When men began to pursue “beautiful as flowers”

The proportion of male medical beauty customers is rising

Lying on the cold operating table, Liu Dongdong was both excited and scared. A month ago, from deciding to have an operation to actually lying on the operating table, he had been very excited, imagining his appearance after the operation countless times, and looking forward to his “reborn self” after he became beautiful.

Only when the nurse injected the anesthetic into his double eyelids, the pain pulled his consciousness back to reality. The brain experienced a few seconds of hypoxia, and those cases of failed surgery flashed in his mind one by one, but the tension did not last long. The effect of the anesthetic gradually came up, and he fell asleep.

Liu Dongdong worked as an assistant in a cosmetic plastic surgery institution in Shenzhen. One year after joining the industry, he successively performed mole removal, double eyelid removal, and rhinoplasty operations, costing nearly 40,000 yuan, of which the most expensive rhinoplasty was paid in installments.

“Faced with beautiful women, I am very inferior, and I want to get back some confidence through plastic surgery. The chances of meeting good-looking people in this industry are indeed higher than those outside.” Being in a beautiful crowd all day, he was very inferior, and he made up his mind to have plastic surgery An opportunity was an experience of going to a nightclub.

The highlight of the night was the Korean men’s group dance of the signature male models in the store. Accompanied by the music, the male models twisted and pulled the atmosphere to the highest point. There were screams under the stage. Liu Dongdong followed the people around him and moved his body. The cheers drowned in the screams of the women.

“Do you know how much money these male models make? Just by selling alcohol, some people can make more than 100,000 yuan a night because they are handsome!” A colleague beside him told Liu Dongdong, “Many of them have also done projects in our hospital. .”

It was this experience that allowed Liu Dongdong to truly witness the “magic power” of medical aesthetics and plastic surgery. “One of the male models is more delicate than the other, and one of them has undergone sex reassignment surgery, which is more beautiful than most women.”

At one time, medical beauty existed to repair the disfigurement of the body caused by the war. Later, it became exclusively for women to become beautiful. It has slowly developed to this day. Because of the desire to “beautify and look better,” men have also quietly entered the industry. .

In the age of looking at faces, medical beauty is becoming an outlet for people to face anxiety. Liu Dongdong is not an exception to men who want to be beautiful and do medical beauty projects. He is even moving towards an increasingly common trend. The term “beautiful and beautiful” once used to modify women is also being used. Some men are one of the pursuits of adult life.

When men began to pursue "beautiful as flowers"

Male medical beauty accounts for over 30%

Everyone has the love of beauty, and this “beauty” used to refer specifically to “women”. It seems that women have been equated with “beauty” since they were born.

“In the medical aesthetics industry, there are still very few male customers compared to females. After all, for them, this is not just what they need, but to make money.” Feng Tian said with six years of experience in the medical aesthetics industry.

“I really can’t think of any items that boys just need.” In 2018, he changed career and left the medical beauty industry for three years. Feng Tian believes that beauty has always been a woman’s nature, and men don’t care about these things so much. “Medical beauty is just a girl’s just need.” .

There is a generally accepted saying in this society that it is easier for women to have everything, whether it’s marriage or career, but today when the “face value economy” is popular, the “male appearance economy” has become popular, that is, men can make full use of themselves. His beauty “eats”, and there are many more men in the ranks of beauty , which makes some men begin to pry open the door of medical beauty.

In the medical beauty market, the proportion of male clients is rising. According to QuestMoblie data, the proportion of male consumers in the medical aesthetics industry has risen from 9.98% in 2019 to 30% in 2020. Practitioners in different hospitals have different feelings. There are chain plastic surgery hospitals in 35 cities across the country, headquartered in Chengdu, which has the title of “Medical Beauty City”. The team manager of a well-known medical beauty organization told Photon Planet that the ratio of male to female customers is 4:6. A senior medical aesthetics consultant from another institution said that in the past two years, male medical aesthetics clients have grown rapidly, and 1 out of 10 clients who come to consult are men.

“The beginning of the medical beauty project has a lot to do with the development of short videos and We-media.” A senior practitioner in the medical beauty industry thinks so.

According to the exchanges between Photon Planet and a number of medical aesthetics practitioners, it is not only the traditional film and television media industry that some practitioners who need to appear on TV will do medical aesthetics. In recent years, Internet celebrities have accounted for more than half.

