What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

Take stock of Andre Cronje’s Web3 footprint and “legacy”.

The news of Andre Cronje’s “retirement” caused an uproar. Although the “genius” who became popular with Yearn.Finance and established the status of the “Godfather of DeFi” has mixed reputations in the industry because of his maverick personality, his contribution to the construction of Web3 is undoubted, and it was once in the encrypted world. The concept of “AC Ecological Project” emerged.

Although AC has withdrawn from the world of Web3, some of the projects it created will continue to operate. Let’s take an inventory of AC’s footprints and “legacy” in Web3.

(The following content is organized by Andre Cronje’s LinkedIn and public information. It is impossible to determine whether it is included in the “25 projects” mentioned on Twitter. The projects before Keep3r are in chronological order.)


According to LinkedIn information, AC first stepped into the blockchain industry from the encrypted media CryptoBriefing. In January 2018, AC joined CryptoBriefing as “Chief Code Review Officer”, responsible for reviewing the code of ICO projects recommended by the media. The information shows that AC has been in this position until he retired, for a full 4 years and 2 months.


After stepping into the blockchain industry, AC was out of control. AC joined Ethereum payment protocol BitDiem in March 2018 as a blockchain protocol advisor, two months after becoming CryptoBriefing’s “Chief Code Review Officer”. But the project currently only retains a message from May 2018, and is selling the domain name of Bitdiem.com, which may have already ceased operations. LinkedIn also shows that AC left BitDiem in September of the same year.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

In April 2018, AC joined CryptoCurve, responsible for the development of smart contract public chain Wanchain, including front-end development of wallet, DEX, ICO platform, pledge, fiat gateway, etc., and left in March 2019. At present, Wanchain’s introduction to itself on Twitter is a “decentralized blockchain interoperability solution”. Data on DeFi Llama also shows that the TVL on Wanchain currently exceeds $53 million, which was reached on May 13 last year. $127.7 million peak.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

One month after joining the Wanchain team, AC also became the technical advisor of Aggero, a project that uses blockchain technology to empower e-sports, and left in January 2019. At present, Agero is still in operation, but the market attention is not high. According to Twitter, the project is currently recruiting, and it seems that it wants to transform to GameFi, Metaverse and other tracks.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

In May 2018, AC, who became Aggero’s consultant, joined the Fusion Foundation and served as a technical consultant. He has been the head of technology innovation since August and left in September 2019.According to DeFi Llama, as an EVM-compatible public chain, there is currently only one DeFi project, Chainge Finance, but its TVL is currently $144 million.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

For the year June 2018 to June 2019, AC worked as a technical researcher at the investment and advisory firm Lemniscap. Lemniscap invests in emerging crypto assets and advises early stage blockchain startups.According to the agency’s official website, projects invested by Lemniscap include star projects such as Algorand, Aurora, Avalanche, Harmony, and even the cryptocurrency exchange FTX.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

In July 2018, AC joined the Fantom Foundation and served as a technical advisor and a director of the foundation successively. Fantom’s current popularity is far beyond the previously mentioned projects. According to Coinmarketcap data, Fantom currently ranks 44th in terms of market capitalization. According to DeFi Llama data, there are nearly 200 DeFi protocols on Fantom, and TVL has reached 6.33 billion US dollars. In the previous frenzy brought by Solidly, the TVL on Fantom once reached nearly 13 billion US dollars.

Fantom is a project that AC is deeply involved in. Apart from Fantom itself, many of AC’s projects are based on Fantom, which has contributed to the development of the Fantom ecosystem. But just like that, AC has also received a lot of criticism from the Fantom community.

Kosmos Capital

During the eight months from August 2018 to March 2019, AC joined Kosmos Capital as a technical advisor.Kosmos Capital is an Australian investment institution and an investor in projects such as Boba Network, Fantom, Filecoin, Mina, Polkadot, Solana, Tezos, Decentraland, etc.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

During the 2019 bear market, AC did not engage in new projects. After a year of hiatus, AC launched revenue aggregator Yearn.Finance (originally named iearn.finance) in January 2020. But at that time, the “DeFi Summer” had not yet arrived, and AC paid for the audit and custody fees out of its own pocket. After the DeFi track broke out, the valuation of Yearn.Finance soared. Its token YFI once reached $95,000 on Binance, and the success of Yearn also made AC famous.

