Why did Facebook change its name to Meta and set off an online spree?

This is not the first time that Internet companies have been “played badly”.

On October 28, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announced at the company’s annual virtual reality conference Connect Conference that Facebook’s new name will be Meta. “We are a company that establishes technological connections,” Zuckerberg said. “After working together, we can finally put people at the center of technology and together we can open up a greater economic model of creators.” 

“(The new name) better reflects who we are and what we hope to do.” He added that the name Facebook does not fully cover everything the company does now, it is still only closely linked to a single product. “As time goes on, I hope that we will be seen as a meta universe company.”

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta and set off an online spree?

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Facebook’s name change is not surprising, in fact, as early as a few weeks ago, the media had disclosed the matter. After Zuckerberg’s final word, netizens on social media started a pre-publicized meme (meme) carnival. Numerous complaints and emojis seemed to be more fun than the name change itself. This issue of All Media Group (ID: quanmeipai) brings an exclusive compilation to show you behind the name change, what kind of expensive and long “meta-universe” road Zuckerberg set for Facebook; and this time the name change is again What kind of online carnival has been set off?

Renamed Meta: Zuckerberg sets the “meta universe” road

In fact, long before Zuckerberg officially announced the name change of Facebook, the technology website The Verge disclosed this news, and the various movements and speeches of Zuckerberg and Facebook also showed this. On October 19, The Verge predicted, “The new name to be announced means the ambition of this tech giant. They don’t want to be known only for social media and the ills it brings. Rebranding may turn Facebook’s classic Blue APP is positioned as one of the many products of the parent company, just like Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus.” 

The meta universe of Zuckerberg’s mind

Zuckerberg has said that he has always longed for a virtual world. In this world, people can work, play, and interact with each other. Now, he is ready to spend several years and invest billions of dollars to turn this vision into reality, and to help Facebook continue its glory in the future. 

It can be said that Zuckerberg is one of the most loyal and outspoken supporters of this virtual world. In this kind of virtual world, people’s activity places are immersive shared virtual spaces-now more and more people call it “Metaverse”. The concept of meta-universe comes from science fiction novels such as “Avalanche”. It represents a digital virtual world in which people can use virtual avatars to accomplish things that can be done in real life, such as watching a concert with friends or visiting The shop tries on clothes. In some visions, they can also span different technology platforms.

On October 25, Facebook officially stated that its investment in its project, Facebook Reality Labs, will reduce the company’s total operating profit this year by approximately $10 billion. The project focuses on augmented reality and virtual reality technology. Zuckerberg said: “I estimate that this investment will grow every year in the next few years.” 

In the earnings call on the same day, Zuckerberg also said: “In the next ten years, these new platforms will open up a whole new experience, which I have always wanted to create before I founded Facebook.” 

“The fleeting year is not good” Facebook

In addition to the optimistic signals that Zuckerberg and Facebook officials have repeatedly released on the meta-universe, the various questions and challenges that Facebook has faced in recent years may also be one of the reasons why it chose to change its name.

The information of 50 million users who “stole” Cambridge Analytica was exposed; last month, another former employee and “whistleblower” Frances Haugen testified before Congress, accusing the company of “putting their astronomical interests on users. Before the interests”; and just before Frances Haugen Congress testified, Facebook and Instagram also experienced a major failure, the company announced “suspend the launch of Instagram children’s products plan.” 

In this context, it seems logical for Facebook to change its name to “exchange of luck”. Some netizens even ridiculed that Facebook’s name change was probably just to avoid public accusations against this social media. Next time someone scolds Facebook, they can say, “Facebook? Who is Facebook? My name is Meta!”

To some extent, Facebook’s name change is not so surprising to the public. Zuckerberg has been thinking for a long time that the meta universe has become a trend. Netizens around the world have already begun to vote. There are even sports betting sites that set up gambling games for this, guessing what Zuckerberg will eventually choose for Facebook’s new name. Names like “Virtual”, “Connect” and “Horizon” were once popular options. But when Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s new name was this simple and crude “Meta” (Meta), netizens were a little surprised, and a meme carnival kicked off.

