Why can’t 3D NFT rise?

HypeBear, this is probably the most ironic meme in recent times. Even if you don’t know this project, you should have seen this meme.

Why can't 3D NFT rise?

Not long ago, the blind box of the NFT project HypeBearClub was opened, the quality was far lower than expected, and the community was mourning. Among them, the HypeBear numbered #3436 became the leader. Because it looked too “weird”, it was directly made into an emoji package by the community .

Since the second half of last year, 3D NFT has become a hot spot. After experiencing Loot, NFT pledge mining and other games, MekaVerse has led to a craze for 3D avatars. Clone X and Prime Ape Planet have contributed to the promotion of the word “exquisite”. In front of many NFT players. At that time, everyone seemed to have felt that 3D avatars were gradually opening the door to the Metaverse.

But now what? The 3D NFT market is horrible. Bored Bunny ran away before the public sale, OxyaOriginProject was called “spoofing” by players, Monster Ape Club “Blizzard Monkey” showed “rare” pictures, even the recognized “dark horse” HAPE floor price was “cut in the middle” . In addition to Clone X, which is supported by RTFKT and Nike, successfully broke through the “10E” mark, other 3D projects, whether they are excellent or not, seem to have “no one that can play”.

Why can't 3D NFT rise?

In terms of picture quality alone, 3D is an advancement of 2D, but why is there no market for 3D NFTs? Or, why don’t we like 3D avatars?

sophistication and personality

Looking back on the history of surfing the Internet, from looking for “convergence” in chat rooms during the millennium to “seeking differences” on social platforms today, there are objective factors for the rapid development of society, and there are psychological reasons for ideology to encourage individual independence . On the avatars we wear, the image business cards in this social network reflect the changes in social needs and self-expression to a certain extent.

Twenty years ago, I was still a pixel penguin of OICQ. I dialed up the Internet for half an hour, and all I saw were the same avatars as myself. Later, whether it was for personality or for easy identification, I started to work on online nicknames and changed the font (Mars). text), change the color (for a member to become distinguished red), the request is “this is me, don’t admit it wrong.”

Why can't 3D NFT rise?

Behind dozens of simple avatars are hundreds of millions of netizens. Obviously, this can no longer meet the needs of all GGMMs. Followed by the long-awaited custom avatars and qq shows, everyone needs these rare accessories to define themselves and show their uniqueness in the virtual world.

The NFT avatar is both a self-speak and an asset’s endorsement. At the social level, it actually meets our current requirements, “It is both self-expression and not completely true, showing assets without being “slammed into the market”. Suddenly, the ability to pay for both things made NFT avatars the best choice for upstarts.

But the exquisite 3D avatar seems to deviate from the original intention of the NFT avatar.

Light and shadow and “texture”

3D images can easily simulate realistic lighting and scenes because of physically based lights and materials. Therefore, many more realistic images can be created. Some 3D models rendered based on the engine, whether it is a cartoon image or an anthropomorphic image, the most attractive is the texture brought by the light, shadow and material. At the same time, this texture has become a double-edged sword, and you can tell at a glance whether it is good or bad .

The huge contrast between HypeBearClub before and after opening the box is reasonable and reasonable for the price to plummet, but the quality and details of C01 as the “King of Involution” are really amazing, and in a community of 200,000, the popularity is comparable to the 3D orangutan HAPE, but it is unavoidable. The price fell off a cliff after opening the box.

C01 presents a very high level of 3D, and the texture of the character’s skin can be said to be difficult to distinguish between true and false. But the same problem as Meka Verse appeared again. All NFTs in the series are seriously homogenized. It is difficult for players to find the real “rare one” from these characters, but each one is extremely sophisticated. Such NFTs are not so much “” Avatar” is actually more like a “photo”.

Why can't 3D NFT rise?

3D avatars are much more difficult to generate than 2D, and the way to generate them is not mature. For a general 2D avatar NFT, only the overall effect needs to be considered in the generation process, and different attributes are made according to the original position, such as eyes, mouth, hairstyle, clothes, etc. That is to say, the random combination of these elements determines the degree of discrimination of the 2D avatar.

Why can't 3D NFT rise?

In the process of generating 3D images, overall factors should be considered. A character’s facial muscles, line outlines and facial features are strictly bound together. The eyes and mouths rendered by a single render cannot be adapted to any face base. Therefore, 3D avatars that appear to be randomly generated are actually very few factors that can be truly random. Because face production takes the most time in the production of the entire character.

Some project parties that are eager to release can only lock the distinction in the clothes and accessories of the characters, or some elements that are easy to change but do not affect the main body. This has also resulted in many 3D NFT avatars. The faces of the characters have only minor changes, and the degree of distinction is completely reflected by clothes or props. In this way, the entire series will basically give players a feeling of “the same image changing different clothes”. The lack of uniqueness naturally makes players lose their enthusiasm as avatars.

Weaknesses and Strengths

At a time when NFT projects are in full bloom, 3D avatars have become an attempt and an exploration. We seem to have seen the impact of the era when the camera was just popularized on traditional paintings. In the end, both of them survived, and the paintings became more and more realistic. Make-up was required before taking pictures.

Avatars are one of the social capitals of people today, and every player hopes to show their personality, attitude and value as much as possible in the avatar frame that occupies less than one-tenth of the page. Twitter also recently opened the NFT avatar authentication function of the “hexagonal photo frame” for members of Twitter Blue. In addition to a certification, distinctive features are the basic guarantees of a “valuable” NFT avatar.

Some people think that rough lines, exaggerated expressions, and simple 2D flat avatars are often favored by players. On the contrary, excellent 3D avatars show a lot of details, and even the light and shadow effects of each fold, after high-quality rendering, can really make people jaw-dropping, but these details will lose their advantages when they become avatars and image compression.

Why can't 3D NFT rise?

(C-01 zoomed in and out)

The human eye’s attention is from point to surface to point. The 3D image is too complicated and detailed, and it is difficult for the eye to find the key point at the first time. The attention slips from the smooth surface and the finger moves to the “next”. In the 2D image, it is simple and intuitive, but it is flawed. It looks like it is drawn by hand. Hand made is more time-consuming. The artistic value of the avatar, or the higher the use value, the hand made also represents the defect, the uneven grid, the exaggerated necklace and the too small body, which elements in the picture form the “change” and “contrast” a unique collision.

3D is not a mistake, nor is it ugly, but 2D avatars and 3D avatars have different functions at the moment. The traditional social media of Web2.0 is still the mainstream channel for people to speak out. SandBox and Decentraland cannot support real-time rendering of high-precision models. Ar and Vr are still popularizing their visions to the public. The hardware and software lag makes 3D NFT avatars “hot”, which is not suitable, but this is also a part of the process of blooming in the NFT market. With the development of technology, from social capital to Metaverse identity may be the best destination for 3D NFTs .

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