Thanks to the birth of Internet platforms such as Weibo , Douyin, Kuaishou , and Xiaohongshu , more and more ordinary people have the opportunity to open accounts, appear in front of the public and become self-media bloggers to attract fans and form personal IP to make money. These can be Fun people platform, unlike the entertainment music video star, as the circle, they are collectively referred to as “net red.”

Net celebrities are not exclusive to “women”, there are just as many male celebrities. “Li Jiaqi” is the most typical, ranking first among male anchors in cargo-carrying anchors. There are many different types of male Internet celebrities. Some of them only become popular through marketing “beauty”. For them, their appearance is “fate” and they have to rely on their appearance to eat.

The huge economic value brought by Internet celebrities has allowed more and more men to “business” on various platforms. It’s not just the male celebrities who rely on their “face value” to become popular, but also care about their appearance. As long as they have a certain number of fans and have a certain influence, they all hope that they can have a better image in the face of the public. This group of men contributes part of the turnover of the male medical beauty market.

In a social platform, a short video bloggers share their plastic surgery experience, said he wanted to be as professional needs and look better on the mirror to touch the nose and chin. In the videos of many short video bloggers, you can see that their appearance changes from time to time.

The medical beauty institution where Liu Dongdong works is one of the top ten plastic surgery hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. “We have many celebrity plastic surgery cases, including many male celebrities and many Internet celebrities.”

“Most of our male clients are in the film and television media industry. They do medical aesthetics because of professional needs.” An operation director of a medical aesthetics and plastic surgery institution said that a mother once brought her son who was studying at a media university to their hospital. Consulted with medical aesthetics and plastic surgery. In the eyes of the hospital staff, her son is already very good-looking, but the mother said that there are too many people who look outstanding in the media school. His son is under a lot of pressure because of his appearance. He majored in broadcast host and graduated. If you want to be a host, the long term has a great influence on job hunting.

In the medical aesthetics sales training of a medical aesthetics organization, its sales director said that they will specialize in vertical sales of art schools such as media. This part is the customer target that their hospital focuses on. The students of these schools are regardless of gender. Their appearance requirements are higher.

A person in charge of a medical aesthetics and plastic surgery institution said that most of the male customers who can accumulate consumption in their hospitals are concentrated in young people. Most of them are Internet celebrities, models, hosts, art candidates , and some uncles in their 40s or 50s. Young couples do anti-aging programs. Except for these two types, most of the other male customers are trying them freshly.

A male client who had double eyelids and had a hyaluronic acid treatment, because a friend worked in a medical aesthetic plastic surgery hospital, was encouraged to do these two projects at the end, and never touched medical aesthetics again.

Not only these men who have professional needs began to regard medical aesthetics as their rigid needs, but also some of them were “bewitched” by the market and embarked on the path of medical aesthetics. They firmly believe that appearance is everything, and medical aesthetics provides an opportunity. Change your appearance through a scalpel and let yourself “have a different life.”

When men began to pursue "beautiful as flowers"

What kind of facial anxiety makes men irrational

In order to be “beautiful”, women can bear the pain of cutting bones and using a knife. Nowadays, men can too, as long as they begin to believe that medical aesthetics and plastic surgery institutions tell them “change their appearance can change their destiny”.

A certain organization’s medical beauty sales company stated in its promotion to customers that medical beauty plastic surgery can change a person’s life and even destiny. A case was also cited as proof. One of their clients was a 160cm tall and “poor” looking male. Even though there was a mine at home, he still couldn’t find a target in his 30s. He had an eye test in their hospital. After nasal comprehensive surgery, the “counterattack” was perfected in the blind date market.

In this industry, Tuoke sales staff are called medical beauty consultants. Many medical beauty consultants will mention when they teach sales skills to Photon Planet-through medical beauty can change the appearance, and appearance can often determine a person’s critical moment. If you are not sure, you will regret it for life.

The first customers are often developed by hospital employees. A female sales executive of a well-known medical plastic surgery organization told Photon Planet that most of their hospitals, especially the frontline sales staff, have done various degrees of medical beauty projects, and she has also done noses and eyes.

When hiring medical aesthetics consultants, they will understand the applicant’s family background. In the recruitment of a third-party medical beauty platform on the Internet, the resume content provided by the institution provided a detailed set of the economic situation of the applicant, including a clear household registration type, parent work unit, mobile phone model, etc. The better the economic situation, the greater the potential for relatives and friends around them to be developed into potential clients of medical aesthetics.

