Where should Loot go in the process of shifting to the Web 3.0 paradigm?

Loot’s popularity has gradually declined. When the wealth effect gradually fades and calm down, it may be the time to truly think and create value. Whether it succeeds or not, this is an interesting experiment to guide the direction of NFT.

Start and play the game before the game world is established. This is what is happening in the crypto game world. If you follow the development trend of blockchain games, this is certainly not the first time you have heard of Loot.

Loot can be regarded as an Ethernet Square simple on a randomly generated, to create fair project.

Each NFT is a unique combination of gears. Look at this, all you get is a set of items in the text-no statistics, images, or artwork. So why are so many people willing to pay for a short text? What are these enthusiasts looking for?

Loot’s homepage wrote: “You can use Loot as you like.” Everything that is missing here seems to be waiting for others to interpret and complete. In other words, what people buy is the future ownership of each element. Today, it is established and ready before the game starts. Tomorrow, you can design games with existing players and elements.

Are you ready to subvert your world?

If you look at the Internet paradigm shift from the perspective of NFT, then early NFTs (such as Loot, Crypto Punks, NBA Top Shot, Art Blocks ) are the basic elements of the upcoming Web 3.0.

In this world, everything will be permissionless, open source and decentralized. Whether you are the owner or follower of these early NFTs, you should ask yourself- if one day, people do not need to wait for the technology giants to build the metaverse and everything can be in their own hands, how will you build it then? A meta universe?

This is much more than a large-scale card game.

This is a shift from a funnel thinking to a pyramidal attention economy. The paradigm shift brought about by NFTs such as Loot has overturned the traditional way of value creation.

In the meta-universe era, the surrounding environment and experience will be created and operated by contributors. Collectors’ NFTs will eventually become part of the smart contract. Visualize the basic elements of price and freely construct a meta-universe that belongs to you. Collectors of these early NFTs will become pioneers in this eternally immersive game player.

Collectors are the heroes in this big game. Adventure stories and unimaginable equipment, everything the game character has, now belongs to you. You can freely build games, create avatars, develop storylines and create meta-spaces. Your characters and equipment in different games will be merged into one, and barriers between different platforms will be broken.

Chaos is the ladder for adventurers

But how do you climb the ladder? Where will the hidden roads in this fanatical and chaotic new world lie?

In such a large-scale technology, no one will choose the basic elements without any community value. A rational game developer never underestimates the wave of attention economy. All benefits and rewards will ultimately depend on how the NFT community grows and maintains their popularity. Virtual goods have evolved into a virtual economy.

Most of the value of traditional NFT comes from pure speculation. Once a large-scale game based on the new NFT, the structure and even the meta-universe are built, attention and participation are the wealth codes of the NFT.

Following speculation alone cannot maintain the vitality of a community. If you really expect to see its value, holding NFT is just the beginning. What the creators are looking for is the awareness and importance of the community behind NFTs. If you want to make a sound, independent individuals must unite to find a way to discover their common interests.

For example, seeking information through forums like Discord? Or those group chats you joined by accident? In the Web 3.0 era, the process from initial technological development to promotion should always be bottom-up. Standing at the bottom is a large number of NFT owners who share a consensus on realizing value growth and making their NFT something worth owning. This is why owners desperately need a space for meetings, discussions, and decentralized decision-making.

Now is the time to reset the order of the dominoes

It is not enough for the internal holder group to see the potential and value of these NFTs. What can you do to attract outsiders to join, and then invest your assets in their promising game projects?

As mentioned earlier, the value of the community ultimately determines the visibility and reputation of your NFT. To increase value, holders must have access to key tools to establish a discussion mechanism for all shareholders, so as to build communities and sustainably handle bottom-up, decentralized decision-making procedures.

The owners of these early NFTs are the foundation of a valuable community. Participants can explore and cultivate the seeds of NFTs consciousness together by forming a common operating mechanism.

Loot has taken the first step towards Web 3.0. However, it currently has no way to reach an effective decision, and we are stuck at the stage of establishing Loot’s superstructure.

The immediate priority is to gather the owners. A broader ecosystem is waiting for us to discover and explore. Every community will spontaneously find the most conscious way to develop the group and increase the visibility of these basic NFTs. Among decentralized autonomous communities, the most powerful means of connection is to share a standard bottom-up operating system.

In order to enhance the value of their assets, everyone will become an important contributor to DACs, and this dynamic balance can accelerate the growth of a new ecosystem.

If Loot is an unprecedented experiment open to the public, then the key to the experiment is what can we build with Loot, and what can non-Loot bring to the public?

The next milestone should be to decide where and how to bring together enthusiastic NFT owners in Loot, Crypto Punks or other popular NFTs, and allow the community to smoothly implement decentralized decisions.

Each owner will become a shareholder, an organizer, and a contributor. Any platform that can provide a ready-made solution will be transformed into a ladder leading to the survivors and winners of Web 3.0.

No one can determine the future of these social NFTs. We need the community to guide their future. 


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