Which industry will Metaverse disrupt first? Creators may once again stand on the “outreach”

Since the emergence of the WeChat public account 9 years ago, the creator economy has gradually been lifted to a new height, and with the rise of video creation, the content that originally required text output has become simpler and more universal. This is also Why is the usage rate of Douyin Kuaishou in the past two years beginning to surpass some of the traditional social software we are familiar with?

But returning to the creator economy, we will find that the times have been rolling forward, and it will not change due to the obstruction of a certain individual or group, even like some products we are familiar with now, maybe not Who decides its direction, but it is in the torrent of the times, waiting for people to discover or explore it, as the so-called “time makes heroes”, it can also be said that “time makes products”.

Because of this, every round of technological progress or the emergence of new products will bring new boosts to the creator economy. We can even find that the creator economy has gradually transitioned from the previous “centralization” to “labeling” and ” “Personalization”, this is why personal IP is becoming more and more popular, and some star economies have also begun to spill over to ordinary people, and the changes that this brings to creators are enough to affect their footprints.

And now, as we watch the meta-universe become more and more popular, and even be named the “Next Generation Internet”, it may be time to discuss the economic changes of the next generation of creators. After all, the product logic or usage logic may not be far away. Changes in the future, and we need to look at this issue with a forward-looking perspective and find new economic growth points for creators.

The evolution of creation: from papermaking to short video

Ten years ago, the plots in sci-fi TV dramas have become reality one by one with the rapid development of technology, and the rise of the current meta-universe concept also gives people unlimited reveries about the future. From lifestyle to diet, from work to social interaction, technology not only changes everyone’s life, but also affects the way creators express.

Regarding the expression of creators, the evolution of media has become the most intuitive embodiment. Thanks to China’s outstanding inventions: papermaking and printing, China’s earliest newspaper, Di Bao, appeared in the Han Dynasty.
For a long time, newspapers have gradually become the main channel for people to obtain information, including the later development of various magazines, novels, and publications. The works of creators are usually presented in the form of words , but the early paper media has strict rules. The standards and processes of the company have higher requirements for creators.

With the continuous development of transmission technology and radio technology, the emergence of radio and television has brought a richer audio-visual experience to the general public. In 1958, my country’s first black-and-white TV was born. In September of the same year, the TV station began to officially broadcast programs, and then the first TV series in New China was born.

The creator also derives from the author the roles of director, screenwriter, photography, art, etc., which are mainly audio-visual experience. The former “reader” has gradually become “audience” or “audience”, which is presented under the conditions of new technology. The content has greatly enhanced people’s sense of immersion, which is also one of the most important elements of the meta-universe .

But at this time, the creator has almost no interaction with the audience or with the audience, and the audience has no more choices for the content. Therefore, the advent of the Internet era has carried out a major innovation in the media, using digital technology and network technology to completely change the form of information transmission.

The new media integrates pictures, sound, and video, which not only breaks the limitations of time and space, but also realizes the two-way interaction of information. Users have the initiative in content selection, and creators and users are also interactive . In addition, the self-media wave ushered in after the widespread popularization of mobile terminals has realized an era in which everyone is a “creator” .

Which industry will Metaverse disrupt first? Creators may once again stand on the "outreach"

The music creative short video software Douyin quickly became popular in 2018 due to the high popularity of short videos, and then the users of short video applications such as Bilibili and Kuaishou have grown substantially. One reason behind this may be due to the acceleration of the pace of life, and more importantly, the new social trends of young people in the Internet age, which fits with it, and the platform is dominated by user-created content, and a large number of “creators” enrich the platform. Diversity.

Although we all know that whether you are an author, a director or a photographer, you have to rely on good content to speak, but technology and media are also factors that cannot be ignored.

The construction of the meta-universe requires the integration and maturity of multiple technologies, and the iterative update of technology will inevitably lead to changes in the form of creation . In the future, each individual as a creator can do what he wants, based on AR/VR and other equipment The results of the creators will be presented in a three-dimensional way, and the interaction between users and creators will be further strengthened, even participating in their creation.

