Where is the value of the music NFT project? Inventory of “Michelin Three Stars” in the Classical Music NFT Project Album

Music is permeating every aspect of life entertainment, social interaction and consumption. We also see some new trends at the industry level: the “hearing industry” is gradually transforming into the “blockchain industry”, and the various imaginations of music are being exerted, which also makes the link from music to consumption more smooth. Unlike picture-type NFTs that can be displayed on the web2 social platform, music NFTs have begun to penetrate into many application scenarios in the Web3 field, and the entry of well-known musicians has brought more attention to the section, and has also attracted global musicians. to the potential of the NFT market. NFT is likely to become a key factor in the transformation of the global music market. By giving back to creators to a greater extent, it will subvert the traditional copyright system and change the previous income distribution model of the industry.


According to the “2021 Global Music Report” released by the International Association of the Phonographic Industry: In 2020, in the context of the global epidemic, the global recorded music market revenue will increase instead of falling, and the global recorded music industry revenue will increase for 6 consecutive years. The scale reached 21.6 billion US dollars.Among them, streaming media revenue increased by 19.9% ​​to $13.4 billion, the only source of revenue growth in 2020.The growing global music market and artists’ attention to NFTs also herald a trend – music NFTs will be the next hot spot in the NFT field.

There are 50 music NFT platforms launched in 2021, and there are countless musicians who issue NFTs. When exploring the value of a music NFT project, where is the gold content of a piece of music?

At this time, we will also go back to the source and refer to the evaluation and awards of this record in the music industry, just like we need to conduct a “public comment” before choosing a restaurant. These evaluations are authoritative and objective, and they are also the vane of the music world.


KOLO.Marke is a decentralized Metaverse + classical music web3.0 platform. Its gameplay is music platform + Metaverse + NFT, which is open to multiple types of user groups. As a pioneer of classical music NFT, it has attracted the attention of many high-net-worth users since its launch. It is reported that many of the dozens of albums on the platform have won multiple awards and high praise from industry insiders. Its investor KUKE Music (KUKE.US) has the authorization of Naxos, Marco Polo and other internationally renowned record companies and classical labels It has maintained a strong and long-term cooperation with its strategic partner, Naxos, with millions of music works and contents. awards.

So what important awards have KOLO’s NFT records won, and what kind of collection investment value does it have?Come to the reveal with NFT intelligence agent Kira.

Gramophone Magazine: The Industry Benchmark


The British “gramophone” belongs to Haymarket, the largest media group in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1923 by the Scottish writer Compton Mackenzie and is published in the form of a monthly magazine. In 1977, The Gramophone established the Gramophone Awards, which awards awards to the most outstanding classical music recordings in various categories it considers. The awards recognize individuals or groups who have made outstanding contributions to classical music and the recording industry. After three rounds of voting, the jury composed of Gramophone magazine still enjoys a high authority in the classical music recording industry, further consolidating its reputation as a comprehensive classical music brand outside the old music paper media. Influence.


KOLO’s first auction album Friedrich Gulda’s Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was named the 50 Greatest Beethoven Recordings in Gramophone Magazine in October 2010 (updated 2020), In the end, it was sold at a price of 8 times the starting price, once again verifying the value of this album.

Penguin Records Guide: The Definitive Recording Reference


“Penguin Records Guide” is published by Penguin Publishing Group. It is currently the most authoritative and richest album evaluation book in the world. It is the primary reference book for music lovers and CD collectors around the world to buy albums. A major feature of it is that, like a Michelin restaurant, it is very intuitive to use star ratings. 1 to 3 stars respectively represent the three levels of recording performance Fair, Good, Outstanding. When the reviewer thinks that there is a particularly outstanding performance in the three-star album version, after considering the price and recording, it will be crowned with a three-star evaluation. Duohua, which is the “Penguin Samsung Record with Flowers”, is recognized as having a very high collection value.


In 2010, Mendelssohn: String Quintet was included in the Penguin Records Guide, “a perfect balance between dynamism and elegance, the interludes are perfectly and movingly played, the scherzos are crisp and lively, and the adagios are beautifully played. Warm and stylish, with a sublime finish, and the quality of the recording is excellent.”

ICMA Classical Music Awards: Senior Jury


ICMA (International Classical Music Awards), the International Classical Music Awards, is one of the most important classical music awards in the world. The jury is composed of dozens of authoritative magazines and institutions in the classical music industry and hundreds of senior music critics. Annual awards for outstanding contributors in the field of classical music.


The album “Bach: Violin Suite/Beethoven: The Third Piano Sonata” has been auctioned. This album has been nominated by the National ICMA, and has also been highly praised by Gramophone Magazine, CLassictoday.com, MusicWeb International and other platforms.

In 2018, the album was reviewed by Gramophone magazine “Beethoven’s work is very good, and even more fascinating is the piano version of F. Busoni’s adaptation of Bach’s Chaconne, captured by ORFEO records. Here comes Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, the best sound of the keyboard giant at his peak”.

German Classical Music Awards: Major awards in the classical music world


The German Classical Music Award (OPUS KLASSIK) is known as “the most important award in classical music”, succeeding the ECHO KLASSIK as the largest music award in Germany. With the “Echo Awards” a thing of the past, the German classical music industry, from major record labels to independent labels, publishers and concert promoters, has finally launched a new initiative: the creation of a “German Classical Music” independent of the German Music Industry Association prize”.


This album is a combination of two unique instruments, guitar and mandolin, released by Naxos in 2021. With its innovative melody, unique style, perfect performance and good recording quality, it has been recognized by the music industry. It was well received and in the same year was nominated for the Classical Composition Award by Opus Klassik, one of classical music’s highest awards. The Recording Guide of America considers the album a wonderful recording of both musicians at their best.

In the current music NFT sector, the number of artists and record sales data cannot be compared with the digital music market, which means that music NFTs have broad market prospects and may bring more development possibilities to the music industry. Among the more and more music NFT works, whether a product has value is more important, which may determine the price and transaction volume of the project in the future.


For classical music records such as these, only those who truly create collectible works and artists will be continuously selected by the market, and awards and evaluations will also empower a work. The current user group of classical music has gradually changed, and the hobbies of Gen Z users will cultivate a group of unicorns. This part of the development potential is believed to attract more attention and investment from emerging funds.

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