Why can AXS keep rising? The world of NFT is bigger than you think!

It’s another day to watch NFT project performances, especially AXS, which can continue to create new highs even when the market is so sluggish.

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Short-term (intraday): up

Mid-term (more than two weeks): Rise

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It is another day to watch the performance of NFT projects with ten thousand coins, especially AXS, which can continue to create new highs even when the market is so sluggish. Many friends who have not paid attention to NFT for ten thousand years have been upheld. The increase of other projects in the NFT section is not. Big, but compared to the weak market, it is still much stronger. The current NFT track is also developing in two directions. One is the concept of Metaverse. AXS, MANA, SAND and other projects belong to this direction. This concept is not only In NFT games, it is also a financing tool in the traditional game circle; the second direction is the combination of NFT and DEFI, such as the challenge mode of NBATOPSHOT, the earning mode of AXS and the NFT mortgage lending. The reason why this round of AXS is so explosive, In addition to AXS’s excellent user volume and transaction volume, it also has a lot to do with the announcement of AAVE yesterday to support AXS mortgage lending. Due to the current market downturn, there is no better direction other than chasing NFT hotspots in the short term. Up.

Today, “Caixin Weekly” published a report called “Policy “Remove” Mining”, which introduced the principles of Bitcoin mining and national policies. At the end of the article, “the unresolved problem in the currency circle is that while squeezing the power consumption and chip production capacity of other physical industries , what is the actual value of the virtual currency system to the world, and the negatives associated with it? Effect: Tulips are highly speculative like investments, and are even used for money laundering, fraud, and support for dark web transactions such as drugs and gambling . The virtual currency world has been unable to attract and convince Chinese decision-making authorities by using Bitcoin pricing power and other gimmicks . From this article, you can basically see the official position, that is, because virtual currencies may have an impact on the real economy, so I would rather kill them by mistake, and the de-sinicization of the encrypted market is still continuing.

Let’s talk about mining. After a round of sea frenzy, the computing power has now begun to recover. The biggest drop in computing power from the high point was 55%, but now this drop is only 39%, indicating that many miners have been online again. However, the global regulation of mining is becoming more stringent. For example, many mining farms in Quebec, Canada, are already preparing to relocate to Argentina due to policy reasons. Therefore, there is still a lot of uncertainty about the computing power behind the crypto market. Points need attention.

Due to the strong demand for cryptocurrency, Fidelity Digital Assets plans to increase the number of employees by 70%. Regardless of the price of the currency, the internal demand in the market has not changed. This is the most true and essential fact. Don’t care about short-term fluctuations. At the same time, Fidelity intends to develop ethereum-related businesses because of the greater demand of ethereum users, and ethereum has completely entered the field of vision of traditional institutions.

A division of Capital Group, an investment institution with assets of 2.38 trillion US dollars, bought 12% of MicroStrategy’s shares. This means that Capital Group, one of the world’s largest investment institutions, has indirect contact with Bitcoin because MicroStrategy stores most of its funds in BTC. Capital Group’s move became MicroStrategy’s second largest shareholder, second only to the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund BlackRock (holding 14.56% of the shares).

03  Reading Quotes

BTC: At present, the trend of the big pie is still very weak. Basically, it has risen by two days and fallen by two days. The short-term long-short-term competition is very fierce, but from the long-term perspective, it is still a bottoming pattern, and this process will It’s a long time, and it depends on whether everyone can survive it. The upper resistance is 35,000, and the lower support is 32,400.

Why can currency world-AXS keep rising?  The world of NFT is bigger than you think!

ETH: It will continue to fall in the short term. From a long-term perspective, there may be a big bottom in July, so you can be conservative to open positions in batches.

LINK:  Continue to link the market. Link has not increased volume due to long and short. Short-term fluctuations are the main focus, and medium- and long-term positions are retained.

DOGE: The Musk effect has weakened, and DOGE has returned to the broader market. It is difficult to have an independent market in the short term.

ICP: I saw the ICP seed round release table today. There are two-month intervals and two-week intervals, and the unlocking time of each seed round investor is different, so the current price is due to the shipment of seed round users. , Although there is a steady stream of selling pressure behind, but if the price drops again, you can continue to pay attention

FLOW: Warner is about to release LeBron James starring in the air slam dunk 2NFT, of which dapper is also one of the investment institutions, and the FLOW chain is jointly developed by dapper labs and Warner, so there may be more film and television resources in the future. You can look forward to it.

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