next wave?

The next plate rotation will be Gamefi, which is still very early in the field. Even if the entire industry is currently sluggish, Gamefi may become the tipping point of the industry and usher in explosive growth. This article may bring you some valuable news, read to the end to get Alpha.

Over the past 6-7 weeks, the vast majority of tokens have been on a downward trend (except for some small-cap altcoins that have outperformed), and the NFT market has been choppy during the same period. We are going through a market that is fragmented.

We have seen many investors making huge profits in the NFT market through AzukiZen, BAYC and AdamBombSquad, and some of them even turned 5ETH into 100ETH or more. So where does the money end up going?

I believe that some of this profit will flow into gaming NFTs because they are used to buying NFTs, and we can also see some NFTs have launched full game roadmaps.

But this does not seem to be so friendly to DeFi. Through understanding, investors in the DeFi circle also believe that funds have indeed been transferred to other sectors. On the one hand, Gamefi is a good balance of NFT+DeFi, and investors in both fields can participate in Gamefi’s projects well. Gamefi developers, on the other hand, have been building nonstop over the past few months, and many projects will soon have new products coming out. In the last cycle, Gamefi was almost all p2e, and part of the population has grown tired of Axie’s model. However, this is about to change.

Play To Earn (P2E) has started a shift in the direction of Play And Earn (P&E), and this shift is very popular in the Gamefi community. After reading numerous articles and participating in discussions with other game economists, this transformation of Gamefi is already beyond doubt. P&E’s game design will first bring some traditional competitive game players into blockchain games, and further bring more game types into the field.

More and more traditional game companies have also announced their entry into chain games. A series of traditional game companies and investment companies such as Ubisoft, Microsoft, and Softbank have announced to invest in chain games and enter the Metaverse. In the future, there will be more and more players. Legacy companies come in and invest in Gamefi. Of course, many crypto funds are also rushing to recruit Gamefi investment team talents, such as A16z. In short, more and more capital is entering Gamefi, and the transition from Gamefi to P&E will attract more capable and popular gamers -> may bring about a better encrypted e-sports ecology, thus forming a positive cycle .


As far as my main focus projects go, both Cra and Magic have been pretty solid over the past month. Both have solid communities that are very helpful and enthusiastic about their ecosystems, which is good for investors.


 Cra price chart


Magic’s price chart

So, if the next sector to explode is Gamefi, how should we choose the target? I’ll share my thoughts and actions (note, do not constitute investment advice), so let’s get started.

Avax’s subnets are coming in Q1, and thanks to faster responsiveness and greater scalability, the entire subnet has greatly helped Gamefi, providing everything you need for high-performance gaming. In the Avax ecosystem, I will pay attention to Jewel and Cra.

Jewel and Cra, as blue-chip Gamefi tokens in the Avax ecosystem, have strong community support and attention. The only project I focus on on Arbitrium is Magic, which has a complete ecosystem of games, NFTs and projects. This project feels like Nintendo to me, and I look forward to the follow-up development of the community.


In Polygon’s ecology, crypto_raiders and crypto_unicorns are the most ecologically reliable p2e chain games.If you have been following Gamefi before, you will know that there are many people who made a lot of money from Unicorns from 0.2ETH to 2ETH.

Of course, there are too many chain games for you to choose from, but if you haven’t been on this track for a long time, I think it’s hard to choose a good game and rotate the game according to the popularity. So I personally think that Guilds (guilds) are one of the good investment choices in this wave of Gamefi’s rise for those who don’t have the energy to understand Gamefi.

Guilds like Ygg, Mc, GF, and Avg are like Gamefi’s index funds, and they are involved in a large number of brick-and-mortar games. Therefore, investing in these guild tokens is like buying funds such as SPY (a well-known and established index fund in the US stock market). Of these guilds, I personally think Guildfi is one of the best options, and I will share some personal thoughts.

GuildFi has a Guildfi ID platform that brings all player data in one place. This platform is important as we move to the P&E model. In the current environment, the number of high-quality games that can make money is limited, and the competition for rewards is fierce, which means that players are faced with a choice: either choose a game that can make money but they don’t like, compete with a large number of speculators, or choose Give up your income from your favorite games. So is there any way that players don’t have to worry about whether to choose to play the game that can make money or play the game they like?

The GuildFi ID platform solves this problem. Proof-of-Play is a reward system unique to the GuildFi platform that can turn any game into a money-making game, as all games run within the GuildFi ecosystem, meaning players never have to play their favorite games and have Choose between income-rewarding games.

There are also many benefits to holding GF tokens for pledge. During the pledge time, you can get a variety of airdrop rewards. Imagine that you will get a hundred times more tokens like PTP to ensure the appreciation of your assets.

Guildfi also has a solid financial position. Guildfi’s treasury has been divided into three distinct parts: cash reserves, tokens and NFTs. The higher the treasury reserve, the more stable and perfect the internal ecology will be. So if you don’t know Gamefi, invest in the guild.

For the current operation, I have bought some Cra and Tus. I think Tus will become more and more useful as new game modes are released. More players/guilds will use Tus to buy crabs, and maybe use Tus to buy land in the future. Currently, Tus is down about 30% from its price peak, which I think is a good opportunity to buy a position. As for Cra, I will always hold it.

AXIE As a pioneer and leader in the Gamefi space, I believe it will return to the uptrend, I bought some Axs and Slp, and am ready to switch positions to other game tokens later.

Then there is my favorite Dcau, which is called Dragon Coin by everyone. As an early chain game project of Avax Eco, the FDV is around 16 million, with a unique deflation, the current price is in the triple digits, I would like it more if it can become a four-digit.

Closing thought: No one can predict the future, I just personally think that the market that belongs to Gamefi is coming, there may be many 10-50 times increase, who can say for sure? See what’s happening with Axs in 2021! Also, based on the performance of Gamefi tokens over the past few weeks, they are also dynamic in bear markets and have been able to outperform. Is it similar to the post-519 in 2021, is it possible to become the tipping point of the entire cryptocurrency rally like last year? 

Note: None of the tokens mentioned in the article are financial advice. DYOR.

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