What’s it like for “North Korean hackers” to interview blockchain engineers?

What is it like to have an engineer who is suspected of being a “North Korean hacker” for an interview?

Jonwu, a staff member of the privacy protocol aztecnetwork, has something to say. He met such an interviewer. The interview process made him feel both amusing and terrifying, especially when the interviewer wrote, “The world will see great results in my hands. “(the world will see the great result from my hands.) Let people break the defense, normal people who fucking talk like that, and then this sentence hangs in Jonwu’s twitter profile, haha.

The following is Jonwu’s own statement:

First of all, we at aztecnetwork are hiring and received a job application for “Bobby Sierra – Solidity Engineer” at @Greenhouse.

After an internal review, I was assigned an online interview.

Scan a rough resume.

Name: Bobby Sierra
Candidate: Solidity Engineer
Location: Ontario
Languages: English and some Chinese

Experience: F2pool, some DAO and NFT projects on resume.

Remember this, it’s a matter of later.

Then I looked at the cover letter and it started with: “I am a blockchain developer with 6+ years of experience.”

And then there’s a bunch of vague information, some generic brag, but understandably not everyone’s good at writing cover letters.

In the end, he wrote in his cover letter: “The world will see great results in my hands.”

Immediately I thought, this bastard sounds like a Bond villain.

I’m imagining a guy whose arm is actually a laser cannon and whose eyeballs are made of plutonium or something.

“The world will see great results in my hands”? ? ?

Who the hell does normal people talk like that?

It was disturbing, I went to his Github, 12 commits in the last 12 months? This is not a “great experience”.

Also, these participating projects appear to be random:

  • BoredBunnies
  • PantherSwap
  • MetaverseDAO

Forget it, I said to myself, Crypto is a weird and interesting space full of weird and interesting people! Look, maybe Bobby is just a weird guy.

Then, I started the interview!

Hi, this is jon from Aztec, is that Bobby?

“Yes. This is…Bobby Sierra。”

I observed a few points:

  • His camera is off;
  • 5 or more people talking loudly in the background;
  • Prominent Korean accent;

I asked him why he was so loud.

“Oh, I’m in the office.”

WTF, but why are there 5 other people speaking a mix of Korean and English?

You might ask, how do I know he’s Korean?

Hehe, some of my good friends are Korean so are very familiar with Korean accents, but it’s not a normal Korean American or Korean Canadian or any accent of Korean.

“Bobby” speaks English of course, but not normal English: stiff, formal, and almost incomprehensible at the same time.

So, “Bobby, introduce yourself.

“I have participated in a lot of blockchain development and token issuance. There are many successful projects, very successful, and a lot of blockchain experience, with very good results. Okay?”

Let’s briefly analyze:

1) The first part is fucking gibberish and trying to disqualify him from the interview for that


The expression “Okay” convinced me that this guy was Korean. how could I know?

Because my friend’s mom would say this shit before they gave me a piping hot bowl of pork ribs soup.

“This is delicious, eat it while it’s cold, Okay?”

Now the alarm bells are ringing. I am aware of the frequent recent North Korean hacking incidents.

I decided to dig further.

Where are you based, Bobby?

Bobby: “Based?”

That is, where are you now?

“Oh, Hong Kong.”

“Hong Kong? Where did you end up working?”

“Oh, Ateke.”

what is that?

“German company or French company. I don’t know.”

Your resume says you worked for F2pool, can you tell me about F2pool?

“Mmmm, can you wait a moment?”

Then he made me mute for 5 minutes.

When Bobb came back, there seemed to be a new guy.

“Hello, are you there?”

Yes, Bobby, here I am.

“I’m an experienced blockchain developer and I want a new job, I’m very experienced and can bring value to your company, I want an engineer job now. Okay?”

True or not, I hung up.

We know that North Korean hackers like Lazarus Group are attacking major protocols and individuals.

$600 million stolen from Ronin; Arthur0x, Mgnr, and countless other high-profile accounts hacked.

I don’t know what the attack vector is.

  • Let’s download a broken .docx resume?
  • Have someone share their screen and navigate to Metamask?
  • Gain access to our codebase and push a malicious change?

I leave it to the internet to guess.

Actually, I don’t know if these people are North Korean hackers. Bobby may just be a very inept dude, but every fiber of mine says it’s not true.

Aside from the fear and entertainment, I learned a lot from this strange interaction.

1) Our entire world is built on trust. If someone shows us their resume and Github, we’ll believe it.
2) The risks of smart contracts are overestimated, anything can be a vector for an attack: recruitment, events, travel, etc.
3) Don’t download attachments at will, isolate your wallet on your own machine, etc.

Later, “Bobby” updated his Github to point to a brand new account, which now has more code commits.

I believe these people are learning, adapting, getting smarter.

Thankfully, they can’t work out how disconnected and incompetent they are.

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