What tracks and projects have I focused on recently?

This article is the answer to some of the recent messages, the analysis is only my personal understanding, not as a direct investment advice!

Here are some answers to recent messages, the analysis is only my personal understanding, not as a direct investment advice! You have questions can leave a message, or private send me on WeChat, because of limited energy, not one-on-one response, I focus on finishing, the next article in the unified analysis of answers.

1、Will you pay attention to the popular new coins?

—- I will pay attention to new coins, but recently almost most of the coins have not been too innovative, so so far, not many valuable new projects have been found.

  1. Now that the stock market has opened up favorably, my teacher has recommended buying CSI 300 index before. Can I fix or buy it now?

—– stock market is now 3600 points, I myself is only within the 2800 points fixed investment, if you now fixed investment, it is not impossible, but the upside is not too much.

3, the dollar is strong, the bull market will come, is not it so?

—- I think it mainly depends on whether the dollar release continues, if the dollar release continues, then at least for now, the bull market will not end. The result of the dollar release is generally a weaker dollar.

  1. Will it really enter a bear market and fall?

—- My own judgment is that it has not yet reached the bear market, there is still the second half.

5、How much room for appreciation is there for bitcoin and ethereum in the future?

—- If we look at the long term, 4 years, 8 years or even more, I believe bitcoin will exceed 1 million RMB a piece, and ethereum’s market cap will exceed bitcoin.

  1. In the article, you said that each DeFi project is working methodically, can you describe this later? I’d like to know what it means to operate in an orderly manner, and then learn to judge for myself.

—- “Orderly” operation means that these projects have mechanisms in place to perform properly and as expected in the event of sudden market changes. In the past year, some DeFi projects (such as MakerDAO) had serious problems with 312. This is proof that DeFi is getting more and more mature and powerful.

  1. It was quite rewarding to listen to your program. I have a question for you. I just recently got into the game, but I don’t like to invest in coin speculation. I am more interested in Ether mining. What I know now is that ethereum mining is currently at a time when graphics cards and ASIC miners are alternating. The probability of recovering the investment in ASIC miners for ethereum mining at this time is not great.

— The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the results. If you want to get into mining Ether now, it is not impossible, mainly to consider the risk yourself. At present, there are two ways to mine Ether: one is graphics card mining, the biggest risk of this way of mining is when Ether will shift from POW to POS, because after Ether shifts to POS, the current graphics card mining may not be cost-effective; the other is collateral mining, that is, digging Ether 2.0 tokens, this way you need to mortgage Ether into it, and the collateral Ether in Ether 2.0 This means that you may not be able to take out the Ether you pledged for several years.

8, I personally am a miner of fil, and also bought fil coin in heavy position, and now it has been cut down, I am optimistic about the long term rise of fil’s coin price, but in the short term, does he have a chance to surpass the previous high in the second half of the bull market?

—- I myself think there is a second half of the bull market. If there is really a second half of the bull market, it will definitely go up again, but it’s hard to predict whether it will go up beyond the previous peak (about $230).

9、Hello, teacher. I’d like to ask, how do you set the range of your fixed investment in crv?

—- I set a fixed investment price for CRV within $2 fixed. This price is a value I estimated by combining its fundamentals and my estimation of the market cap ranking it may reach under optimistic scenario.

10、How to find quality projects and potential coins?

—- I have written about this topic sporadically in my articles over the past two years. In general firstly, you should have a basic knowledge of blockchain, and secondly, you should try those blockchain projects personally, only then you can feel the good, bad, merits and demerits of a project first hand.

11, the state so crackdown on bitcoin trading, the United States to reduce the scale of the release, the future of the cryptocurrency market how to go, the bull market is still there?

— The country has never relaxed its regulation of digital currency trading, and this can be referred to the past history. The U.S. has not reduced the size of the release so far, just that the market will always sound different. I think for now it looks like there is a second half of the bull market as long as the US policy of water release remains intact.

12, please send me the number of active bitcoin addresses to find the way, thanks

— You can search for “bitcoin active addresses” and you can find the corresponding website.

13、Teacher: Hello! Please tell me: I have crv, link, uni, bat, mana, suith, dot, fil. Should I change them all to btc and eth mainstream coins to be more secure? Of course, crv I got some at 1.5, I should keep it. You said you could invest in anything up to 2.

—- The only coins you invested in that I invested in were CRV, UNI and FIL, I’m not saying that the other coins you invested in are bad. I suggest you invest in bitcoin + ethereum to account for a total of 50% or more of your total investment, and then you can invest in other coins according to your own judgment.

