What should you know about the 2022 Metaverse?

When talking about the investment potential of “digital bricks” in the previous article, a friend once commented that the Metaverse is an illusory mirage or a tulip bubble, and returning to reality after the impulse and frenzy of speculation may disappear like the moon in a mirror. . In fact, any investment is accompanied by risks, whether it is industry, stocks, futures or any project we have experienced, the right time to catch up with the right wave will be smooth sailing, otherwise it is not optimistic; under the condition of constant production capacity, the capital is only It is the left and right flow of a small amount in the plate, and the difference is the size of the lever.

These investments may be just means of profit for us, but the Metaverse is different, the Metaverse is an evolution that brings us a regeneration from the inside out in the overworld , and the technology contained in it is It’s real and extremely important, and investing is just a ride on a ride in the development process. The development of anything may be different from what we expected, especially when it involves human operation, which is more varied, but it is not necessarily all bubbles;

That’s right, we should be careful, don’t easily believe in hype or rumors, learn as much as possible about the Metaverse, and understand the influence of the Metaverse on the world and business that should not be underestimated. We have popularized the origin of the Metaverse, the concept of the Meta Metaverse, the possible development direction of the current Metaverse, the technical means developed by major manufacturers under the Metaverse wave, and some projects suitable for niche investment at the current stage. Interested friends can look back and learn from the past, and by the way, see if the content at that time is very different from the Metaverse that is constantly developing now, or if conjecture and practice are mutually verified.

The development of the Metaverse will profoundly change the way businesses and consumers interact with products, services, and each other. Just like the issuance of digital renminbi, although the user experience is as close as possible to the existing electronic payment and payment model to achieve non-inductive transformation, it actually greatly changes the underlying technology and development upper limit, whether it is network-free transactions, The characteristics of getting rid of the deposit or transaction of funds relying on a certain bank account, and the funds are not lost or damaged are not available before.

What should you know about the 2022 Metaverse?

When it comes to the concept of “Metaverse”, many people think that they know enough about the Metaverse, but few consider themselves to be experts in this field, because the more in-depth understanding, the more they will find that this concept is so big and developed. The possibilities are so wide, just like our understanding of the world can never be 100% lightly; human beings know less than 30% of the planet on which they live, and most of the cognition stays on the surface , and every deeper level of cognition may deny the old knowledge, just like the once round sky was overturned during Magellan’s voyage; nevertheless, we can still judge that going out of the Metaverse is very important for business. important.

In fact, with the investment of major companies around the world, the Metaverse is developing all the time, and some Metaverse concepts that we were still discussing and learning have gradually become concrete. And some other concepts are believed to be more concrete soon. Many companies are investing in the Metaverse, which aims to deepen customer loyalty, engage with communities in new ways and increase revenue. However, we still need to remain vigilant. Although the underlying technology trends have been developing for many years, this stage is still too young and unstable for the Metaverse.

As in the early days of the internet, this innovation can involve a lot of speculation, overvaluation, and ill-advised investments—not least because, as tech visionaries imagine, a true Metaverse is still years away from taking shape, so it’s not Everyone and every enterprise is suitable to participate or even ALL IN at this stage.

The Metaverse was first described and named in 1992, exactly 30 years from now no more no less, but the reality is that it is still in the early stages of post-concept development. Even though it is now full of digital platforms and individuals under the banner of the Metaverse absorbing market funds, the reality is that we are still stuck in a predicament of insufficient computing power, incomplete somatosensory hardware, and unprepared software protocols and network capacity. .

This coming future as a long-term development trend, innovative technology will be integrated into a larger and more complete whole. In the past ten years, we have to say that the development of the technology tree is indeed clearly thinking of progress in this direction. Companies have identified what the most important business innovation technologies are and how they are integrated into business. These technologies gradually Makes the Metaverse possible from certain angles. Cloud technologies are addressing the processing power and storage capabilities to support extended reality and immersive interfaces. The hyper-connected network enabled by 5G technology is nearing maturity. AI is helping to create digital reflections that combine computer vision, speech, and deep learning to provide users with an authentic experience.

The decentralization of finance and the economy, powered by blockchain, enables a partially automated financial system. Finally, digitally native consumers and the impact of the pandemic on consumption habits are fueling demand for virtual products and experiences offered by virtual worlds.

What should you know about the 2022 Metaverse?