The answer to the meta universe

Creators have undergone earth-shaking changes in the past 30 years. What new experience will be brought to us in the next few years? This is a problem faced by creators, but it also brings opportunities to some creators. .

Creation breaks the plane and enters the three-dimensional

Whether it is a TV, a computer, or a mobile phone or a tablet, the audio-visual experience brought by these electronic devices always stays at the plane level, and the virtual world in the meta-universe breaks this plane and adds a three-dimensional dimension to our experience. . From plane to three-dimensional, it is not a simple relationship between N and N+1, but the all-round improvement of N and N×N, which will expand more rich new content .

For example, the game design of Meta Universe. In today’s games, we mostly use the mouse, keyboard or handle to control game characters in an instructional manner. But in the meta-universe game, our gestures, actions and expressions in reality will be truly fed back in the virtual world. We feel the virtual world in person instead of manipulating the character to see the world. It is completely different. An experience.

Around the new experience, game designers can expand more new gameplay and the combination of old gameplay and new experience. For example, sports games in the meta universe are like playing sports by yourself, not just moving your fingers. Or some open sandbox games in the meta-universe, you may explore the universe in a space-like interstellar game, with a feeling of second life. And this kind of imagination is huge, which is one of the reasons why there are tens of millions of games on Roblox , the first part of the meta-universe , and they are still increasing .

Another example is the content interaction in the meta-universe. Today’s content creation is still mainly at the level of text, voice or video, and the amount of information conveyed is very limited. One of the representatives is movies.
Although the movies we currently watch have expanded from 2D to 3D, the screen is more three-dimensional, which will give the audience a stronger sense of immersion, but the audience still sits in the movie theater and looks at the screen. From the perspective of this story.

In the meta-universe, perhaps the film will give birth to the unique shooting style of the meta-universe. For example, we will have a film with a first-person perspective. There is no starring in the movie, and the audience is the starring.
And the audience is not watching a story, but can make some choices. Different choices mean different endings. The final plot direction is determined by the audience. The audience is not a bystander of the story, but the leader who personally participates. This This new form of film is also the more imagination brought by the meta universe. At present, film-like games such as “Detroit: Become Human” are exploring this direction .

Which industry will Metaverse disrupt first? Creators may once again stand on the "outreach"

Of course, there is also the creation of the meta-universe itself, this huge creative direction. In the real world, we are changing the world every day. Architects and builders are constantly building our cities, gardeners are greening our environment, and at the same time, we are constantly buying different homes and appliances to decorate our homes. Different clothes and accessories, learn makeup, do plastic surgery to make yourself look better, and so on.
But each of these is not simple, either requires sufficient professionalism, or requires a lot of time, money and energy. It is too difficult to change reality.

But Metaverse is a place that doesn’t consume much resources and doesn’t need to value professionalism too much. In the meta universe, if we want to look good, some tools can pinch our faces, or we can quickly replace the style and color of our clothing, etc.; or if we want to decorate our home, or even change the entire architectural style, It can be easily adjusted without spending much money or wasting natural resources. To change these, you don’t have to be rich, and you don’t have to understand architecture and make-up. In the meta universe, everyone can participate in the creation and transformation of the meta universe .

The form and carrier of creation will change due to the meta-universe

As the final form of the Internet, Metaverse is the product of the combination of many top technologies, and advances in technology will surely lead to changes in the form and carrier of creation, and these changes will naturally give rise to new demands and new markets.

Formally, three-dimensional digital visual content will become the mainstream .

League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world. More than 50 million users watched the live broadcast in the S11 global finals that just ended. In addition to the game, the League of Legends company also singled out the popular female characters in the game, turned them into virtual idols, and formed the KDA girl group, which also gained very high popularity. Are all celebrities chasing virtual idols now? So, what are the stars doing?

In fact, celebrities are also trying to digitize themselves. Sony Music used the Unreal Engine to hold a virtual concert for the beer girl Madison Beer. The digitalized Madison Beer’s fidelity is comparable to that of real people, and combined with the advantages of the virtual world, it can do what can’t be done in the real world. Scene conversion, exquisite special effects and some special performance effects. In Beer Girl’s own words, taking the audience to another world is a very positive, amazing and moving experience .