14、Do you know anything about bzz?

—- Probably understand some, I am more optimistic about this project, but very worried that the hype is too hot now, the price is too high.

  1. What is your opinion on fil and is it worth holding for a long time?

—- I have written about Fil many times in my articles last year and earlier this year. I am currently long term bullish on it and have been holding it as well.

16、Teacher, I am your wire, no more polite words, I plan to stop working from July and devote myself to the cryptocurrency circle, well, I have accumulated some income from fixed investment 2 years ago, I would like to ask you what advice do you have for me to improve my cognition (reading the plate, judging value projects, reinforcing my investment system) and participate in the next projects?

—- One suggestion I have for you to stop working and enter the cryptocurrency world is that the prerequisite is that you can find a suitable job for you in that industry.

If it’s just for investment, you don’t need to quit your job, just use your spare time to slowly learn and participate, then invest and polish in the bear market, after a few years of accumulation in the bull market, you can also have a very good income.

From the aspect of learning, first of all, the most important thing is to learn the knowledge of blockchain, which is fundamental, then read more white papers of various classic projects to understand the origin of some classic projects, usually pay more attention to various information in the circle and grasp the latest developments, and then try various projects in person when you have the conditions. Do the above points, you will certainly have a great harvest.

17、Polygon (Matic horseshoe), what is the specific project, can you introduce it and can you still buy it?

— This is the second tier extension project of Ether. This project has gone up more than 100 times in a year. As for whether you can still buy it now, I personally think the price is high, it may still go up, but it’s hard to judge how much more upside it can have.

18、What tracks and projects will the teacher focus on recently?

— I will focus on basically all fields, but recently is focused on the NFT field and the second layer of expansion.

19、Dao, please tell us when the financial crisis is expected to come, and will cryptocurrencies become a hedge when the financial crisis comes? Or will they plunge like stocks and wait for the storm to pass to take the bottom?

— I think the U.S. will have a financial crisis sooner or later with the way the U.S. is printing money now, but no one knows when it will come. When the financial crisis comes I estimate that first all assets may plunge, and then financial assets soar. I personally recommend having cash in hand at all times, so you can always seize the opportunity to get in on the low.

20、Teacher, I am worried about missing the bottoming opportunity, how do I operate at the moment?

— Don’t worry about missing out, the digital currency market still has a future and new opportunities, so we can wait. If you really can’t stay up and want to buy now, then I suggest you buy the safest bitcoin and ethereum, where the percentage of ethereum allocation can be higher than bitcoin.

  1. Can digital RMB be considered a stablecoin and will it be exchanged with BTC in the future?

— It is not a stablecoin, it is a fiat currency, just another form of fiat currency. As for whether it will be exchanged with Bitcoin in the future, it depends on the national regulatory policy.

  1. I want to borrow usdt on dforce at an interest rate of only 3 points, and I want to pledge bitcoin to borrow some usdt to spend, is it safe to put my money on this platform?

— I haven’t used this platform, so I can’t really comment on it. I suggest that you really want to borrow money can spread the risk, more than a few platforms to operate, so that even if one of the platform has problems, there are other platforms backup.

23、Hello teacher, I would like to ask, is it to wait until Monday’s central bank situation and then decide to plunge or this period of sideways time are able to enter?

— I think this news will not fundamentally change the digital currency market, at this stage can change the digital currency market trend I think the biggest factor is the United States water release, other factors are not so important. In addition, I do not recommend bottoming out, because no one knows where the bottom is, really want to enter the field, how about fixed investment, in batches.

24、Can you help recommend some stable financial products other than coins? Recently, I still put forward some of the guaranteed funds, and I want to put more eggs in several baskets, but I don’t have any experience, so I would like to ask you for advice.

— I’m a big investor in A-shares, except for digital currencies. For A-shares, I only fixed index funds when the SSE index was within 2800 points, and none after that. Now, the A-share index is not too high, not too low. In the long run, I believe there is a good market, but when there is a market and how big the market can be is a matter of opinion. To invest in A shares, for ordinary investors I would recommend investing in the index, the CSI 300 index. Now invest in A shares, the same to be prepared to fight a protracted war, be prepared for the money in a year or even two years without.

25, icp this project has investment value, its ecology, we ordinary people have any opportunity to participate?

—- This project I think it’s good, I’ve been paying attention. The way for ordinary people to participate is to mine or invest at low levels. But this project I think the current price level is also a bit high, I did not buy nor mining, I will pay close attention to it.

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