Which one do you pick for the entrance ticket to Web3, the gate to the new world has been opened?

Everything you create online is yours.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed after a busy day?

Have you ever experienced an anxious midlife crisis that seemed to be relaxed when you were quarantined at home?

When Hollywood was playing with the concept of a multiverse, from ‘All Universe’ to ‘Doctor Strange’ , we knew it wasn’t far from our lives. Life is not a movie, but the art of movie comes from life. Perhaps, behind the strong practical guiding significance and commercial value, Web3 is a spiritual outlet for people to break the mediocre real world.

There are many tickets for Web3, and at any point in time, everyone has their own preferences. Whether you choose to approach or wait and see is up to you. After all, life has no meaning at all, it is the soul and thoughts of people that give it meaning.

1 week of launch, 10,000 NFTs sold out

In Web3 games, a game series called “DuskBreakers” has recently emerged , which seems to be using a new trend to quantify the more novel “interesting” in the Metaverse.

One week after its launch, 10,000 NFTs belonging to the game were sold out. This type of NFT is called Genesis DuskBreakers. Each in-game NFT avatar holder represents a recruited Breaker who can use their in-game identity to search for an alien ship called Dusk in the Metaverse.

In the world of DuskBreakers, the overall background is set in the fact that the earth is in darkness due to solar activity, while resource plundering and economic interests keep the human beings living on earth at war. War can only make the situation worse and worse, only cooperation can further ease the situation. Here, Breakers reach different areas by finding and driving the Dusk spacecraft to acquire and mine resources, while constantly upgrading their technologies and skills.Each Breaker continues to grow and improve his skills in the Metaverse and even sacrifice his life to get a better life.

Which one do you pick for the entrance ticket to Web3, the gate to the new world has been opened?

Source: DuskBreakers

Duskbreakers plans a blockchain-driven sci-fi Metaverse game experience, and then explores in its own way to create aUGC (player-generated content) and DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations ) with a storyline, gameplay and economic system. ) governance of the co-construction of the Metaverse ecology.

This Metaverse is built on the chain, and all assets, income and even all resources in the ecosystem will be reflected in the form of cryptocurrencies and NFTs; all income and resources in the game will also be produced in a decentralized form. Duskbreakers developers The team only plays the role of building the game, and the ecology will be governed in the form of community autonomy. Each Breaker and The Dusk is the core of community autonomy. The role and the role, the system and the system are mutually beneficial and symbiotic, in order to achieve the real world replica maximize.

To reward players, the team created a mint slot machine-based analogy: a new standard called “play-to-mint” (play-to-mint), where each NFT character is the player’s asset as well as the player’s production tool. The first batch of Breaker players will receive airdrops of rare resources as an early benefit, and later in the game, they will upgrade their characters through resources to gain higher resource capabilities.
The current on-market price of NFTs in this series is 0.27ETH (about $533), and the highest NFT sold for 9.5ETH (about $18,762).

Which one do you pick for the entrance ticket to Web3, the gate to the new world has been opened?

Source: Coin News

The development team of DuskBreakers is led by Metatheory, a Web3 game company that combines entertainment experience with blockchain elements . It was founded by Twitch co-founder Chinese Kevin Lin (Twitch was acquired by Amazon for nearly $1 billion in 2014). Lin believes that “Creating immersive digital experiences has always been a passion of mine, and after leaving Twitch to explore the next content in the industry, I truly believe that blockchain will open the door to many more possibilities and make it easier to use in gaming, storytelling, and more. and have a significant impact on the community building sector.”

Which one do you pick for the entrance ticket to Web3, the gate to the new world has been opened?

Source: CryptoSlate

Metatheory currently consists of more than 40 employees, including Art Director Darren Geers , COO Adam Bao , VP Game Development Nick Fotheringam , VP External Creative Nelson Wang , and three-time Emmy Award winner Bernie Su (as Chief Content Officer). The team is currently actively developing a more sophisticated “play-to-mint” blockchain game, which is expected to be released in the third quarter of this year.

As you can see, Metatheory is using the gaming space as its first step into the Web3 space, and they value building franchises with strong IP attributes that go beyond their games. It is also because of its courage to try in Web3 games that Metatheory has recently completed a $24 million Series A financing, led by well-known Silicon Valley VC Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z).

With the blessing of capital, we seem to be seeing a group of “number one players” standing at the entrance of the Metaverse, and at the moment when the new world is about to open, they waved to us with confidence before setting off, and they are about to set off.

Play “Happy Planet” and increase the trend

If the game is the natural scene entrance of Web3, then the fashion design is introduced into the new game, and the “Happy Planet” in Web3 has been quietly formed.

The virtual fashion start-up RTFKT Studios ‘ strategic foresight and digital execution capabilities are being recognized by more and more people in Web3. Their new project Clone x (full name Clone x – X TAKASHI MURAKAMI), is RTFKT and a famous Japanese artist Launched jointly by Takashi Murakami , the trading activity on Opensea ranks first in the rankings, making it the most-watched out-of-the-circle project among newcomers.