Having medical beauty experience is also the talent they need, because they have a certain degree of customer resources. In the recruitment of different medical and aesthetic institutions, “Does anyone around you do medical aesthetics?” is a frequently asked question by applicants. Because Liu Dongdong is in the medical cosmetology industry, many friends around him have also been affected to do different medical cosmetology projects, including three male friends.

A medical institution trains medical aesthetics consultants in accordance with the “free play” model, that is, recruits customers according to the scope of personal ability. In the early stage, we mainly dig out “acquaintances” around them. Each person’s life circle has a different center of gravity, which can cover different groups to varying degrees, including nightclubs, rich women, student girls, and same-sex groups.

The organization uses cheap medical beauty facial masks as an “entry” to attract users. The medical beauty facial masks developed by their company are 68 yuan per box, which is cheaper than the more famous medical beauty facial masks on the market that are hundreds of yuan. It’s hard not to be tempting to recommend recommendations from familiar medical beauty sales professionals.”

The industry has been developing for many years, and there is still no “profile.” The team manager of a medical plastic surgery hospital targeting high-end customer groups told Photon Planet that although there is a so-called “market price”, they will “freely set prices” based on the different economic spending power of customers. There was once a rich woman who spent 180,000 yuan in their hospital for a comprehensive nose surgery with a market price of 30,000 yuan.

Took marketing, offline and online, various medical and aesthetic institutions are working hard.

Many medical and aesthetic institutions have their own new media operation departments, which specialize in disseminating “appearance anxiety”, marketing, acquiring customers, and attracting traffic on platforms that young people pay attention to, such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu. This has also given birth to some third-party Internet platforms that specialize in connecting customers and medical aesthetics and plastic surgery hospitals. They understand marketing and the operation of various short video platforms, and have MCN institutions that specialize in incubating medical aesthetics anchors.

1. It claims to be the largest medical aesthetics Internet platform in the Southwest. It has received investment from many investment institutions including Qichen Capital. The company has incubated more than 20 medical aesthetics anchors, mainly in Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and Weibo. The platform is operated. The anchor uses the sharing and dissemination of systematic medical beauty knowledge to attract fans. Through the sale of a “face card” for only 29.9 yuan, users can understand and contact medical beauty, and achieve the purpose of mining customers, and then through the company’s specialized medical Aesthetic consultants have contacted major medical aesthetics and plastic surgery institutions they cooperate with.

These systems, which take the “look at the face card” as an example, use the proportions of the five senses of the human body to form a template. Under a certain artificially set “face value” standard, there will always be one or two parts that do not conform to the “popular aesthetic”. , Needs adjustment. This is similar to the AI ​​skin testing machine in subway stations. The system developed by some skin care brands can detect skin defects, corresponding to an electronic skin test report of the examiner. The report will conduct skin care for skin defects. Expert improvement suggestions, including skin care products use suggestions linked to branded products.

The purpose of such a machine is to forcibly tap the needs of users and induce users to consume. Today, when the brand marketing momentum is weakening, various systems and machines under the banner of high technology are put on the market just to make users pay.

The same is true for medical beauty systems such as “Lian Facial Cards”. They are not only aimed at women. When they are put on Internet platforms such as Douyin, they also “benefit” some men who are dissatisfied with their appearance. Classmates asked about beauty skills, and now there are many more channels to check their appearance.

On the second-hand e-commerce platform Xianyu, the face value economy has also given birth to a virtual product called “face value score”. As long as you send your photo to the other party, you can get a detailed face value analysis report at a price of a dime. Money can range from several tens of dollars, and the report will give a score. Most of the scoring results are based on “exquisite aesthetics.”

According to the person in charge of the aforementioned medical beauty platform, they have sold more than 100,000 face cards, and the results show that there is no special distinction between men and women. In the audition lines of their medical beauty bloggers, “In this age of justice, being better-looking will make you have stronger confidence to face the challenges in life and have more possibilities” as the slogan. , Also especially emphasized “not spreading facial anxiety” to attract fans’ attention. Under the seemingly mild slogan, there are in fact the clever rhetoric of “Encounter a better self, enhance confidence” from major medical aesthetics and plastic surgery institutions.

