When AI meets NFT, Bora Networks explores new ways of Metaverse marketing

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the enterprise digital service provider Birla Network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bola Network”) released a series of digital collections drawn by AI-Bozang Wuxian·Yuelang Qiankun, which can be used for Enterprise-exclusive customized Mid-Autumn Festival blessing digital collection.

As a digital technology enterprise, Birla Network takes its own digital collection distribution platform – “Bozang Everything” as its core position, and integrates AI drawing technology to draw a unique Mid-Autumn Festival picture for enterprise users, and cast it on the chain. The digital collection has become their exclusive memory.

Its uniqueness lies in that it can create with AI painting as a technical grasp , which can efficiently achieve thousands of people and thousands of faces, and draw thousands of pictures every day, releasing efficiency and imagination. During the event, Birla Network collected different keywords about the “moon” from enterprises, let AI draw according to the keywords and related instructions, and cooperated with manual post-calibration, debugging and optimization, and finally efficiently produced a batch of artistic sense. mid-autumn festival blessing image.

When AI meets NFT, Bora Networks explores new ways of Metaverse marketing

AI generates different Mid-Autumn Festival pictures according to different keywords

This event linked more than a dozen long-term cooperative brands including Agile Group, New World China, Hong Kong Disneyland, Konka Group, TCL, GF Securities, R&F Real Estate, MOCO Womenswear, Wanglaoji, Yangchengtong, Xiaopeng Motors , etc., covering cultural tourism , real estate, clothing, fast-moving consumer goods, 3C, finance, automobile and other industries.

When AI meets NFT, Bora Networks explores new ways of Metaverse marketing

The digital collections issued after being minted on the Bozang Everything platform

The Mid-Autumn Festival digital innovation of “NFT+AI” is Birla Network’s ingenious application of the unique, efficient, traceable, non-tamper-proof, permanent storage and other technical attributes of blockchain technology, and a romantic combination of technology and art.

In 2022, Birla Network will speed up its exploration and application in the Metaverse field, and many tracks have already produced applications.

When AI meets NFT, Bora Networks explores new ways of Metaverse marketing

Bella, the first digital human of Bora Networks

The first digital human Bella has been unveiled: it is exploring the future application scenarios of digital human, such as customized “digital human image”, etc., looking for more application scenarios to provide digital services for enterprises and individuals to participate in the Metaverse world.

When AI meets NFT, Bora Networks explores new ways of Metaverse marketing

virtual scene application

Virtual scene application: It is used for virtual live broadcast and can be combined with virtual human IP to provide enterprises with diversified digital solutions.

NFT (Digital Collection) Marketing Solutions: Meet the diverse digital marketing and online interaction needs of enterprises. Birla Network is currently incubating its own digital collection distribution platform – Bo Zang Wan, aiming to use digital collection as an innovative carrier to explore the latest digital application methods and commercial value of brands in the Metaverse era.

At present, Birla Network has launched a lighter and faster way to experience brand collections, allowing brand enterprises to quickly and efficiently try digital collections, a brand-new brand detonator full of opportunities and imagination. Birla Network also hopes to empower the digital transformation of enterprises through cutting-edge technology applications such as digital collections and digital people.

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