For another example, post-90s like to collect commemorative objects such as cards or figures of their favorite IP, but this situation is also being replaced by new trends. Major IPs are trying to combine IP and NFT based on blockchain technology to present their own brands or products in a three-dimensional digital world.

For example, “Ling Cage”, known as the light of domestic animation, has more than 2.1 billion broadcasts on the entire network, and has recently entered the field of NFT digital collection . As the world’s first Chinese animation IP and well-known digital artist REVA’s joint work-Lingcage Creation AR Digital Blind Box, it will also be officially listed on the Ouyi NFT market on November 26, and the sky will be opened by Lingcage copyright Fang Yihua . , Content producer GSV Digital Art, NFT publisher NEAL DIGITAL, AR technology provider SenseTime jointly produced.

Which industry will Metaverse disrupt first? Creators may once again stand on the "outreach"

It can be seen that big IPs like “Ling Cage” are also making efforts in the NFT field-based on the core of the content of Guoman IP, the blockchain gives scarcity in the form of NFT collectibles, and AR technology is blessed to create unique numbers. New Experience. The collection will also appear in China’s first “blockchain digital collection” special auction at Yongle Auction. If such a business model takes shape, perhaps creators will usher in new opportunities and new business channels will also be added.

On the other hand, on the carrier, smart phones will transition to the next generation of new smart devices such as VR/AR/MR .

A mobile phone is a hand-held machine. Although there have been many updates and iterations of the technology on the mobile phone over the years, if it is inseparable from the hand, this logic will naturally limit the functions and usage scenarios of the mobile phone. In Metaverse, we don’t need to hold a mobile phone. We need to free our hands to achieve more interaction and expression. The functions that mobile phones can provide can be embedded in the next generation of smart devices and become some of them. application.

Metaverse can break the plane and bring a new three-dimensional dimension, and it is difficult for mobile phones to let us feel a new sense of three-dimensional level. The next generation of new smart devices such as VR/AR/MR will be the hardware entrance to the metaverse. .
Just as we see that various companies are eager to make mobile phones, mobile phones have become a necessity in people’s lives. Once mobile phones can be made and have a place in the market, there will be a continuous cash flow, because this is our entry into mobile The hardware entrance of the Internet is just needed at the moment. By grasping just what is needed, more business models can be derived and more dividends can be obtained, such as establishing standards, establishing software platforms, and so on.

Now that the concept of Metaverse has sounded the alarm for all big companies, everyone now knows what the next entry point is, and every second has come to the stage. This is why so many giant companies have announced their entry into Metaverse, and they do not hesitate to pay for it. The reason for the layout of the hardware.

Challenges for creators

However, the development of any emerging affairs has its two sides. Metaverse is a huge, even subversive opportunity for creators, opening up a more free and open path for creators. At the same time, it poses new challenges to creators. How to better participate in the meta universe? How to play a role in shaping and enriching the meta-universe? How to quickly locate oneself and obtain the corresponding value? It is worth thinking about by all creators.

Need more complex knowledge and skills

Before the advent of the meta-universe, the skills and living environment that creators need are actually relatively simple.

For example, painting artists generally have intermediaries or agents that cooperate well. They can usually immerse themselves in painting for a few months without worrying too much about things other than painting; text creators only need a laptop to complete all the work, even like Well-known writers like Mo Yan can lock themselves up for 40 days and use the most traditional pen and paper to build their own imaginary kingdom; for musicians, a simple guitar can be used to tour around the world.

However, Metaverse requires creators to have more complex knowledge and skills, such as new media knowledge, programming, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and so on.

Compared with the one-way, linear, and non-selectable communication of traditional media, the communication in the meta-universe is two-way and interactive. New media can help creators achieve a win-win situation of “content + traffic”, and achieve personalized, real-time, and content diversification in communication behavior .

For example, in December 2020, CCTV-1 will launch “Let’s Go Online!” The AI ​​virtual person Ling Ling in “Hua Cai Youth” is a virtual person integrating performance animation system, artificial intelligence, speech synthesis and many other technologies. She broke the cognition of traditional animation creators and became the embodiment of the meta universe. one.

