When U.S. stocks plunge, it’s the day of the big test in the cryptocurrency world

The market sentiment is still poor, after all, still panic in the range, so as long as the big pie a fall, are together to eat noodles, there is nothing to say, bear with it.

The Dow Jones has hit a new record high, and the global economy is now moving from inflation to stagflation, what does stagflation mean? The market performance is, all virtual assets rose, the real economy stagnant. If the Fed further printing money, stagflationary economic cycle will come, stagflation often means recession, which is the reason the Fed has been worried about inflation continues, but also while shouting to raise interest rates but can not raise interest rates embarrassing situation, now whether to continue inflation or tightening, the ultimate for the United States are economic recession, and the only way, is to delay the recession, the Fed is now all the policies. is to this goal. So I’m afraid that a significant pullback in U.S. stocks is something that will happen within 1-2 years, and the market will give us the answer as to whether the cryptocurrency world will be a standout and truly become a hedge and safe-haven asset by then.

For long-term investors in cryptocurrencies, all of them are still profitable. Those who say they are losing money every day must be speculators, bitcoin still has more than 95% of long-term investors who are profitable, while ethereum also has 86% of holders who are profitable. So the dividends of the market are not reserved for those who speculate, but for the long-term holders. A large portion of the readers who read Madman also hold up from the bottom of 18 years all the way up, and as long as you can make friends with time, cryptocurrencies will give you the dividends of the times.

Bank of New York Mellon became the first global bank to allow customers to hold, transfer and issue cryptocurrencies, and in the future even nebulous crypto assets can be stored and get digital credentials just like traditional currencies.

The report shows that institutional investors have lost interest in bitcoin, which says three things, the first is that gray GBTC continues to discount, and no one wants to buy GBTC than buy BTC itself cheap, the second is that several large bitcoin ETF positions continue to flow out, and the third is that the number of bitcoins at Coinbase wallet addresses has not continued to decrease. The analysts at JP Morgan then added that institutional interest in Bitcoin has dried up and volatility will resume in the coming weeks. Madman feels that this report does tell us something, but institutional interest will come back instantly as soon as the price is in place.

The director of the MAS has once again hinted that retail investors should stay away from cryptocurrencies, and this hint is quite good, after all, the risk is extremely high and unaffordable for most unqualified investors, so Madman has been also hinting that we should invest our idle money, take in money that is useless and play around with it, and not participate in the market with money that affects our lives.

Skybridge Capital launched a private ethereum fund and applied for ethereum ETF, bitcoin ETF are not passed yet, run to apply for ethereum, a little early.

U.S. payment company NCR opened bitcoin purchase channel to 650 banks and credit unions, which will involve 24 million customers, the popularity of the U.S. has been very high indeed, and the back depends on how to break the game.

Panic index 28, still panic.

Sentiment Analysis


Bitcoin active address number fell to a new low of nearly 2 years, indicating that most investors have tripped, such a mood is difficult to have a big rise and fall, supply shortage, demand also can not come up, continue to be at the bottom of this position repeatedly oscillating mainly, the maniac believes that the latter 1 month of time I am afraid that the volatility will become smaller and smaller, until everyone no longer pay attention to this market, and then will quickly choose a new direction, so 29000-38000 this range, down on the buy point, up on the sell point, brainless do T.


Compared to the big pie, his oscillation range will be a little larger, and there are July EIP1559 escalation of deflationary expectations, the probability will be relatively strong some, the overall will fluctuate above 2000, the strong pressure above 2500 a band.


Parallel chain this thing, the future is very likely to be replaced by new technology, the auction will perhaps have a high after the start, remember to reduce positions by then, short-term linkage shock.


Many exchange wallets of XRP are moving, I do not know if the whale is going to have any action, in short, did not see too much good, if in case there is an instant burst pull, should be to do something, can consider chasing in.


Continue high volatility LINK.


Sure enough the market did not give him more premium, cool, short-term opportunities are not great.


Independent market is also gone, the main force dare not pull against the trend, for fear of being smashed to death, shock-oriented.


Walk can still, hold.


Hit the pressure zone, not so good up, the logic of pulling up currently do not see, do not chase for good.


Continued weakness, there are expectations of further decline.


Short-term linkage mainly.

Market sentiment is still poor, after all, or panic in the range, so as long as the big pie a fall, are eating noodles together, there is nothing to say, bear with it.

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