Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

Since the beginning of this year, the concept of Meta Universe has quickly broken the circle and has become a hot spot in the primary and secondary markets.

In 2018, Spielberg described the specific scenes of virtual reality in the future world in the movie “Ready Player One”. These ideas for Metaverse not only inspired the audience, but also brought new inspiration to some technology companies.

Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

Since its inception, Meta Universe has rapidly expanded and gradually penetrated into business models, which has the potential to replace the Internet as a new platform. At present, many technology companies at home and abroad are in the forefront and are involved in the meta-universe project.

Facebook’s founder and CEO Zuckerberg said on the earnings call in July that the company’s long-term vision is to build a “meta universe”. At the same time, Facebook is also actively developing wearable devices for virtual reality, such as smart wristbands and VR goggles.

Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

In fact, Zuckerberg himself is very obsessed with meta-universe. The term meta-universe originated from the 1992 science fiction novel “Avalanche”, and this book is also a must-read for Facebook management.

Recently, Tianyan Check showed that Alibaba Singapore Holdings Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of trademarks such as “Ali Yuan Universe”, “Taobao Yuan Universe” and “Dingding Yuan Universe”. The international classification involves scientific instruments, advertising sales, education and entertainment, etc. The current trademark status is Application for registration.

All of a sudden, the voice of Alibaba’s entry into the meta universe was everywhere.

Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

Looking at the various developments related to Metaverse over the past period of time, it is not difficult to see that whether it is Internet giants, scientific research institutions, universities, and even investment institutions, Metaverse has been regarded as a key development goal.

Compared with Alibaba, Tencent registered Yuan Universe-related trademarks earlier.

Public information shows that on September 14, Tencent applied for the registration of the “QQ Yuan Universe” trademark, but before that, Tencent had applied for the “King Yuan Universe” and “Tian Dollar Universe” trademarks.

Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

However, in the layout of Metaverse, the trademark is only one of the very small aspects. Looking at the major Internet companies, the layout and attention of Metaverse has been very deep.

The most representative definition of “meta universe” at present is that a meta universe is a virtual space parallel to and independent of the real world. It is an online virtual world that mirrors the real world, and it is an increasingly real digital virtual world. .

The recently released “Out of Control Player” in theaters may help us understand the concept of meta universe.

Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

In “Out of Control Player”, two worlds are constructed: one is the real world and the other is the virtual world. Players in the real world, as long as they wear VR/AR glasses, can enter the virtual game world. Through virtual reality, augmented reality and other technologies, these player characters can fight and kill in the game, earn vitality, and improve combat effectiveness.

Imagine that when you are on the sofa at home, put on a special device, wait for a short time to load and then the white light flashes, you enter a home exactly like the real world, but in this virtual world, you can flash to it in seconds In the real world, you can watch your idol’s concert in a stadium thousands of miles away. You can also travel briefly to scenic spots in various places, make friends with characters of different races, and have a second way of living.

Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

But in the future, if the metaverse becomes an all-powerful system, it is destined not to be a game like the book “Metaverse” said. After the meaning system in the real world is mapped to the meta universe, the true and illusory character will disappear. After people value the accumulation of digital assets, they will inevitably take the meta universe system more “seriously”.

At present, investors who are participating in Meta universe investment or in a wait-and-see state have expressed their high concerns and expectations for the policy. They believe that with the continuous development of Metaverse, they will face the issue of policy compliance. Some industry policies are needed to guide the correct development of the industry.

At the same time, according to the gartner curve, the development of new technologies will go through a start-up period, a peak period, and a trough period, and then climb the slope to enter a stable development stage.

In terms of the concept of meta-universe technology, at this stage it is causing unprecedented attention and capital speculation, and many giant companies and start-up companies are actively participating in it. When the tide ebbs, companies that are truly pragmatic and patient capital will promote the long-term development of the industry.

Who will be the next giant to enter the game for capital to grab the beach?

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