Which item is the hottest in the latest trading trend of NFT items?

Which item is the hottest in the latest trading trend of NFT items?

The above picture is the latest NFT item sales statistics of the major projects released by the block. From this picture, we can get the following enlightenment:

AXS opened a precedent for the explosion of chain games, and chain games will become a new driving force for the growth of NFT tracks in the future.

Probably after the 5.19 plunge, AXS began to soar all the way.

To be honest, the current game experience of AXS is far inferior to the fun of Glory of Kings. There are a large number of speculative groups participating, but its daily income has exceeded the daily income of Glory of Kings. This can explain a problem: coupled with the incentives of the blockchain economy, there is a lot of room for imagination in the future game industry.

According to Fatty Brother’s observation, there are already more fun game projects that have begun public offerings, and they plan to join the blockchain economy to allow gamers to obtain higher income. In a few years, if the policy is liberalized, more gaming giants will enter the market.

Games bring happiness, happiness is valuable, why can’t the value be marketed?

 2. Behind cryptopunks is the popularity of encryption culture. Investing in NFTmeme depends on the degree of integration with the group.

From the figure, it is not difficult to see that the sales of cryptopunks are highly correlated with the NFT track/crypto industry. When the overall market is hot, its sales are generally hot, and when the overall market is not so hot, its sales are not so hot.

I didn’t really understand why cryptopunks are so expensive and ugly, but many people buy them at a high price and they have become mainstream.

The picture below is CryptoPunk #2. She is not only a beauty, but also the third CryptoPunk ever. She and 8 other CryptoPunks auctioned $16.9 million through one of the world’s leading auction houses, Christie’s, earlier this year.

Which item is the hottest in the latest trading trend of NFT items?

After thinking about it, the essential reason is the popularity of encrypted NFT culture, and people always find a carrier for this culture. Just like China has the Dragon Boat Festival and foreigners have Christmas, do these festivals really make sense? Not necessarily, the imagined community builds the human community.

Therefore, by chance, cryptopunks stood out. There may be more similar NFTmeme projects in the future. It does not mean that there is no investment value, but it depends on the size of the community, stability, and sustainability. The NBAtopshot transaction volume has gradually declined. This is also the reason. The size of the community is limited and it is difficult to achieve sustainability.

Finally, when you invest in NFT game projects, you still experience the experience yourself. Listening to the opinions of others/experts usually loses money. Seek truth from facts, without research and investigation, there is no investment right.


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