When all thoughts are lost, we still firmly believe in the future

This is the time to test every investor in the midst of a storm.

When all thoughts are lost, we still firmly believe in the future

The market storm finally came, came so quickly, so fierce or a little unexpectedly.

This is the time to test every investor who is in the storm.

First of all, let’s imagine a worst-case scenario, which I have repeatedly mentioned in my articles: if the bull market comes to an abrupt end and turns down, instead of lasting until the end of this year or the beginning of next year as I had estimated in advance, what should we do?

The strategy I have set for myself is to take my current position and continue to wait four years, which I have written about before and is indeed my pre-projected plan.

I have also reminded our readers that investments must be diversified, and we should not only invest in digital currencies, but also in other areas that we are familiar with, to diversify systemic risk. So if we have other investments and the current bull market breaks, there are other areas of investment that can give us stable returns while we continue to wait four years. That’s one of the keys that will allow us to live in the investment market forever.

I have also repeatedly stressed that we must invest in digital currencies with our own spare money, preferably spare money that we will not use for several years, because only then will we not be forced by life to throw away our precious chips helplessly at the most desperate and testing time of the market.

If this is the end of the bull market and I have to continue to wait for four years with all my positions, all the matters I have mentioned above will all come in handy.

If we have these plans above, we will be much calmer and more open to such a big fall, because it is part of your plan and not unexpected.

Still, my gut can’t help but tell me that even so, the bulls are still in.

In an article the other day I mentioned that the market is still lacking a 30%-40% pullback before we can see the climax of the second half.

This plunge yesterday evening was even more violent than I thought it would be with a 40% pullback cap, and I think the possible reasons for that have more to do with DeFi. Because many mortgage lending agreements now have a large number of assets pledged, once the price of an asset plunges, it will trigger a liquidation, which in turn will accelerate the price plunge, which creates a cascading effect.

According to the news broken by the self-published media, tens of thousands of ETH pledged in Liquity by a project leader were almost liquidated, thus showing that the risks and bombs implied in DeFi are quite fierce.

But I think the fact that the plunge liquidated a lot of leverage is rather more conducive to a lighter second half, so I even think we could see an even wilder climax in the second half than I expected.

Digital currency is a revolution, a disruption, and an epic event for all of humanity that no one has ever experienced before. This predestines everyone involved to experience events that are unimaginable, unexperienced, and even unprecedented in history, and this crash last night was one of them.

Although this is an unexperienced revolution, but the possible course of this revolution, the possible direction we can still draw on history to find some common laws.

I thought once again of the great war against Japan, of President Chiang Chung-Cheng’s speech on the war in Lushan, and of Chairman Mao Zedong’s famous essay “On the Protracted War”. Both of them made predictions from different perspectives about the disasters and sufferings that the revolution might bring to the whole nation at the moment of national calamity, and also gave clear voices about how the whole nation could achieve victory in this revolution.

Why did Chairman Mao Zedong believe that the war against Japan would end with China’s victory and Japan’s defeat despite all the unfavorable conditions it faced? Because the objective conditions of China’s vast territory and its ability to consume Japan by virtue of its innate conditions were there, and the subjective will of the Chinese people to resist the war and sacrifice to the end was also there, with the guarantee of these two fundamental conditions, the end of the war was guaranteed.

But at the same time, the huge economic and military disparities between China and Japan also predestined this revolution to be long-lasting, painful, and a rare war in human history to defend against foreign invasion.

The same is true for digital currency investments.

Satoshi Nakamoto infused Bitcoin with equality, consensus and decentralization, and V-God infused Ether with the mission of a “never-ending world computer”, two spiritual leaders who have planted the genes for digital currency to reshape the world. This is destined to bring a new vision to all mankind and shape another parallel world.

At the same time, like all new things in history, it will face all kinds of suppression, and the pioneers exploring in it will also encounter all kinds of blows. These crackdowns and blows will be huge, and we have already seen countless times the disbelief of onlookers and countless rounds of regulatory “heavy-handedness”.

But just as the war against Japan was supported by the efforts and tenacity of the whole nation, the power of the enemy and us changed from quantitative to qualitative, from defense to holding, and then from holding to counterattack, today’s digital currency has gradually entered the mainstream media, mainstream institutions and mainstream vision from the efforts of countless sages, which is the process of quantitative to qualitative change, and this is the sign of revolutionary advance.

Thinking about these, we should all the more see its bright future at this time, see the wind and sunshine after the storm. The fall and prostration are only temporary, the advance and victory are eternal.

But forward and victory does not belong to everyone, it only belongs to the warriors who can survive the hard times and still firmly believe in the future when all thoughts are lost.

As I write this, I look at my token holdings and see that the price of CRV has fallen to $1.95, which means it’s once again at my fixing price, so I’ve opened another fixing on CRV. This time, however, I believe the market will not give me much time to fix my investment.

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