Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

When the Danish player Eriksson fell on the green field without physical contact, fans might still wonder if this was a flop to win a penalty kick for the team.

But when the medical staff came on the field and the audience began to pray for him, the fans in front of the TV realized that this was a first aid course for the whole world.

In this process, chest compressions, artificial respiration, and AED were all applied, and finally the players’ lives were saved. But not every patient with cardiac arrest has professional medical staff around him. To save their lives, they rely on ordinary people like you and me.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

▲ After Erickson fell to the ground, his teammates immediately confirmed that he did not bite his tongue and called the medical staff at the same time

Carry a heavy burden, come and learn the “Fool Shock Device”

Because of Gao Yixiang, many people may know AED for the first time. And as the AED is known to more people, we are also beginning to see more and more cases of using AEDs to successfully complete first aid. It can be said that the number of AED equipment began to increase because many people were not rescued in time. When the AED was rescued in the “Golden Four Minutes”, more and more people were rescued. You can’t help but know the knowledge about AED.

Doctor Jia, who has been working in the Beijing Emergency Center for 30 years, once introduced the importance of AED to Science and Technology Daily:

Whether a patient with cardiac arrest can be rescued successfully depends on whether the rescue is timely, on the other hand, whether AED is used or not. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation without AED has a very low rescue success rate. 70% of emergencies, including sudden cardiac death, occur in families. It is recommended that at least 1-2 people in each family learn first aid, and places such as communities should be equipped with AEDs.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

▲ Picture from: Xinhuanet

In addition, this year’s “Civil Code” has a new provision-the rescuer shall not bear civil liability if the rescuer is injured due to voluntary emergency rescue . This allows everyone to boldly rescue, and the possibility of patients being rescued is also improved, but before that, you still have to learn about AED first aid knowledge.

AED, the scientific name is Automatic External Defibrillator. But many people think that this name is not conducive to ordinary people’s understanding, it will make the threshold of first aid higher, and people will not dare to step forward to rescue, so many people will call him another name-fool electric shock device. As the name suggests, this is an electric shock device that fools can use, and for APPSO readers, learning to use it is even easier.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

▲ Nanjing Metro trains subway employees on CPR and the use of AED. Picture from: CGTN

Every time there is a case of sudden cardiac death, the media will actually popularize first aid knowledge on different platforms. However, “the teacher introduces the door, and the practice depends on the individual.” No matter how good the course is, the students have to listen, right?

So boys, clenched your fists, opened your eyes, and moved your heads. Let us learn AED first aid for the sake of family and friends in the family, future colleagues, and strangers around us.

The first step of first aid is to confirm whether the environment is safe and whether the patient is responding. After that, you need to observe whether the patient’s breathing is normal. If it is abnormal, you need to dial 120 immediately, look for the AED, and perform CPR.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves


The most important thing in learning CPR is not intelligence, but physical strength. The following picture of chest compressions illustrates this point well. It is not difficult to find the location and perform compressions. The difficulty is to maintain a compression frequency of 100-120 times/min. It is best to interrupt the compressions for no more than 10 seconds. After 30 chest compressions, 2 artificial respirations are required until the ambulance arrives.

It is worth noting that the whole process cannot be stopped after the start, and continuous pressing actually has certain physical requirements for the rescuer.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

▲ Chest compression method

The compression process is waiting for the ambulance, but also waiting for the AED. A one-minute delay in the use of AED increases the mortality rate by 7%-10%. Fortunately, the operation of the AED is really simple. As long as you can find the AED as soon as possible, and operate it according to the voice after opening it, the AED will immediately enter the workflow, analyze the heart rate, and defibrillate.

Want to save people with mobile phones, the current situation is very difficult

Looking at the whole process, the most uncertain thing in the first aid process is whether the rescuer can find the AED as soon as possible.

Judging from the number of AEDs currently equipped in China, it is difficult to find AEDs as soon as possible. The data shows that the average 100,000 people in the United States are equipped with 317 AED equipment, while Japan has 235 AED equipment per 100,000 people, while China has only single-digit AED equipment per 100,000 people. Although this number is increasing rapidly, the fastest way to find an AED depends on tools.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

▲ More and more AED equipment

Different apps and mini programs will advertise their functions to query the specific location of the AED and help rescuers quickly give first aid. However, from our actual tests, there is no platform that can score full marks in the timeliness of the AED location update.

As a young city, Shenzhen has the largest AED coverage rate in the country. You can enter “WeChat-Me-Pay-City Service” and select “Emergency Service” in the “See a Doctor” section to find AED equipment in Shenzhen. The data is provided by the official emergency center, and the information is true and reliable.

But this trick may not work in other cities.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

▲ AED information cannot be found at the Guangzhou City Service Entrance

The reason why accurate information can be inquired from this entrance is that the official account of the Shenzhen Emergency Center is equipped with the service “AED Navigation”. It is difficult to provide accurate information without other official official accounts that have been configured for this service. For example, citizens in Guangzhou can only find an online ambulance/air/high-speed rail transfer service through this entrance.

However, users in Guangzhou also have other ways to find AED devices in their city. It is easy to find AED devices directly on the map application. AutoNavi’s performance in finding AED devices is not good. The map shows that the nearest AED device is 4.2 kilometers away from me, but in fact there is an AED within 100 meters of me.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

Tencent Maps is much better at finding AEDs. But if you use the Tencent map applet when you need AED, you may be vomiting blood. Not only can the mini program not display the location of the complete AED, it also needs to download the app to provide navigation guidance services.

Judging from the completeness of AED information, Tencent Maps is doing well, but it is still not the best. I asked the staff of other companies in the park. They said that their company is also equipped with AED equipment, but this information is not updated on the Tencent map in real time.

There is not only the problem of not updating the location in time, but also the problem of difficult access to the AED. Some AED equipment is equipped by the company, it is not so convenient to access. In the end, I didn’t see where the AED equipment was only 72 meters away, because it was in the Tencent office area, and this office area usually only allows employees to enter.

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

▲ Tencent map cannot be navigated

The information display of many small programs named AED Map, AED First Aid, AED Navigation, AED Equipment, Tencent Health, etc. was not satisfactory. After a round of comparison, the small program with the most complete information display is “AED Map”, and it can directly jump to the existing map app navigation function is also very practical.

A summary of the experience of AED content on several platforms:

Which platforms can help you find AED, we tested it ourselves

In general, the information display of AED equipment is very problematic. If done well, the user should know where the health code is and where to get the AED location, but it is still far from this goal.

From our actual experience, the best tools for finding AED locations are the “AED Map” applet and Tencent Maps app. At present, they are products with relatively complete information display in all service applications.

If the network condition is not good during the rescue process and this product cannot be used, it is recommended to go to the surrounding subway stations and shopping malls for inquiries. If you can’t find the AED equipment, please don’t give up and continue to perform external compressions, because doing nothing is the most hopeless.

After reading this article, you can also use the tool to take a look at where is the nearest AED device to you.

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