Who is the next star group favorite after “The Boring Ape”?

Introduction: According to the “2021 Annual Data Report” released by Ouke Cloud Chain Master, the total transaction volume of NFT in 2021 will reach $17.175 billion, an increase of 131 times compared with $130 million in 2020.

Entering 2022, the NFT market still continues the popularity of last year.

At the beginning of the year, NFT projects such as PhantaBear, TheHeart Project, and MetaRim quickly brought a wave of market booms with their exceeding-expected returns; “Boring Ape” was even more popular all over the world, and even the Otherdeeds NFT recently launched by Yuga Labs, a subsidiary of Bore Ape, was in short supply.

Interestingly, most of these popular NFT projects have various celebrities behind them. Taking Boring Ape as an example, according to the data of the master NFT special list on the Ouke cloud chain , the project is currently held by 18 celebrities at the same time, becoming the top of the list of “celebrity attention”.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Image: NFT special list (celebrity attention)

And PhantaBear, which continued to dominate the list at the beginning of this year, also gathered a group of Chinese music stars such as Jay Chou, Lin Junjie, and Wilber Pan.

Since 2021, sports and entertainment stars at home and abroad have begun to appear in many NFT projects. Stars entering the NFT project can contribute to the project’s influence and drive the soaring transaction volume and asset value. So, apart from the star halo, how much are these NFT projects worth? Can the celebrity effect drive the NFT popularity for a long time?

Why is the “Boring Ape” popular with celebrities?

This NFT project called “Bored Ape” (BAYC: Bored Ape Yacht Club) has been out of the circle again and again under the coercion of many celebrities and stars.

First, on April 1, the well-known singer Jay Chou posted on social platforms that the boring ape BAYC#3738 NFT he had previously received was stolen, which aroused the market’s attention to NFT security.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Image: Jaylen voiced NFT stolen 

On May 4th, Tesla CEO Elon Musk replaced his Twitter avatar with a collection of Boring Ape series avatars, and at the same time posted a post “mocking” the irreplaceable nature of NFTs, but on the second day, He replaced the avatar with a photo of a rocket model.

In fact, after the boring ape landed on OpenSea on April 30, 2021, it has been popular with stars at home and abroad.

In late August 2021, NBA star Stephen Curry bought the Boring Ape NFT for about $180,000 and joined the project’s Discord. Before and after Curry, well-known investor Mark Cuban, rap star Eminem, talk show host Jimmy Fallon, etc. all held the boring ape. Since 2022, football player Neymar, well-known pop star Justin Bieber and others have also joined the ranks of “Boring Ape” holders.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Image: The Boring Ape purchased by Stephen Curry 

In the “Celebrity Attention” project under the Ouke Cloud Chain NFT special list, the number of celebrities holding the Boring Ape NFT project ranks first on the list, and a total of 18 celebrities hold Boring Ape. Mutant Ape Yacht Club and Doodles, which ranked second and third on the list, are also popular projects in the market, with 11 and 7 names respectively.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Image: NFT special list (celebrity attention)

According to the statistics of the Ouke Cloud Chain NFT special list, Boring Ape is the most valuable project among all NFT projects on the market.

As of May 11, 2022, the minimum selling price of the project has risen by more than 1,300 times its foundry price . At the same time, Boring Ape is currently the only project in the entire NFT market, second only to Axie Infinity and CryptoPunks in terms of total transaction value.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Image: NFT special list (transaction list)

At present, this “ape craze” is also popular in China .

Following the Chinese music singers such as Jay Chou and Lin Junjie, domestic investors and companies have entered the game. In the past two months, investors such as Cai Wensheng, founder of Meitu, Lin Jiapeng, founder of LinkVC, and Zhang Liao, founding partner of Tongzhou Capital, as well as listed companies such as Greenland Group, Beiqiang, and Li Ning, have announced the purchase of Boring Ape NFT.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Picture: The Boring Ape purchased by Li Ning

Why can Boring Ape stand out among the NFT projects and is so favored by stars and celebrities?

In addition to being a way to increase income and meet personal investment needs and hobbies, the entry of celebrities into NFT is also due to the social needs of the circle to a certain extent. The most direct example is the release of PhantaBear. In addition to Jay Chou, Lin Junjie, Mayday Many celebrities such as Xin and Wilber Pan also joined in.

In this regard, the Ouke Cloud Chain Master “2021 Annual Data Report” analysis pointed out that the success of the boring ape is largely due to its strong community operation capabilities: the project has built a virtual virtual machine with collective identity for users from the very beginning. Communities such as users can freely access BAYC Bathroom as long as they own BAYC . The report mentioned that “investing in it is more like stepping on the two popular sectors of social and financial. The strong community connection and endless new gameplay also give it a stronger narrative ability than CryptoPunks.”

For enterprises, in addition to being optimistic about the NFT track for a long time, the cultural breakthrough and traffic blessing brought by popular projects such as Boring Ape are also an important reason for their purchase of Boring Ape. Of course, the new IP cooperation model brought by NFTs such as Boring Ape is also the key to attracting many companies to enter the game.

Can star NFTs last forever?

Sports stars and entertainment stars have huge traffic effects, which play a very good role in promoting the early promotion of NFT projects. This also makes the stars more confident in the value of their favorite projects. It can be expected that more and more celebrities and stars will join the NFT ranks.

Judging from the data on the master NFT list on the chain , there are nearly 120 NFT projects currently on the market held by celebrities and stars. Among them, among the top three most popular projects, except for the boring ape, The Mutant Ape Yacht Club (mutant ape series) and Doodles NFT series launched in October 2021 are also very popular in the market, and celebrities such as Steve Aoki are also fans of the latter.

According to the data on the Master NFT list on the chain, in terms of total transaction volume, among the existing NFT projects in the market, Mutant Ape Yacht Club ranks sixth, with a total transaction volume of $820 million as of May 13. Doodles was No. 11 with a total transaction value of $260 million.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Image: NFT special list (transaction list)

So, can star NFTs continue to maintain market popularity? the answer is negative.

Take PhantaBear, who was brought on fire by Jay Chou earlier this year as an example. On the day of its official release on January 11, 2022, the project was all sold in about 40 minutes, with sales of about US$9.734 million, which directly promoted the increase in the transaction volume of the Opensea platform.

However, its average price went down all the way after reaching the highest point of about $25,600 on the day of issuance. As of May 13, it was about $1,000, down more than 90% .

It can be seen that the star platform cannot guarantee that the market popularity of the project will continue. The key depends on whether the project really has the place to attract investors.

As one of the hottest tracks in the field of encryption, the NFT market is changing rapidly. For those who want to focus on the NFT field, it is not advisable to blindly follow star projects. It is necessary to have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of the market in order to make reliable decisions. judge.

Recently, Ouke Cloud Chain Master has been upgraded and revised, basically realizing the coverage of NFT projects on the five mainstream public chains , and further optimizing its NFT list function, which can meet the various needs of senior investors and industry novices. , which helps to lock the content of interest faster in the complex on-chain data, and realize the convenient, rapid and systematic capture of the NFT market dynamics.

Who is the next star group favorite after "The Boring Ape"?

Image: Masters on the Chain (NFT special list)

In the future, Ouke Cloud Chain will continue to study the structured processing of data on the chain from the perspective of users. With the rich experience of data experts over the years, it will bring more refined, better and more accurate data analysis tools on the chain to help the region. The healthy development of blockchain technology.

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