Why did the post-00s play the “Memories of the Post-80s/90s” QQ show again?

The story of QQ Show is still very long.

On Douban, there is a 110,000-person “pretend to live in 1980-2000” group. A group of post-80s and post-90s generations use photos, language styles and lifestyles full of age to remember their youth. Among them, the QQ show is always a hot topic, and many people share their Korean-style, cool or cute outfits at that time, and exchanges can always bring people back to the era when the Internet was just sprouting in China.

At that time, a QQ show with a delicate match was always regarded as a cool and trendy show, and won the envy of peers.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

According to statistics, in 2006, QQ had 355 million registered users, and more than 40% of the users tried to buy QQ show virtual items, and the number was close to 150 million.

However, with the change of the times, the Internet is no longer a new thing in China, and the 2D plane QQ show based on the Flash framework is gradually declining. In November 2021, it was reported on the Internet that the QQ show could no longer be seen on the PC-side QQ, which aroused heated discussions and concerns among many people. They went to the official Weibo to leave a message for verification, while Tencent refuted the rumor that it was only folded in the chat window, and stated that “future The QQ show will also show a more realistic and three-dimensional ‘you’.”

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

Recently, Tencent launched the test version of the Super QQ Show, which fully upgraded the QQ Show from 2D to 3D, and added many additional functions. The once familiar QQ Show has been completely redesigned, which is more in line with contemporary aesthetics. Many post-80s and post-90s have relived their feelings, and even many post-00s participated in it, sparking heated discussions on the Internet…

What is the new QQ show like? Why does it attract so many people? What is the outlook after the revision? We also had an in-depth experience in the beta version.

What are the new features of Super QQ Show?

  • Traditional pinching skills, new AI pinching faces

At present, the test version of Super QQ Show without deleting files has begun, and the test qualifications are also being released in batches. The entrance to the Super QQ Show is at the top right of the QQ main interface, replacing the original shooting function. Visually, there will be more obvious guidelines and other entrances in the future.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

Compared with the traditional QQ show, the super QQ show has made great progress and has a beautiful style, which is loved by many young users. The operation of the entire face pinching system is intuitive and simple enough to allow users to create a unique avatar. The user can pinch the face through the adjustment points of the face without adjusting the cumbersome parameters. The current version provides a wealth of options for hairstyles, eyebrows, eyes, mouths, makeup, face templates and more.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

Looking at the art style of Super QQ Show, it seems to be in the same line as the 3D virtual image social product Kapu launched by Tencent in 2019. It prefers a cute and friendly two-dimensional cartoon image, which is more in line with the aesthetics of contemporary young people.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?


Kapo’s designer once shared this, “We did a lot of experiments in the early stage of the project in designing the faces of people who have an important influence on the characters. It is mainly divided into three directions: Western style reminiscent of Disney characters, embodying The oriental style with Asian characteristics, the common comic style of Japanese comics.” The team also made a design draft of the N version of the character’s body proportions, trying to present a more harmonious effect.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?


The current version does not yet support face pinching with full custom parameters. If the Super QQ Show opens this function in the future, we will definitely see various ghosts and animals pinching faces, or poses that imitate real classic star photos.

In addition, this time the face pinching system also has a particularly playable function, that is, AI pinch face. It can perform face recognition through the lens and automatically generate a cute version of “self”. If you are not satisfied, you can shoot again.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

  • unchanging clothing store

After pinching the face, it is the standard configuration of the face pinching system – changing clothes.

The clothes that can be selected in the internal test are very accurate and trendy in style, which will be favored by most users. The accessories part continues the tradition of the QQ show, with a lot of shoes, hats, headwear and glasses. It is estimated that the official will develop other categories of accessories to further enrich the types of accessories.

According to the classification and design of clothing, this may be the two-dimensional dress. After trying on a few outfits, we found that the actual effect was very good, and the character had no sense of incongruity after wearing it.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

  • Virtual home, continue to arrange the nest

In order to let users experience the fun of real life in the virtual world, Tencent has been exploring very early. According to public information, in Tencent’s 2004 patent application “A Method and System for Realizing an Instant Messaging Background”, it is clearly mentioned that the purpose of the invention is to provide an instant messaging system with a lively and rich interface, and other elements such as the environment and the environment. Methods to increase the communication pleasure of both communication parties. Specifically, the server provides users with a space and a design interface. The design interface is provided with free and flexible room modeling, furniture items, and scene design functions. Users can arbitrarily select rooms, furniture, electrical appliances, etc. From the space nest in 2015, to the centimeter show nest in 2019, and now the nest in the super QQ show, they all continue this design idea.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

At present, the types of furniture are very rich, and there are already hundreds of furniture options, which will be updated in large quantities in the future.

There are two modes for the decoration of Xiaowo, one is layout, which supports adjusting the position and direction of a single piece of furniture, and the other is room, which can expand the area of ​​a single room or increase the number of rooms and floors. Lighting is also an important part of the interior design atmosphere. At present, the official provides five lighting states, which can definitely meet the basic needs of “designers”.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

  • Virtual Scene: Marina Music Plaza

The Marina Music Plaza allows users to tour various buildings and send chat messages, a bit like a large online park. It is estimated that the official will open other functions in the future, such as adding a new theme park based on the real world, and supporting users to set off fireworks with QQ group friends from all over the world.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

  • social interactive entertainment

The beta version of the Super QQ Show also provides some interactive entertainment among friends.

