Why did a small village of 800 people issue NFTs

To live or to perish

Hello everyone! My name is Takeuchi Ryo (sound) and I am from Japan. Now I work for a village representative in “Shanguzhi”. Maybe you’ve never heard of “Shanko Shi”, which is the name of a small village among the mountains in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The village is small but has existed for thousands of years. Through municipal mergers, the village is now part of the larger city called “Nagaoka”. Before we get down to business, let me introduce you a little bit about the village of “Sanguzhi” and why it is so unique.

This place in Shanguzhi has a lot of snowfall in winter, with a snow thickness of 3 meters. The terrain is rugged, and there is no flat land everywhere. The natural environment is undoubtedly harsh, but that’s why we love this village. Speaking of which, you may be surprised that “Shankozhi” is the origin of koi. Did you know that before?

The days are not easy, but luckily we are surrounded by nature and live nearby. However, in 2004, there was a major earthquake, the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake, with a magnitude of about 6.8 on the Lee scale. The situation was so devastating that the entire village had to be evacuated. At that time, everyone thought they would never go back. We take this very seriously. To support the village once again, we came up with the slogan “Return to the Mountains of Ancient History” and spent years trying to get back to where we were. This is the timing and the reason why our “Sankozhi Public Meeting Representative” was born, and we want to help the village rebuild again.

In order to make progress, however, we must face a sad fact. The sad fact is that at the time of the earthquake, the population of the village was about 2,200, and now only 800 people still live here. On top of that, the aging rate is over 55%, and if things continue to develop at this rate, Tani Shimura may disappear sooner or later.

We don’t want to let it go. At all costs, we worked hard to find a technological means to ensure that Shimura of the Valley, handed down to us by history, survives into the future. Perseverance.

Why did a small village of 800 people issue NFTs

Digital Art x NFT – Residency

Some of you may have heard of “NFT” which stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. What does it do? Data management is carried out through blockchain technology, so that the transaction history in the system cannot be changed. At the same time, through another technology called “smart contracts”, NFTs can provide proof of uniqueness based on digital data.This way, the NFT can show you who owns the digital data. Of course, the owner of that data can buy and sell it.Therefore, we can safely and conveniently buy and sell digital artworks in the market, and there are already some successful cases of digital artworks (NFTs) being sold for millions of dollars.

The NFT created by our Yamako Shimura has been officially recognized by Nagaoka City. NFTs are marked by koi. It is not only an NFT, but also serves as the NFT-residence certificate of Yamagoshi Village. Maybe you are not familiar with the term “NFT-Residency”, but in 2004, the Nordic country Estonia introduced “e-Residency”, and the two are very close.

As Japan’s overall population continues to decline, it is unlikely that the population of Yamagoshi Village will actually increase. We believe that interpreting the globally popular image of “koi” in the form of digital art and giving it social attributes can take a new step in NFT and regional revitalization.

Building a global digital relationship group through NFTs

We named our NFT “Colored Carp”. This is generative art, meaning that the artwork you see is generated by a computer algorithm. At the same time, as mentioned before, it also serves as a certificate of abode for Yamagoshi Village. Currently, it has no connection to the actual resident card or my digital card (Japan’s social security system), but it shows that we are all friends who feel the same way about Yamaguchi. By visualizing people around the world buying “Koi” NFTs on the blockchain, a global digital relationship group is built, which also helps drive the development of the project, and the income from the Koi NFT project can even help Shanguzhi Village to solve needs A problem that can only be solved with financial resources.

For example, we are planning to actively invest in launching educational programs that can be attended by users around the world, with Shimura in the valley as a distribution base. We also intend to set up a fund to solve problems large and small in the local community and invite some start-ups to come and use the vacant houses and facilities. Also exchange new ideas and develop business plans on how to protect the village in the Discord community chat. This will be the exclusive benefit of NFT holders. Our goal is to grow the community in as democratic a way as possible, such as gathering opinions and feedback from community members, voting, etc.

In the future (not very far), we will focus on creating more value for koi holders that can be enjoyed in real life. Currently we are considering building a shelter for koi holders to live in. We’re thinking hard about how we can thank and give back to our holders and give them the most fun experience possible.

The city of Nagaoka has a population of about 270,000 people, while the Yamakoshi area (the village of Yamakoshi to be precise) has a population of about 800. In government affairs, there is a huge difference between the two. From this perspective, regardless of municipal classification, establishing the relevant population in each district while securing its financial resources will help light up the future for underpopulated districts like Sankozhi.

Why did a small village of 800 people issue NFTs

Create a digital new village of “800” + “10,000”

It has been 17 years since the earthquake and the incorporation of Nagaoka City. To tell the truth, facing many difficulties and challenges, it can be described as a bumpy journey along the way. But the reason we were able to take heart from it was because we always wanted to rebuild a brand new valley Shimura. Always for this village. That’s why we decided, instead of rebuilding a local village, we created a one-of-a-kind autonomous village to house 800 local residents and 10,000 global digital residents – our koi holders.

The village is deep in the mountains, and to make matters worse, it is still on the cusp of depopulation. Yet through the koi industry, we have been connected to the outside world. We already know that for those things of real value, neither national boundaries nor physical constraints matter.

We are committed to building a “Sanguzhi” digital village that is open to the world. The “Koi” NFT will be a bridge between you and me, and of course this small village. This will be the world’s first trial. The knowledge, networks, and full resources of 10,000 digital residents will come together to build a new sustainable “Sangokuzhi” whose financial resources and governance are not affected by real society. By combining reality, preserving natural resources and unique cultures like koi, with an infinitely expanding Metaverse, the real residents of Shankozhi and the digital residents of Shankozhi will develop our living heritage into a common wealth.

Yamakoshi's winter

Bullfighting competition held in the village of Yamakoshi

Beautiful Valley Chi Rice Terraces and Ponds

team member

A group of people who share a vision for the future of Yamaguchi formed a team, and we worked with them to continue this project. We believe that they are the pioneers of the digital inhabitants, who love this crazy idea, try to understand the village, and bring their knowledge to the project. We are sincerely grateful to be able to imagine the future of the village and work together. If you’re interested in joining as the next digital resident, we’d be more than happy!

Looking forward to meeting you there!

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