Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

It has been five years since ENS was launched, and the successful experience of ENS has inspired major public chains to launch their own domain name services. It also includes SPACE ID, a recently popular domain name service built on BNB Chain. It completed a seed round led by Binance Labs on September 2, and gained attention in a bear market with an average return of about 11 times.

In the following, Odaily Sunday will introduce the basic situation of SPACE ID and how to participate, and analyze which type of domain name is more worthwhile to start based on data display.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

SPACE ID is a decentralized name service protocol dedicated to building a universal name service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets and applications across blockchains. And allows users to bind their own identities of multiple chains, and the community can build its own domain name service through the SPACE ID network. To date, more than 40 applications have announced support for integrating the SPACE ID protocol.

On September 7, the official announcement stated that the staged registration of SPACE ID’s .bnb domain name was postponed until after the 12th, and the minimum registration period was extended from one month to one year.

Previously, it was planned to start a five-day phased registration on September 7, and open the domain name public registration on September 13, Beijing time. It is planned to allocate 1,019 BNB bidding income to domain name registrants on September 14. On its Discord Chinese channel, some users pointed out that individual developers began to automatically squatting domain names through scripts.

At present, Web3 domain name services similar to SPACE ID include ENS on Ethereum, BNS on Binance, Bonfida on Solana, EVNS on Evmos, PNS on Polkadot, and cross-chain domain name service .bit, etc.

way of participation

There are two ways for users to obtain SPACE ID, one is to wait for the staged registration to start after September 12, the other is to wait for the public sale on the 13th or go directly to the trading platform (such as Galler.io, Tofunft, Binance, Element) to buy .

Here we recommend a SPACE ID query tool, which displays information such as currently unregistered domain names, transaction rankings, and domain name attributions.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

data analysis

According to Dune data, the current average registration cost of SPACE ID is only 0.0418 BNB, and the average transaction price reaches 0.5 BNB, indicating a large profit space.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

Regarding user data, the total number of registered domain names of SPACE ID reached 23,857, the number of holders reached 8,998, the number of sellers was 3,091, and the number of buyers was 10,898. The number of buyers was greater than the number of holders, indicating that some users who did not have registered domain names acquired them through the exchange market. With SPACE ID, more buyers than sellers may reflect the current situation of the market in short supply.

Regarding the distribution data, according to the figure below, we can find that the number of domain names held by the top 200 holders and buyers of SPACE ID does not exceed 16%. It is assumed that behind each holding address and buyer address are independent individuals Under the premise of the SPACE ID, the domain name chips of SPACE ID seem to be scattered.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

In terms of domain name registration data, we found that SPACE ID domain name registrations show a clear trend of shortening field lengths.

According to the chart below, the length of registered domain names has gradually decreased since August 24, from 6.31 on August 24 to 4 on September 6.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

But between Aug. 24 and Aug. 26, 5-digit domains still dominated. It is worth noting that the proportion of domain names of other lengths has increased significantly since August 27, and the 3-digit domain name maintained a steady trend of registrations between August 27 and September 1. From August 27th to September 4th, the proportion of 4-digit domain names and 6-digit domain names gradually increased, especially on August 30th, September 2nd, and September 3rd. big trading day.

According to the figure below, it can be found that among all domain names, 5-digit domain names are the most, reaching 9578, accounting for 41.1%. Followed by 6-digit domain names, the cumulative registration reached 4,090, and 4-digit domain names, the cumulative registration reached 2,853.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

According to the figure below, we also found that in all domain names, pure digital domain names accounted for 42.6% of the proportion.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

Combined with the data of pure digital domain names below, it can be found that among pure digital domain names, 5-digit domain names are the most, reaching 4799, accounting for 48.3%.

Which domain name is more popular on SPACE ID?

Therefore, we can make the following conclusion: 5-digit pure-number domain names are currently dominant, with a very high number of users registering 5-digit pure-number domain names. Perhaps in the future, as more users flock to SPACE ID, 5-digit purely numeric domain names will be even more in short supply.

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