How does Clone x work?

Clone x provides a platform for Avatar avatars, including a total of 20,000 3D avatar NFTs, each NFT has up to 12 different characteristic attributes, so the scarcity is different. Virtual character NFT drives a large number of dress-up and equipment demand at the same time, including earrings, hats, weapons, clothing, hair accessories, etc., and each virtual item is a staggering sales amount. The initial mint transaction price of each character is 0.05ETH (about $99), and the minimum pending order price is now 19ETH (about $37,525).

Its story background is that after a group of aliens came to the earth, they extracted people’s consciousness from their original bodies, and then put the extracted consciousness into individual digital CloneX avatars (digital Clone Xavatars), so that human beings can evolve to the next stage, so that people have more time and physical strength to explore more distant planets or galaxies without worrying about birth, old age, sickness and death; the core goal is to transfer all human consciousness into advanced cloned forms, in their ultimate universe, human existence It was made by their digital clone X incarnation.

Which one do you pick for the entrance ticket to Web3, the gate to the new world has been opened?

Source: The Defiant

Of course, if it’s just an NFT avatar, it’s nothing new. RTFKT directly defines the concept of an NFT avatar this time . All Clone x have 3D model files, which can be introduced into multiple Metaverse platforms.

Clone x’s “personality” is numerous, including 8 different “DNA attributes”, each with varying degrees of rarity. Half of clones X are humans, and robots make up about 30% of the total clone supply. Clone X includes angels and demons, reptiles, undead and Murakami, with less than 0.15% of the total supply of the rarest alien “species”.

Holder users can freely dress up their favorite clone X according to their own wishes, and can also participate in AR filters , Zoom video conferences , games and other scenarios with their own virtual identities . In the Web3 world of Clone x, all clone X get an airdrop of their own Space Pod . Here, each clone X can display the NFT it owns, and can develop its own brand in the future. This also provides Clone x with the ability to directly access and learn from a world-class ecosystem, and developers say more space will be developed around Space Pod.

Which one do you pick for the entrance ticket to Web3, the gate to the new world has been opened?

Source: Clone x

In the near future, each clone X can be implanted with an AI chip, interact with the holder, and then enhance the experience through VR devices. The combination of NFT + community + application will become a real NFT that can span multiple Metaverses. The +AI+VR trinity project, while the holder owns NFT, can also use their own Clone x image synchronously in Decentraland and SandBox .

As a hot contemporary artist in the international market, Takashi Murakami’s artworks have always been sought after by the younger generation of collectors.

NFT holders of the Murakami Drip attribute in this collection can not only qualify for his upcoming Murakami Flowers NFT whitelist, but also exclusive items and wearable NFT devices, including the eyes, mouth, helmets he designed for Clone x’s characters With clothes, etc., various trendy cartoon aesthetic elements that are representative of it have been introduced.

Which one do you pick for the entrance ticket to Web3, the gate to the new world has been opened?

Source: Hypebeast

Last year Nike announced the acquisition of RTFKT Studios, making RTFKT famous. Clone x now has Nike + Murakami Takashi + RTFKT, which has formed a sufficient cultural identity, fully tapped its brand value, and has been more and more favored by various players.

The development team promises that the current Clone x is only a part of the entire RTFKT ecosystem. In the future, it will not only develop more space centered on Space Pod, but also cooperate with more brands, so that Clone x, the “happy planet”, will be applied to more In the platform and scene of , it is like a duck to water in the Metaverse, and there is a future.

Is it a new social force, or a cloud?

In the current general trend of Web3, Gen Z has implanted self-worth and creativity into various roles in the virtual world, or has become one of the mainstream. Participants design their characters’ costumes, outfits, Internet personalities, and living environments according to their preferences, enriching a rich and diverse community. However, this also reflects the need for more low-threshold creative conditions in Web3, which allows users to easily get started with the latest graphics, cloud computing, AI technologies, etc., thereby creating an extremely rich and immersive new social experience.

The meaning of life and sense of belonging, this seemingly empty theory, is a sentence in Web3: everything you create online belongs to you. There is not only the initial barbarity here, but also a bright future. In addition to life itself, another sense of security and convenience in the virtual network has also become another spiritual home for some people.

Web3 can already be seen in decentralized finance, decentralized organizations, and non-fungible tokens, coming and going freely.

For the participants, on the one hand, some people will use virtual products to cash in arbitrage, that is, alternative harvesting; on the other hand, most virtual social platforms combine light and casual gameplay, such as werewolf killing, world building, etc. This kind of gameplay is easy to be replaced, and there are too many homogeneous platforms, there is no special innovation, and it cannot increase user stickiness and attractiveness.

When we discuss whether decentralization is more important in Web3, or user experience is more important, perhaps, don’t forget that Web3 can’t be seen or touched, but it has been closely related to our lives, and only when it brings more freedom to individuals , choice, and privacy protection.

Whether it is a new social force or a fleeting sight, it is self-evident when it is handed over to time.

“Because it is so unimaginable now, what will the future look like?”

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