Which industry will Metaverse disrupt first? Creators may once again stand on the "outreach"

Different from traditional animation, Ling Ling was given a clearer IP personality and life attitude, and eventually gained more than 420,000 fans on Weibo, and became a unique virtual idol , winning Bulgari, Pechoin, Tmall Luxury Endorsement of many brands such as products.

As the best carrier of the meta universe, many game platforms provide creators with professional design tools, such as Roblox’s Roblox Studio, which allows users to create games and simulation applications more easily. The Unreal Engine produced by Epic Games can provide creators with a large number of core technologies, data generation tools and basic support. Learning to use these tools is also of great benefit to creators.

At the same time, thinking like a software developer is also very important for creators. Programming languages ​​such as Processing, Java, Python, C language can help creators better access the meta-universe, and blockchain technology can The copyright and ownership of creators have a better protection.

The learning of compound knowledge and skills may be boring and tedious, but it is essential for creators.

From creator to content creator

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the world has witnessed a major transformation from the real economy to the digital economy, and we have seen the accelerated integration of the real economy and the digital economy.

In June 2020, Microsoft closed 83 physical stores around the world, leaving only the experience centers in New York, London, Sydney and the Redmond campus. However, the closure of physical stores does not mean that Microsoft has layoffs significantly. Microsoft has optimized its online service system and provides services in 120 languages .

The first Wal-Mart supermarket in the Mainland in Shenzhen, China, has also closed after 25 years of business. Wal-Mart China has closed more than 80 stores in the past four years. The physical stores of traditional supermarkets such as Carrefour and Renrenle have also become a trend of substantial closures. At the same time, Hema fresh food, community group buying, Dingdong grocery shopping, and JD Daojia have become more and more choices of young people.

Corresponding to the downturn in the real economy is the 2021 Tmall Double Eleven. As of 0:45 on November 11, 2021, there have been 411 small and medium-sized brands with sales exceeding 10 million yuan, and 40 of them have exceeded 100 million. Yuandaguan’s brand.

In such a trend, it is difficult for creators to stay in the tall ivory tower like in the past. Creators need to go out, learn and accept new platforms, and become content creators from creators .

The meta-universe, which is still in its early stage, requires a lot of content. It can be said to be a utopia full of possibilities and without the constraints of the physical world. However, as the American venture capitalist Naval said, “renting time will not make you rich.”

Meta Universe’s requirement for creators is no longer just to provide a certain text, a certain painting, a certain piece of music to a minority group, but a scalable content that can benefit millions of users, and this requires the help of a diversified platform , Impress users with high-quality content and become interactive content.

It is an important challenge for creators to find a new platform that integrates with XR technology in Metaverse, and to market themselves across different platforms.

Which industry will Metaverse disrupt first? Creators may once again stand on the "outreach"

Social responsibility of creators

In Metaverse, creators not only provide content, but also need to listen to the needs of the community and become a communicator of Metaverse. Users in Metaverse come from all over the world and have different cultural backgrounds and living habits. We need a metaverse full of diversity and cultural tolerance, and this is also the social responsibility of creators .

Just like the logic of constructing Internet products, a good metaverse creator in the future also needs to consider social responsibility. This is an important original intention of our creators. After all, when the creator’s influence becomes greater and greater, each of their All actions will be noticed by millions of people, so the social responsibility of creators must continue.


Standing at the beginning of a new era, we can see with the naked eye that the creator economy and creator status are undergoing tremendous changes. Although we have to face such changes, we still need to return to the essence of What is “constant” for creators, as Jeff Bezos thought about when he founded Amazon, “What is constant in the next 10 years?”

Perhaps for creators, the changes in the meta-universe are coming, but when we think about the “unchanging things”, what may come into view is still-good content .

Whether it’s the paper media era, the Internet era, or the current video era, or even the future meta-universe, for creators, only good content can make them go further, such as “Ling Cage”, Ling Ling, these are all It is because the window of high-quality content can be reached to new heights.

Therefore, even if the meta-universe era is really engulfed, good creators can still stand on the bow.

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