When the second generation of the rich post-00s play investment: the stable loss business must also invest

In the past month, the script-killing shop that Zikai (pseudonym) had just sold lost nearly 30,000 yuan. Not much, only one thousand per day.

This is also expected. A month ago, Mr. Hard Candy participated in a group of young people’s dinner with a group of young people who wished to “get into one another with the youth”, and finally drank all night with a group of rich second-generation post-00s. In the intersecting time, I listened to them talking about entrepreneurship and investment. Zikai, who just took over a script to kill a shop, quickly became the focus of the topic.

The people at the table felt that they hadn’t done anything, and advised him to think carefully and close the hand in time and lose up to the deposit. Mr. Hard Candy was also nervous when he heard the transfer fee of 300,000 yuan. “What kind of fairy are you taking advantage of?” He didn’t say anything. He was afraid that he was “poor thinking”. All kinds of persuasion didn’t let Zikai waver, but he persuaded everyone to relax: “I know this is a business that is not profitable, it’s okay, let’s have fun.”

When the second generation of the rich post-00s play investment: the stable loss business must also invest

Image source: “Gintama”

Zikai doesn’t just want to play in the script-killing industry. Since last year, he has tried investing in fashionable youth cultural projects such as Guochao, Blind Box, Hanfu Hall, etc., and spent more than two million pocket money. Many of the projects have lost money, and some have been aborted.

Of course, Zikai is not the only one who wants to “play”. At the wine table, although these second generations of rich post-00s can’t make the business model round, everyone is in touch with the “track of interest” and talks about investment topics without hesitation. They never thought about making a lot of money from these things, it was just a joy. “Why don’t you have money or money, it’s so happy.” This sentence is carried out by them, but it is very emboldened.

Outside the wine table, Shen Qi (pseudonym) , who sold the script to Zikai, told Hard Candy that the store didn’t have to worry about making a deal. After the script-killing market cooled down, she complained in her circle of friends that “days were difficult”, and there were a lot of gold master fathers rushing to take it, mostly rich second-generation in their early 20s.

Young people tend to be impulsive, and they are no exception to entrepreneurship. When Hard Candy was studying, he also thought about opening up a milk tea shop with friends. It’s just that the second generation of rich post-00s is not only keen on investing, but also a bit more crazy and tragic of “Let’s work together and lose money for our dreams”.

So here comes the question that Hard Candy is most concerned about: Is their pocket money really such a cheat?

Pie is not as good as eating pie

It is definitely a misunderstanding that Zikai doesn’t understand the script to kill the industry.

In 2020, a senior from Beijing Foreign Studies University found Zikai along with the relationship and wanted to open a script killing shop with him. At that time, script killing and room escape were in the explosive stage. New stores opened in Gaobeidian and Baiziwan in Beijing almost every month.

The brother made a 70-page business plan and specially designed a supporting PPT for detailed explanation. Zikai had long forgotten what he was talking about at the time, but it was all about words such as tuyere, new consumption, and youth interest. It’s a pity that the sexy data didn’t stimulate him, “I still feel sleepy after drinking two cups of coffee.”

Brother is also careless. Why did Zikai, born in 2001, bother to introduce “what do young people play now”? That’s a routine for investors born in the 70s and 80s, using “you don’t understand the waves” to bluff the middle-aged people. Most of these people born around 2000 have just entered university campuses, and they are the main force of generation Z consumers.

Before the appearance of the brother, Zikai had played all the Internet celebrity scripts and shops in Beijing, and he had used one hundred and eighty books, even if he had no analysis of this industry, he would have experience. He vaguely felt that the script burned the false fire, and the operating cost was soaring. The enthusiasm of the players was obviously slowly dissipating. “There are fewer fixed’teams’ around me, and I have to carpool on weekends.”

However, apart from the unexpected surprise of killing a student by not being optimistic about the script, Zikai finally refused the invitation of the brothers to partner to open a store, and more resisted the cold business negotiation methods of the brothers.

