Why can simulation games last forever?

The ultimate Sims: Earth OL.

I came home after work, turned on the TV and the console, and sat on the sofa. The deeper I sank, the more vigorous I played and the faster the time went. 

When I felt thirsty, I glanced at the time on my phone while I got up and poured water, and found that it was already 12 o’clock. I decided to turn off the TV, take a bath and sleep. 

Repeating the same things and doing the same actions the next day, I really want to live a different life. So that night I turned on the console and played “Microsoft Flight Simulator” to experience the joy of being a pilot. 

There are many types of games: action, shooting, real-time strategy, and role-playing. Some time ago, there was a very popular game category called XX Simulator. 

The reason why this category of games has become so popular is that many game bloggers will use the dramatic attributes of this type of game to create program effects, such as “Life Restart Simulator” and “Parent Simulator” some time ago. Internet Cafe Simulator” Yunyun. 

Every time there are several popular simulation games appear, but in fact, this type of work has never faded out of the players’ sight. It can be said that it is everlasting and endless. 

People only live once, so we look for trial and error opportunities in simulation games 

Simulation means that it is not true. Players can free themselves in it as they wish, without any burden of trial and error. 

“The Sims”, “Monopoly”, and “Island Tycoon” are all representative works of this type of game. They are as true as possible in terms of environment, background, and plot setting, but we left some morals before entering the game. Burden, there are fewer restrictions on the way or path to achieve the task, so we can experience a different “Sims” in the game from our previous experience, which more or less satisfies our day dream . 

Why can simulation games last forever?

▲  Someone reproduced a scene from the bankrupt sister drama in The Sims 

In the eyes of these people, games are an outlet for stress relief, while in the eyes of others, games are tools for learning. 

We can become the commander-in-chief in “Age of Empires”, lead soldiers and people to open up territory, feel the ups and downs of various periods in history, and reopen the war again and again, which is equivalent to reading the history textbook again and again. 

Players are immersed in the game and may be able to learn historical stories that are not told in the textbook. 

One of the beneficiaries was Hong Weiyang, the author of “The Records of the Sengoku Period in Japan”. He played the glorious strategy simulation game “Nobunaga’s Ambition” when he was a student, and ignited a keen interest in Japanese history. Since then, he squats every day. In the bookstore, check the Japanese pronunciation and stories of the warring states generals. 

Why can simulation games last forever?

▲  Nobunaga’s Ambition 14 game screen 

This game enlightenment experience became a stepping stone for Hong Weiyang to carry out related research on Japanese history when he grew up, and it was also included in the recommended preface of “The Records of the Japanese Warring States Period”. Regardless of whether this story is artistically processed or not, we cannot deny the value of simulation games, because many industries are using such games as training tools. 

F1 racers out of the field, in addition to exercising their physical fitness with equipment at home, they will also use professional racing simulators to improve their familiarity with the track until they have learned every turn-in and exit-point. . 

Why can simulation games last forever?

▲  F1 enters the field of e-sports by the way 

The team can use this training method to greatly reduce the training cost of the drivers, and also reduce the frequency of car accidents during the training process, which is a good way to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. 

Most people look for fun outside of work in simulation games, but the drivers and captains work in a realistic world. Everyone played the same game, but they had completely different feelings. 

However, there are only a few games that can be used for professional purposes after all, and those games named XX emulator are only responsible for constructing one-sided reality. Let us switch to other people’s channels in a world composed of 0 and 1. Live for a short while. 

We turned on the stock trading simulator, trying to find out the law of market fluctuations in the process of constant trial and error; we turned on the Internet cafe simulator to experience the feeling of being a small boss; we turned on the parent simulator to empathize with parents and try to understand them. 

Why can simulation games last forever?

▲  The screen of Cairo’s “Game Development Country” 

Players only need to spend a lunch money, can make unlimited mistakes in the game. Therefore, even if this kind of game often does not have a bizarre plot, it can attract a large number of fans. 

Just play and escape from reality 

Although part of the meaning of the birth of the game is to make people escape the real world for a short time, simulation games are not completely fake. Even business games like “Sim City” are equivalent to recreating an earth in the game world. 

The city in the game is running, and it also follows the chaos theory, testing the player’s macro-control ability. Although the player is in a position of high power at this time, he does not have to bear the pressure of a high position in the real world. Bundle. 

In addition simulation game has experienced several years of evolution, it still has a game to make a steady stream of creative inspiration, emerged from time to time will make the game extremely well, such as the “European Truck Simulator,” ” Microsoft Flight Simulator” and so on, they are exquisite picture , High playability, gives us a place to decompress. 

Especially the “Microsoft Flight Simulator”, on the one hand, it can be very hard-cored. Many airplane driving schools use it as a training kit for students to practice. On the other hand, it can also be very casual. There are such a group of players. Play as a travel simulator. 

Why can simulation games last forever?

In the past ten years, the quality of the game has made a qualitative leap, and the picture has become more and more realistic. In Microsoft’s flight simulation, players can fly a variety of airplanes soaring over the world, which not only satisfies people’s behemoths like airplanes. His desire to control has realized his desire to travel around the world without leaving home. 

Microsoft is very concerned about this simulation game. In the latest game, the development team used the satellite map and 3D city modeling developed by Microsoft itself. 

The volume of geographic data they collected reached 2PB ≈ 2048TB, to build an endless real earth, and I could even fly an Airbus A380 over my home in the game to take a look. 

Why can simulation games last forever?

This game was launched on Steam in August last year. When you click on the comment, you can see that many players who have played more than a hundred hours in the game. If you don’t really love it, who wants to waste more than a hundred hours here? 

The end of the simulated world is reality? 

If we look at simulation games in conjunction with the meta-universe concept, which is popular this year, we will find that the former can be regarded as the prototype of the latter, and the meta-universe can be regarded as a collection of simulation games, and the boundaries of the universe are constantly changing. Extend, and finally completely simulate “Second Life”. 

Why can simulation games last forever?

“Roblox” is the first to detonate the concept of meta-universe, in which players can play a variety of games, switch roles in different games at will, and the strategy of community-based operation allows players to use their imagination to create . 

For example, last month, Netflix released a “Squid Game”, which became popular all over the world for a while, and soon someone moved the adventure levels that appeared in this series to the “Robust” community. Those viewers who want to gamble their luck in the game after watching the episode and check whether they also have the protagonist’s physique can simulate it in the game. 

Why can simulation games last forever?

However, in this extremely huge multiplayer simulation game world in the future, I am afraid that we can no longer try and make infinite trial and error. Everything that happens inside will be linked to the real world. Meta and Microsoft have moved the meeting scenes to the VR world. It may not be long before each of us will wear VR glasses to work. 

By then, will the Sims replace our real life? 

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