After AC announced its departure, Yearn developers tweeted that AC has not been operating Yearn for more than a year, and Yearn currently has 50 full-time and 140 part-time staff in maintenance, so AC’s departure will have no actual impact.

Yearn Ecological Project

“DeFi Architect” – This is the self-proclaimed role of AC on LinkedIn. After founding Yearn.Finance, AC has built several related DeFi projects around Yearn, including the on-chain AMM protocol ytrade.finance that can provide up to 1000x leverage, yliquidate.finance, a one-click clearing service based on Aave, and stable currency leverage Product yleverage.finance. In addition, Curve is among those projects.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

In August 2020, more than half a year after the creation of Yearn.Finance, AC created Keep3r. Keep3r is a decentralized work distribution platform that facilitates the issuance and execution of tasks such as the clearing of lending agreements. Essentially, most of the tasks that Keep3r can accomplish are done by automated robots, but Keep3r actually hopes to achieve more “decentralized automation”, that is, tasks on these chains also require a decentralized The platform decides the identity of the executor.


Eminence is a game project launched by AC, but the project suffered a flash loan attack in September 2020, 15 million DAI was stolen, and then the hacker transferred 8 million DAI to AC’s address, which also made AC receive warnings and threat. AC then promises to use the stolen funds received to compensate victims.


In August 2021, AC launched Bribe.crv.finance, a protocol that allows DeFi project parties to bribe veCRV holders and obtain votes from holders to increase the income of project token trading pairs, thereby attracting more liquidity , and also bring more benefits to veCRV holders.


What the retired Andre Cronje left for the Web3 world

multichain.xyz is a cross-chain platform jointly developed by the Multichain (formerly Anyswap) team and AC based on the Anyswap SMPC Network. But in fact multichain.xyz is only one of the front ends of Multichain, users can still make cross-chain transfers through multichain.org, and the function of the platform is not affected.


Chainlist is an EVM network RPC aggregation tool developed by AC, which allows users to easily add corresponding EVM-compatible networks to their wallets. The site may be shut down, but there are plenty of alternatives.


In September 2021, Andre launched the Fantom-based game Rarity after being inspired by Project Loot.Anyone only needs to spend gas fee to create a character with no upper limit. Characters include: Savage, Druid, Warrior, Paladin, Archer and other 11 occupations. Each character can go on expeditions every day, and will get 250 experience points. After gaining enough experience points, players can level up, and they will also gain various achievements and skills as the level increases.


In January 2022, AC published an article titled ve (3,3) introducing his vision for a new project Solidly. In short, Solidly’s mechanism is similar to Curve, but it is a “protocol-to-protocol” AMM that supports protocols on Fantom by incentivizing protocol fees rather than liquidity. After that, Solidly announced that it would allocate some tokens to the top 20 projects in TVL on Fantom, which triggered the “vampire war” on Fantom. In order to compete for more tokens, each project did everything possible to increase TVL, among which There are too many stories that have happened here and will not be expanded here. Interested friends can learn about them by themselves.

What I have to mention here is that AC deleted his Twitter angrily because of a dispute with one of the project teams competing for the top 20 seats in the Fantom ecosystem.

The above-mentioned projects are from AC’s LinkedIn and projects closely related to AC. In addition, AC also cooperates with projects such as Alpha Finance, Akropolish, Cover, Cream, Pickle, PowerPool and SushiSwap, or participates in part. to the project.

It can be seen that from small tool products to innovations in the DeFi field, Andre Cronje has made a lot of contributions to the development of Web3. Although AC has left the Web3 industry, the crystallization of his ideas will remain in this soil and nourish the growth of countless successors.

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