In his view, entrepreneurs will only report data when they come up, not that it is bad, but they do not have the desire to spend money. No matter how many investment analysis reports are mentioned, it is better to talk about realistic things. Even if someone is crying with emotions under gossip, it is more vivid, which proves that entrepreneurs have carefully observed players, and investors can understand the consumer psychology behind it.

Most of the rich second generations after 00 have the same investment preferences. On the night of the party, many of the projects they talked about were because “I have played, I understand a little bit” and “Friends are doing it.” Zikai is mentally prepared for not making money or even losing money. He has to take down the script and kill the shop, and what he values ​​is emotional value.

The script-killing shop that opened in the old apartment on Qingnian Road in Beijing had a very inconspicuous door face. However, the leader Shen Qi has a wide network of contacts. In the early days, he invited some young artists and friends to the platform, so he made a name in the circle and barely managed to balance the income and expenditure.

Shen Qi walked as a business way to make friends. She maintains close contact with regular customers, especially those who are well-rounded sociables, and Zikai is one of them. When the new guest was short of people, Shen Qihui immediately grabbed Zikai and led the team to start the car. Afterwards, he invited him to dinner and showed his gratitude.

Over time, Zikai became acquainted with the staff and even became the “non-staff boss” in the eyes of new employees. He came to play three or five times a week and made a lot of new friends. He gradually developed feelings with this store, and he had already developed a “home court consciousness” invisibly.

Even though it is too late to take over the script and kill the business, Zikai can’t watch the familiar place suddenly collapse. “I can take it for at least a year and a half. The worst result is that the money is spent, the store is closed, and my parents talk a few words and finish it.” 

Social business card of the rich second generation

This is not the first time Zikai has done business with emotion.

Generation Z is self, independent, and individual. It must be at the forefront of fashion, and it is extremely popular with the culture of the country. Zikai is no exception. He is very concerned about the domestic trendy clothing market and has been looking for opportunities to support original brands.

After the college entrance examination, Zikai met two students from Beifu at a pop-up event organized by a friend. When he learned that the other party planned to build a clothing studio, but due to the funding problem, it has not yet landed. Zikai took the initiative to put out 100,000 start-up funds, vacated an idle apartment for his studio, and asked friends to inquire about the relationship between the garment factories, all in a lot of thoughts.

This “career” lasted only half a year, and the clothes made by the studio couldn’t sell at all. Soon, the two partners had disagreements between the imitation version and the original, and they had to split the partnership and go it alone. With a rough calculation, Zikai’s loss was less than 200,000. There is not much money, but I can’t stand the projects I’ve done, and my parents will inevitably be a little unhappy.

It’s all because of the “predecessors” who are not up for it, which has caused a psychological shadow on these rich generations of parents. It is Wang Sicong, the leader of the rich second generation, who Zikai complained about. In the early years, Wang Sicong was in the forefront of youth culture in e-sports, live broadcast, and idol economy. Rich parents were also willing to learn from Wang Jianlin and “give their children pocket money to practice their hands.”

But since then, Wang Sicong went from an interest in investing genius to a debt of 150 million, and he completely fell into the altar. Even the people who eat melon know how much money can be spent on eating, drinking, and having fun. The rich second-generation business is a huge pit. Rich fathers and rich mothers naturally become more cautious and dare not let their children generate electricity for love at will.

Zikai just listened to the nagging of “I didn’t expect you to make money”, while Heizi (pseudonym) was explicitly forbidden to “invest more than one million dollars.” Heizi’s parents made a fortune in the building materials business, lived a hard life, and became rich only when they caught up with the opportunity, “especially afraid of losing money before liberation.”

The tighter the control of the previous generation, the more the rich second generation after 00 wants to prove themselves. With limited funds on hand, they are not in a hurry to all in a certain business, but try all the tracks they are interested in, learn about themselves and find the right direction while slowly groping.

However, Zikai and Heizi both think it is more important to show them to their friends than to show them to their parents. Their circle of friends is rich. Your family is a playground and my family is a real estate. The difference is not bad. But the family’s business is at best enough to be proud of him until he is 18 years old. If the rich second generation chats with “what is my dad” and “what is my mom” when he is an adult, it can only mean that he has done nothing by himself.