Zuckerberg’s grand plan, netizens’ meme carnival

The word “meta” was originally a prefix and came from the Greek word meaning transcendence and transcendence. Therefore, the metaverse can be understood as a place beyond the world or universe we know, a place that exists in the virtual realm but feels equally real. Facebook, oh no, it should be called Meta now, and also shared their goals for the future, “Meta’s technology is to help people establish connections, find communities and grow businesses. In 2004, the establishment of Facebook changed people’s lifestyles. And apps like Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp have further empowered billions of people around the world. Now, Meta is moving beyond two-dimensional screens to immersive experiences such as augmented reality and virtual reality to promote the next revolution in social technology.” 

Although Zuckerberg repeatedly emphasized that Metaverse is the future and “Meta” can better represent the company’s direction, netizens do not seem to buy it. Rather than exploring what Facebook’s new name means, they are more fascinated with using this new name to create Internet stalks one after another.

Ridicule: Why Zuckerberg has a soft spot for “meta”

Netizens have always been curious about Zuckerberg himself. The academic experience, marital life, and even “Is he a lizardman/robot/alien” of the young and promising technology giant has always been a hot topic of discussion among netizens. Therefore, when Zuckerberg showed a strong interest in and support for the “meta universe”, netizens ridiculed like this- 

“The name was changed to Meta, all because Zuckerberg hadn’t met a girl before university.” 

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta and set off an online spree?

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Questioning: I don’t understand, but I’m shocked

Some netizens are keen to explore how the name was finalized, or expressed their amazement at the final choice. After all, Zuckerberg finally chose to directly use “Meta” as the company’s new name. This is actually quite simple and rude, and even a little bit ugly. Think about it, it’s as if a certain domestic Internet company announced that it would join the “Meta Universe” in the future, and then directly changed its name to “Yuan”—at that time, the reaction of domestic netizens was probably the same, “I don’t see it. I understand, but I was shocked.” 

From the theft of user data by Cambridge Analytica, to the disclosure of Facebook’s disregard for user interests by former employees, to Zuckerberg himself being questioned by Congress… In recent years, Facebook’s image in the public’s mind has plummeted and its reputation has greatly diminished. Therefore, although Facebook has repeatedly emphasized how the “meta universe” will benefit the public in the future and bring about new social life changes, people still dismiss it and think that this new name is like a joke- no one believes that Facebook will really stand. From the perspective of public interest to do things for the benefit of the world.

“To be honest, I thought the name was ironic.” A Twitter user wrote, “I swear to God, this is the kind of fake name they would give tech companies in Hallmark movies because it’s so fake. It’s ridiculous.” 

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta and set off an online spree?

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“Also Meta? Just call it Narcissism (narcissist)!” 

“Tell a joke: Facebook said,’Building a meta-universe will bring our creativity to an unprecedented level.’ Another joke: Facebook said their new name is’Yuan’ (the universe).” 

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta and set off an online spree?

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Some users simply used a series of “hahahahahahahaha” to express their disdain for the new name; some users asked: “So what does Meta mean?” The real confusion behind it is probably-you said Yuan, What kind of yuan is it? 

Interpretation: a network “word splitting game”

Of course, there are also some netizens who seriously disassemble the meaning behind “Meta”-in a way that will never be officially recognized by Meta.

According to Webster’s Great Dictionary, “Meta” means “to show or imply a clear sense of self, or the awareness of being a member of a certain category; subtly self-suggesting”. But in the eyes of some netizens, this may be an abbreviation, such as “Mark Evading True Accountability” (evasion of real responsibility) or “Mark Evading Tax Accountability” (evasion of tax liability). Netizens are playing sharp word-breaking games to satirize Facebook’s previous negative actions. 

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta and set off an online spree?

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In fact, it has never been new for technology companies to be played tricks. In this era of social media, all major Internet companies enjoy the same “treatment” as top stars. Netizens pay attention to their movements and take this as a stalk and enjoy caring. From nicknames such as “Goose Factory”, “Pig Factory”, and “Dancing Factory”, to a certain factory brand that swept the Internet, to the expressions of foreign netizens after Google’s sudden service interruption in December last year… No matter at home or abroad , This kind of meme carnival is often staged and never new.

Why did Facebook change its name to Meta and set off an online spree?

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Speaking of it, this carnival may not be pure ridicule, nor purely malicious output. Faced with the various concepts put forward by the giants standing on the top looking at the tide of the times , whether people are willing to support each other or remain vigilant and cold-eyed, The ones that are more within reach are perhaps these jokes and emojis that can at least make people laugh. 

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