The interoperability that the Metaverse promises is still largely missing to build a complete digital world in which businesses and individuals can seamlessly transition between the many different experiences offered by suppliers. This connection requires not only sufficient computing power and transmission ports, but also a brand-new network architecture, which is the Web 3.0 that we are talking about. Musk once stated that Web 3.0 is now just a marketing slogan in the industry, and it has not even taken shape yet. Needless to say, the Metaverse built on this. The Web 3.0 currently being developed by Internet innovators and investors should be a decentralized structure with countless interoperable platforms, for which we can now foresee enough segments in the Metaverse for opportunities and risks to coexist . 

The Metaverse promises an extremely realistic 3D digital world where businesses can buy and sell goods and services, sign and execute contracts, recruit and train talent, and interact with customers and communities. As some tech visionaries imagine, the Metaverse won’t run primarily on platforms where owners control data, governance, and transactions.

Conversely, individuals or subjects can also take their identities, experiences and assets wherever they want. What makes the Metaverse different from today’s online experiences is that much of this digital world persists even when no one is involved. The virtual goods sold by NIKE’s NikeLand, such as shoes, clothing and hats, allow holders to wear and try on official platforms such as Sandbox Metaverse.

A complete Metaverse provides a fundamental feature, called immersion, that companies can incorporate into their sales logic, such as:

  • Enrich the consumer experience.
  • Introducing virtual products that are only available in the Metaverse.
  • Collect up-to-date data from customers.
  • Conduct market analysis of physical products and services and digital products and services.
  • Supports trading and financial systems in the Metaverse.
  • Provides hardware and applications that support Metaverse activities.

Some of these concepts are clear enough that they can help grow existing lines of business and create new ones.Companies in retail, real estate and entertainment have started investing in the Metaverse and making a profit. For other less mature tracks, the old ways of building and maintaining trust may no longer apply when billions of people and organizations are participating simultaneously in the real and digital worlds.

The rules and enforcement mechanisms of the Metaverse over time, including taxation, data governance, and regulatory compliance, are bound to be refined and clarified over time. In the VR/AR environment, the development trend of user experience has become clear, and trustworthy virtual experience and absolute user privacy have become the basis of consumer loyalty, and consumers’ preferences and behavior will be different from the current consumption environment. Marketing, publicity, word-of-mouth, etc., in turn completely depend on the user’s perception and experience.

The Metaverse has yet to take shape, but many of its concepts are relevant to various businesses, and many technologies can be split into multiple business directions; most people and even businesses lack familiarity with the rapidly evolving concept of the Metaverse. Many may also lack the skills and processes to truly understand and trust their digital transactions and investments. Participating at this stage may be faced with a big environment where fish and dragons are mixed and fish in troubled waters, as well as appease users with vague concepts to establish trust and habits that are extremely difficult to establish. In the development process, it is entirely possible that the plan cannot keep up with the changes. After all, The development and implementation of any technology requires a certain period of time and patience, and the environment is indeed changing rapidly.

Businesses should allocate at least one resource or source of knowledge to understand key concepts of the Metaverse, identify opportunities to bridge gaps and long-term development from the Metaverse and its key concepts, and then develop basic measures. Businesses can choose from opportunities available in potential trends in the Metaverse today, including selling digital versions of physical goods, offering virtual tours of virtual products or facilities, and launching NFTs to enhance brand awareness and brand-customer connections. try.

At present, large manufacturers have the strength to cope with high trial and error costs, so most of them adopt the traditional business model with relatively stable income to set up the Metaverse method, that is, to operate the original business by purchasing or leasing virtual real estate, and try to get more through advertising. Earnings and Customer Support. Dachang bypasses risks and relies on the traditional digital model as the foundation of profitability, and the transaction of virtual real estate itself is a high-risk option. Only holding it without short-term operations can be regarded as a long-term Investments, as no digital world has yet demonstrated their lasting relevance; the factors that provide a competitive advantage in a shared, decentralized digital environment may differ from what businesses currently have, necessitating a rethinking of core competencies , improve their skills, recruit new employees, build new databases and business relationships to close the gap.

In the smaller trial-and-error direction, it is recommended to consider applications that complement and connect to physical or other existing digital experiences; digitally native content that leverages the Metaverse to support multiple components of technology and create multi-user experiences; the Metaverse Technologically supported double-tracking innovation and providing complementary economies of scale.

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