“The rich second generation who has no venture capital experience at the age of 20 will be looked down upon.” Zikai quipped. Even if they lose money, they can still get a sense of value from opening bars, doing street fashion, and doing scripts to kill shops. This is a harder social business card than supercars and luxury brands, allowing them to gain an inexplicable sense of superiority from their friends.

Mr. Hard Candy has realized this firsthand. On the day of the party, a friend of Zikai ran over to greet him and invited everyone to play at his venue. There will be a small crowd of singers in September. The atmosphere became lively in an instant, and everyone was busy inquiring about “who will go” and let them keep enough tickets. A beautiful woman next to Hard Candy also hurriedly passed WeChat and said with a smile: “Our company is engaged in entertainment marketing. There are so many resources for Internet celebrities and idols. There is a chance to cooperate.”


From the perspective of the ordinary people of the hard candy king, Zikai, who is always losing money, is a prodigal, and he wants to “send a message to the dude and cream: don’t follow the shape here.” But he explained in an unhurried manner that among their “three venture capitalists”, the prodigal is still the worst at it.

The “Three Venture Capitalists” are self-appointed by Zikai, Heizi, and Qixin (a pseudonym) . They are “ferromagnetic” when they are young, and they stick together most of the time. Naturally, they have to learn from each other and ventilate each other when investing. Among them, Heizi’s technique is the most swift and rude. He has opened a milk tea shop, worked as an Internet celebrity organization, and even developed social products. He is interested in any youth entertainment project.

Heizi opened a self-portrait studio in Guangzhou just before Zikai ordered the script to kill the shop. They rented a luxurious villa, completed the process of decoration, design, and scene procurement, and invested nearly 600,000 before and after. At present, this self-portrait hall has entered the formal operation stage, and the overall performance has far exceeded expectations.

When the second generation of the rich post-00s play investment: the stable loss business must also invest

Image source: Visual China

Chengdu “Dress Up Selfie Hall”

The customers of the selfie pavilion are mainly e-commerce Internet celebrities. These are the resources accumulated by Heizi’s past investment career. In 2019, several small screenwriters who could not receive work found Heizi and wanted to set up an Internet celebrity agency to make short videos.

At that time, it was the worst time for Heizi, and no one was interested in the newly-made tea brand, and it was completely cold within a few months. When he thinks about so many beautiful women and handsome men around him, he also likes to use the vibrato anyway, it is not difficult to find someone to take a video. So Heizi quickly adjusted his mood, got his friends and started the Internet celebrity incubation.

Now, the fans of several accounts they operate have exceeded one million, but they are also facing the problem of traffic growth. Heizi decided to extend his business upstream and downstream, so he set up a self-portrait studio. As a result, it can be used for daily shooting by Internet celebrities, and it can also be used for publicity. Secondly, young people’s photo consumption is swift, especially for Hanfu cross-dressing and uniform experience.

This is how the business of the east and the west has been linked up. During the chat, Zikai and Heizi always emphasized that they had never preset a direction for themselves, but instinctively did what they were interested in. When attending the family office training class, Zikai realized an important truth: investment is not only to make money, but also to prove self-worth. And doing things that are tied to your heart will help you find the right direction in a comfortable and relaxed state.

In recent years, cutting-edge brands targeting the young market have risen rapidly, continuously creating consumer spree. The rich second generation after 00 is both a consumer and an investor, and theoretically has a better chance to tap the needs of friends of the same age. In fact, after Zikai participated in the design of his own playground, the series of products are obviously more appealing to the taste of young people, and they are very popular. In the next step, he plans to persuade his parents to do the linkage and move the classic script-killing works into the park.

That night, I heard them talk about interest in the economy, but they all talked about all kinds of interesting things, and seldom mentioned monetization, profitability and business models. Later, Jun Tang watched them drive away in Ferrari and turned and got into the taxi.

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