It is somewhat similar to QQ’s interactive functions such as “Poke a Poke” and “Expression DIY” , and integrates QQ Show into it, providing a special interactive scene where you can make various dynamic interactive operations through QQ Show.

In general virtual social applications, users need to pinch people, change clothes, and name them first, which is what everyone often complains about: “Pinch your face for half an hour and name it for an hour”. After that, users can interact with other people online, unlock new pinch options in various ways, and gradually change into advanced or rare or unchanged costumes.

However, the mode of Super QQ Show is different. Users can experience various types of scene-based interactions with their own unique images. That is to say, the characters here are fixed and unified in each virtual world.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

Secondly, it has one thing in common with functions such as pinching people, small nests, virtual scenes, etc., that is, the improvement of the painting style, the design style of characters and scenes is unified, and it looks very harmonious.

This test provides a variety of interactive entertainment scenarios, all of which are online gatherings between friends, which is in line with the positioning of QQ’s own social tool, and it is interesting enough. Presumably in the future, its online effect will definitely be more joyful, and users can enjoy the interaction and company between friends.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

Why is the QQ show revised?

So, why did QQ choose to upgrade the QQ show at this time and launch a new generation of super QQ show?

First of all, from the comprehensive internal testing experience, Super QQ Show has the following obvious features:

  • In line with the aesthetic style of the new era, the overall style of the product is unified and harmonious;
  • With the modern technology of face capture, users can generate AI characters with one click ;
  • The operation is simple and intuitive , without any learning cost;
  • Support free creation and encourage users’ diverse and personalized expressions;
  • Rich social interaction , around the design concept of  creating a community as the core;

Combining the above characteristics, it is not difficult to see the reason for the birth of Super QQ Show.

It reflects the future development direction of social software.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

For target users , the Super QQ Show is in line with the aesthetics of the new era and the interests of Generation Z, reshaping the virtual image of QQ users. With the addition of new technologies, the tools of Super QQ Show are simple and easy to use, which activates users’ participation and creative initiative, and everyone can become a creator.

In an open and personalized communication context, users can display personalized creative works and explore the boundaries of expression in content sharing.

From the perspective of product positioning , co-creation and connection are the keywords of the new generation of super QQ shows.

Based on the QQ platform with huge domestic traffic and young people, Super QQ Show is not only a function, but also a community with a strong sense of belonging, connecting people with each other and producing content in the process of connecting with each other.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

Over the years, QQ Show has been adhering to the product concept of creating a community together.

Among them, the virtual home function is also developing in the direction of simulation construction, which is similar to the previous QQ space and has always been a very popular type. They themselves have a large number of core users, and it is easy to attract a lot of friends, and new content creators are constantly being born in this field. This time, the Super QQ Show has lowered the creation threshold of pinch and construction by virtue of modern technology, and further enhanced the dissemination of co-created content.

In addition to co-creating a community, Super QQ Show is also a platform for users’ emotional attribution. Under the influence of the global epidemic, people’s yearning for virtual home, virtual life and online interaction is stronger than ever.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

In addition, virtual idols and character designs are still promising, and the support of face capture and motion capture functions obviously has this intention. If done well, relying on the huge traffic of QQ, Super QQ Show may become another entrance to the virtual world. It can further enrich the social scene between people and become an upgrade and extension of social interaction in the real world.

Coupled with the support of Tencent’s internal ecological resources, Super QQ Show can completely communicate its brand to the outside world through various IP linkage universes. Just like Disneyland and Universal Studios, various film and television animations have been turned into amusement projects, and their popularity is enduring; and the “Forbidden City + Tencent” joint innovation laboratory established in 2017, or “Fortress Night” linked “Naruto” ” and other well-known IPs, Super QQ Show can also use various existing IPs, such as Xingtong, “King of Glory”, etc. to create richer and more diverse content, and achieve the aggregation effect of 1+1>2.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

How do you view the development prospects of Super QQ Show?

Judging from the current internal testing experience, the Super QQ Show is very much like a platform that integrates pinching, dressing, building, and online interaction. It continues the functions of QQ Show for many years, and at the same time, it also brings many surprises to users by relying on new technologies.

AI-assisted face pinching is a good example. Users can not only create the perfect image in their minds, but also have their own unique self in the virtual world.

Why did the post-00s play the "Memories of the Post-80s/90s" QQ show again?

The Super QQ Show this time has also integrated multiple channels, changing the limited export of the previous QQ Show. This time, it is no longer a single avatar, interacting with friends in a limited virtual space. In the future, it will have more room to play and explore new possibilities in the rapidly developing virtual world.

Of course, Super QQ Show will inevitably face many challenges, such as:

  • How does Super QQ Show surpass QQ Show’s own product model and achieve self-breakthrough?
  • In addition to interactive scenes, are there other forms of entertainment in this virtual world that allow users to explore infinite possibilities?
  • How to balance user feedback and needs, and do a good job of product iteration and continuous update services?

In general, Super QQ Show not only retains the excellence of the early products of QQ Show, but also adds the aesthetics, concepts and innovations of the new era, which will attract new and old users with a high probability.

At least for now, the story of the QQ show is still very long.

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