Medical beauty bloggers propagate the system’s medical beauty knowledge, including which face shape is more refined and which item is more cost-effective. The first step is to realize the realization of the first step by looking at the face card, and to promote medical beauty knowledge to the public, trying to make medical beauty more commonplace. This is the same as Alipay selling funds at the beginning of the year . Fund managers mainly explain fund knowledge in the live broadcast room and teach everyone how to buy funds. Finally, buying funds on Alipay has become a trend and has become a fashion. Improving public acceptance is the task of these medical beauty bloggers, and it is also the long-term strategy of the medical beauty platform behind them. Later, through the screening of face cards, some users with medical beauty and plastic surgery needs are settled and the final transaction is realized.

When it comes to beauty, women are generally considered crazy. Some people think that medical beauty is not suitable for the development of male groups, because it is a rational consumption for them. But the fact is that under the persuasive temptation of medical beauty institutions, men are also not rational.

Asked about the US medical reason to do plastic surgery, Liu Dongdong to photon Star to share the ball when he becomes beautiful experience, “said Yan enhance the value and self-confidence, to please themselves, the exact terms in order to find a better themselves.” In this case Photon Planet has also heard from many medical aesthetic consultants. The price of “meeting a better self” is that Liu Dongdong needs to pay in installments for nearly 40,000 plastic surgery fees.

Medical American installment payments are very common in this industry, only to “benefit” those users whose economic conditions do not allow one-off payment. Instalment payments were once set up specifically for buying houses and cars. Houses and cars were just what people needed. Later, they were used in Internet payment tools such as Alipay. under the “help”, “hire” extends to the ordinary consumer to buy clothes to buy cosmetics and other fields, to this day Medical beauty surgery can also pay by installments. Instalment consumption was once considered by the outside world to “satisfy the desire for consumption in advance”, but the development of science and technology allowed “beauty” to be consumed in advance.

For medical aesthetics and plastic surgery, male customers are more inclined to “beautify quietly” and don’t want to be known by others. Photon Planet often hears such industry rules when talking with many practitioners in the medical aesthetics industry. On a weekend in July, a medical beauty institution was overcrowded. The consultation hall on each floor of the three-story hospital was full of people. Most of them were women aged 30-40. People in their 50s could see it, but men There are only a handful of customers. “Most male customers care about privacy. We have a VIP reception room specifically for male users,” the reception staff of the agency’s customer service department explained to Photon Planet.

When men began to pursue "beautiful as flowers"


Unlike female clients who regard medical beauty as a sparse and common thing, men still seem to be reluctant to disclose that they “rely on appearance”, let alone rely on artificial beauty.

Among the medical aesthetics population, women who have the financial ability to undertake the consumption of “beauty” account for a relatively large proportion. The sales manager of a medical aesthetics agency told Photon Planet that their service targets are mainly high-end consumer groups such as “rich women”. Beauty is regarded as ordinary consumption in body maintenance. In contrast, men regard medical beauty as an “investment” in their rigid needs, and they even need to “install instalments” to pay for such rigid needs.

But in this age of advocating beauty, the pressure brought by appearance does not distinguish between genders.

As for whether medical aesthetics and plastic surgery really has the powerful magic power to “regenerate” oneself, Liu Dongdong himself can’t tell. He has shared his medical beauty experience on many platforms. After recovering from the last rhinoplasty surgery after 2020, there has been a significant increase in personal videos in the circle of friends. Different angles and styles, many videos call himself a handsome guy.

A doctor with 10 years of experience in cosmetic surgery in the industry said that in this industry, men are still a minority, but the proportion is gradually increasing. Male medical aesthetics mainly focus on the eyes and nose, and the nose is mainly the adjustment of the crooked nose and the hump. , The main reason for women to do nose is to synthesize a little more. Usually, he needs four or five operations in one day, including eyes, double eyelid bags, etc.

With many years of experience in plastic surgery, this doctor has his own opinion: “Regardless of men and women, most of them are blind when doing plastic surgery. Many people don’t know what they really need. Is appearance really that important? Plastic surgery cannot To make a person completely reborn is only a certain degree of modification.”

Many of his customers have plastic surgery because they are not confident about their appearance. “My professional experience tells me that a person who has low self-esteem because of his appearance cannot completely change his inferiority complex even if he undergoes surgery, because his concept of beauty follows Changed by the trend of society.”

The “beauty” that everyone thinks can still be achieved through medical aesthetics, but can we gain the confidence that we have cultivated through a cold scalpel in our acceptance of our bodies and self-shaping of the concept of beauty?

The premise of loving beauty is to cherish our own bodies.

(All interviewees in the text are pseudonyms)

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