What we can do when the market is down

When the market is bad, there are many things we can do

What we can do when the market is down

At the end of almost every article these days, there are always readers guessing whether my attitude and views have changed, and I actually think some of the statements in the article are over-interpreted.

My views have not changed so far, so what will change my views? I have also stated this many times in my articles. In addition to this I have also said that I will finish this year before making a final judgement. But this does not affect my operation: my operation is always only two: buy low and sell high relatively within a cycle.

What is selling high? Whenever the price of an asset is so high that I think it is too outrageous, I sell. What is buying low? As long as the price of an asset is low enough that I think the risk is minimal and the long-term potential is great, I will buy.

So far, I still haven’t sold my chips in hand, and I’ve started fixing again when I see items priced below my fixing price.

From some friends asking about the next market trend, I can see the inner torment and uncertainty of these friends, which is quite normal. Every investor has come from this stage step by step. But we can’t always stay at this stage, we have to build hope and confidence in ourselves, not in others. Only if you have confidence in yourself, you can stand firm in the fickle market and face all kinds of storms and surprises with ease.

Want to take root in a field for a long time, in the end, only you are their most faithful and reliable partner, any bystanders can only accompany themselves for a while but not for a lifetime, and the next longer road has to go by itself.

The reason why I read the books of some investment masters and sages is not to copy their practices in real life, but to learn from their experiences and lessons, so that they can grow and progress quickly, and form independent thinking and develop their own systems in the areas they are involved in as soon as possible.

I admire Warren Buffett, and his viewpoint of looking down on digital assets has not affected me in any way. Everyone has their own position and limitations, and no one is without fault. There is no point in criticizing his insights on digital assets, but to maximize the essence of his life’s investment is the fundamental thing we should grasp.

I remember when I used to write articles, there were always readers asking how we should learn. I think now is the time to learn properly. Now at this point in time, it is the time for us to pay less attention to the market, work more intently to make money, learn more intently and pay attention to the development of the industry.

For learning I suggest that we can go in two directions, one is the actual operation, the other is theoretical learning.

In terms of practical operation, I suggest that you take advantage of the fact that the fees in Etherium are quite low now to get hands-on experience with the famous DeFi application. I suggest you to experience these applications in order of priority.

MetaMask: This is the most popular and widely used plug-in wallet in the ethereum ecosystem.

Uniswap: This is the most famous decentralized exchange. After installing MetaMask, login to Uniswap with your browser and try to make a transaction on it.

Curve: This is a stablecoin exchange that we often mention. The same user enters the website, logs into MetaMask, and tries to exchange between stablecoins.

Compound/AAVE: This is a famous deposit and loan application in DeFi. After entering the website, users can login to MetaMask and try to deposit their ERC-20 tokens in the ethereum ecosystem or lend them to the platform.

All these applications above are the most and most basic applications, and you can try and experience them with only a very small amount of money when you go in to experiment in order to control the risk. If you are not sure, you can refer to our DeFi Real-World Investment Methodology eBook, which has step-by-step instructions and tutorials for these applications.

Once you’ve had hands-on experience with these applications, you can try other DeFi applications based on your interests and knowledge to get a first-hand feel for DeFi.

On this basis, if you are still interested, you can try some theoretical learning, which can be divided into vertical and horizontal.

The so-called vertical, you can start with learning the theoretical knowledge of DeFi, for example, look at the white paper of the above projects, and then try to look at the white paper of ethereum, bitcoin or some readings about blockchain knowledge in more depth.

The so-called horizontal is to penetrate into other fields and understand the development dynamics of other areas of blockchain. In my previous article, I have introduced you to NFT and meta-universe related knowledge, and listed some classic projects. We can start from these classic projects and see their introduction, development history and current ecology.

Typical projects here are



The Sandbox

Somnium Space

Crypto Punk


For these projects, we can read not only the official website, but also their reviews and descriptions on the internet. Whether these projects will be successful in the future is unknown, but at least at the moment, they are leading the trend and providing inspiration and ideas for quite a few projects.

All of the above are things we can do when the market is depressed, and these are also far more important than the market.

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