Who has a chance to become the “intel” of the blockchain world?

What is the future of BTC? No one can say clearly, but when everyone is participating in this “emperor’s new clothes”, no one wants to be the sober kid.

BTC Sentiment Analysis

Last night’s news came out “SEC Chairman: Bitcoin Exchange Regulation Flawed, Suggests Congress Develop Investor Protection Measures for Crypto Exchanges.” And Snowden shouted over the air that BTC needs privacy.

This dramatic scene is probably the most tearful part of this era; Warren Buffett, the Governor of the Bank of England, and many people around the world still say that BTC has no value and will eventually go to zero.

There are very few things that can really create value. Does BTC have value or not, and does it really matter? It matters to them, but to a species that has never enjoyed material and spiritual freedom, value would not have been meaningful to discuss.

What is the future of BTC? No one can say clearly, but when everyone participates in this “emperor’s new clothes”, no one is willing to be the sober child.

Recent BTC sell orders are very large, mainly because of the increase in short-term entry of short-term traders, their understanding of this thing is not deep enough, not to mention what faith can be said. So the short term swing is normal, but the welcome thing is that they are all losing money and are exiting the market, which is right.

Who has a chance to become the "intel" of the blockchain world?

If everyone who comes in makes money, this market will be so short-lived that in the end everyone won’t make any money. So it’s a good thing that people are coming in, it’s a bad thing that everyone is making money, and that’s the risk.

BTC continue to allocate ideas, no position adjustment, long term! No matter how others say “any of the things north and south wind, we bite the green hills do not relax”, this terrible circle of media opinion, is the market amplifier, become also public opinion, defeat also public opinion.

ETH Market Analysis

The deployment of DeFi’s new species UNi V3 to Ether is destined to further consolidate ETH’s market leading position, and DeFi’s future gate has only really begun, because the deployment of V3 means that the real traditional giant whales have the opportunity to enter, leaving fewer and fewer opportunities for civilians to get rich.

Seize the opportunity of these last two years, or else when the technology matures one by one and the smart people enter the market, the fate of being harvested will come again. Each era has given a wave of opportunities to each set of people, time is the fairest messenger, those self-hating disillusioned people, in any era is the same fate, think back then only not for their own disillusionment to find a reason to cheat others, but can not cheat themselves.

Blockchain, DeFi, NFT have a high threshold. Bite the bullet and read more white papers, more tutorials, more articles analyzed by others, be a collector and organizer of information, and when you can’t be a leader, be a follower and still enjoy the dividends. Everything is just beginning, such as DeFi, NFT and the new species that will come out later.

Therefore, ETH is the new king of the blockchain world, equivalent to Intel in the Internet era, and is the absolute infrastructure.

This era has not changed, the cognition and laws are the same, we will look for the next Amazon, the next Apple, the next Tencent …… blockchain KDG/ High Tide / Sequoia will appear, and we hope there is a 3G.

ETH and BTC consistent, long term bearish, shock retracement, not afraid. The medium-term target can still continue to ferment, the bottom position is unchanged.

LTC/BCH/XRP/EOS/ADA/DOGE Sentiment Analysis

XRP is this round of trend to go weaker, the reason I think we all know, the fundamentals are still a lot of problems have not been solved, the early harvest is too powerful, so that the round in the hands of what chips, pull up no sense.

And recently E started to rise a bit terrible, such as ETH/ETC, and now EOS also began to soar, I seriously suspect that the quantitative team’s program out of the loophole, of course, this is a joke, EOS before there is little opportunity to pull up.

From the perspective of BTC, it is true that many newcomers have come in recently, and the biggest characteristic of newcomers is what is “speculation old speculation low”, old is the old marker, low is the marker with low price, so they may be attracted to EOS in addition to buying BTC/ETH.

If I am the project side of EOS, I will also find a way to pull up a wave to attract more people to speculate together, looking at LTC/XRP these pull up, do not EOS eyes red, it is impossible, this is why we said before can swing operation.

And DOGE recently too hot, not a good thing, more than 120 billion times 0.6 U.S. dollars, which is not a small number. So when it’s too hot, swing can be done, and when it’s not swing, hold it, someone is milking it anyway, at least 1 USD. It is estimated that the shouting orders are shipped.

BCH/LTC previously analyzed, it is not analyzed, there are still certain investment opportunities, because the two are related to mining, blockchain after mining is the existence of oligarchs, no matter which mining, physical machine mining is more terrible, remember, you win.

DOT/KSM Market Analysis

A thousand calls to come out, as if holding a pipa half hidden. Finally out of the news, there is no surge, only a steady pull up, is so demonic, it seems that the news behind will slowly keep coming out. Continue to take it, the big leeks are too much, this round of rises, if I were a banker, how would I go? First lock DOT shoot slot, and then pull up, and KSM consistent. It seems that no one wants to go behind, old iron, wait for the plane, now drive into the runway, waiting for the signal building signal.

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