Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Under the tuyere of the meta universe,

Who is the driving force behind business innovation?

As the currency speculation craze has gradually ceased, the concept of “meta universe” has suddenly emerged and has become the most unstoppable new outlet at the moment. So what exactly is this “meta universe” that descends from the sky?

Metaverse comes from Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche”. Meta means transcendence, and verse is the universe. Metaverse means a virtual space and time, composed of a series of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and the Internet (Internet).

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

3D virtual world constructed by Virbela

In June of this year, Zuckerberg said that Facebook will take five years to transform from a social media company to a meta-universe company. In China, ByteDance acquired Pico, a top VR company, for several billion yuan. Why is “Meta Universe” able to attract tech giants? To what extent has the virtual and augmented reality technology behind it developed, and what future will it lead us to?

The Godfather of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship, “Captain Hoffman” gave the answer in his new book “Motive Force”. Based on observations and reflections at the forefront of global science and innovation, this book summarizes the five “primitive forces” that affect the future of mankind, and explains the current industrial new opportunities in multiple dimensions.

Virtual reality: the next wave

The popular movie “Number One Player” in 2018 showed a fantasy and crazy “meta universe” world. As long as people wear third-party devices, people can connect their brains and computers and enter the world of virtual reality. The suit chosen by the “players” can be used for motion capture, and it also comes with sensors that can record the user’s vital signs and emotional stress levels, so as to help them take risks in the virtual world.

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Movie “Ready Player One” stills

In fact, the bridge segments in science fiction movies are gradually appearing in our lives. Virtual reality has come out, such as the so-called tactile gloves, which can already provide tactile feedback to our hands, allowing users to feel the shape, texture, and dynamics of virtual objects . Virtual reality is part of the massive connectivity infrastructure, which will fundamentally change the way we communicate, work, play, and socialize with others.

Although we are still in the early stage of virtual reality, the limitation of carrying third-party equipment and the difficulty of mass production temporarily limit its popularization. But virtual reality is undoubtedly the general trend of the development of computer technology: as long as people can truly “walk into” a movie, virtual reality will be irresistible.

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Movie “Blade Runner 2049” stills

Imagine that you can now drive a spaceship to swim in the galaxy, or put on the armor of “Iron Man” to form a new Avengers alliance. Virtual reality technology helps people realize the wildest fantasy in the real world, and provides consumers with brand-new value that other entertainment methods simply cannot match.

This will also build a new way of massive connections, and people will invest a lot of time and money to create their own virtual identities. These virtual social interactions will become as important as their real lives, and may even gradually become more important.

In fact, it is very likely that one day, people will no longer distinguish between what is real and what is virtual, and even the term “virtual reality” is likely to gradually disappear. Only at that time will we know whether virtual reality has really become another reality.

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Augmented reality: super multi-layer overlap

Let’s put aside the realistic simulation world above. Because of augmented reality through the digital world to the physical world and reality overlap together after forming, so the near term, to enhance the impact of the reality of our lives is clearly greater than virtual reality.

In virtual reality, the user enters a world that is completely simulated by a computer. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is still essentially an experience of interacting with the real world, but in augmented reality, the physical environment around the user Both visually, auditoryly, and even digitally have been strengthened.

The mobile game “Pokémon Go” (Pokémon Go) was a huge success in 2016. This game is very simple to play. You only need to lift the phone, and you can see an animated monster appearing on the screen above the thing that the phone is shooting, and throw the “Elves Baby Ball” to catch it.

The “Pokemon” drama dominated the global mobile game market at that time, and it is not uncommon for users to “catch elves” on the streets. It is also regarded as a transitional product between the complete augmented reality experience and the mobile App experience.

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Pokemon game interface source: Bustle

Although technical obstacles still exist, augmented reality is making progress at an astonishing rate. It is estimated that about 100 million people are now using augmented reality shopping technology. By 2025, the global market for the use of virtual reality and augmented reality technology in the retail industry is expected to reach 1.6 billion U.S. dollars.

A bigger challenge than hardware is the design of user experience. For augmented reality devices to become popular among consumers, it must be very simple and intuitive to use. We need to find a way for people to effortlessly find and interact with virtual content superimposed on the real world.

Once we do this, augmented reality will fundamentally change the way we live and work. For example , Tmall launched a 3D version of Tmall’s home improvement city in April this year , which is similar to a kind of primary element of the meta universe. form. Merchants can build their own 3D shopping space in it, and consumers can experience “cloud shopping” in it.

In the 3D shopping space, consumers can not only view product details and matching effects in an all-round way, but also arrange home scenes by themselves and imagine their ideal life in the future. This may be equivalent to transforming the whole world into an extremely powerful web browser. All kinds of objects will suddenly have brand-new dimensions and functions, and you don’t need to take out your mobile phone or computer at all, because they are there waiting for you. Go visit.

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

3D Tmall home improvement picture

As a result, the massive connections we previously knew have completely changed. Instead of spending hours a day staring at our mobile phones, we raise our heads to look around the world around us, and at the same time, what is displayed in front of us will be a layer. Another layer of seemingly endless information, as well as those interactive digital content that has long been integrated with our daily lives.

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Mixed reality: a multi-modal way of survival

With the continuous evolution of massive connections, we may eventually live in a world where multiple modes coexist. In such a world, we can seamlessly switch between the physical world and augmented reality and virtual reality. Manipulating brain signals can achieve a realistic virtual reality experience, and finally merge the virtual reality and the physical world to form a mixed reality.

Imagine you are walking through a city park in an augmented reality environment. In such a mixed reality park, you can not only reach out and touch the virtual flowers, but also smell the flowers. In the multi-mode survival mode, we are likely to spend a lot of time customizing our virtual environment.

For example, Facebook’s first virtual reality workspace-Horizon Workrooms, users only need to wear augmented reality glasses to achieve office in a 3D virtual space, with their own avatars, processing documents, meetings, and even making reports .

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Work in Horizon Workrooms

People may spend a lot of time designing their own world because it will reflect who they are and how they want others to see themselves. For some people, this may even become a full-time job. This is just like our computer games today, it is very likely that there will be some rare collectibles and branded goods. Of course, there will be many famous fashion designers, architects, actors and creators of various virtual worlds to participate and compete for money from consumers.

In April of this year, the game company Epic Games teamed up with rapper Travis Scott to host an epoch-making “meta-universe concert” in its game work “Fortress Night “, attracting 12.3 million viewers, refreshing the history of the game with the largest number of simultaneous players Online records.

Who is the driving force of business innovation under the wind of Metaverse?

Travis Scott Fortnite Concert

In the mixed reality world, physical entities and virtual objects will be merged into a single reality. This will not only change the way we interact with the world, but it will also allow us to live on a higher level.

Once our brains are connected together and all our senses have been strengthened, we will no longer be tied to our bodies. Massive connections will realize the dream of mankind for thousands of years, and we will truly surpass ourselves.

No one knows whether all of this will come in 20 or 200 years, but we know that all of this will definitely come, so please be patient and prepare. In the front, what we will experience is likely to be a wilder trip. journey.

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