What should I do if I’m addicted to my phone?

Your reason can overcome your own “impulse.”

This should be the status quo and troubles of most people:

The first thing you open your eyes in the morning is to pick up your phone and turn off the alarm clock, open the social chat software to see if you have missed any information; favorites become a warehouse, storing a lot of valuable information, but you rarely read it again.

Most of the fragmented time is used to scan various information streams, making the brain crazy about knowledge and unable to read in depth; when you lose your mobile phone and have no internet, you will be extremely anxious and insecure.

All kinds of symptoms are called “information addiction” in medicine . Simply put, I spend a lot of time online browsing information and watching videos every day, but my psychology is still unreliable, and I always feel that some information is missing.

People’s absorption of information is increasing every day by a square number, but thinking patterns and cognition are not proportional to this. Why?

One-third of the brain’s structure belongs to the behavioral enhancement system. Repeatedly doing a parallel cognitive task will not only make the brain system over-excited, but also cause changes in the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in inefficient death. cycle.

So what is the harm of “information addiction”?

The most typical feature is the inexplicable anxiety caused by the dispersal of energy, the eagerness for quick success; the first moment of investment in things, the desire to get results without paying attention to the process, there is a long-term delay, creativity, and the possibility of decreased thinking.

what to do? Many people will think of uninstalling the app, fetching all useless media information, limiting the time they use their mobile phones every day, and insisting on self-reflection.

But after a while, because of work and social factors, you have to download the software again, and finally go back to the past.

Zhiyuan often said that the important thing to change is not to “block”, but to recognize first and then “mediate” . I will take you to understand the formation and change methods of information addiction from three dimensions, through high cognition. Drive the new behavior to iterate the old model and move towards a positive cycle.

01. Why are you always addicted?

What is addiction? According to data, it has a history of at least 5,000 years, and it has now developed into a disease that affects human physical and mental health. It includes two major aspects: “psychology and physiology”.

The life of addiction include “positive and negative on both sides of the” negative phenomenon drinking, smoking; gambling, play games, have a positive fishing, learning; sports, etc., would like addiction, you must first “understand addiction.”

So what is addiction?

Furthermore, addiction refers to a repetitive compulsive behavior. That is, I know that a certain behavior will have a bad effect, but it is difficult to stop it. It seems to produce a kind of dependence. How does it affect the brain?

When you become addicted, you will become a person, irritable and unable to concentrate. You really want to fulfill this little wish and meet your “inner needs”.

For example: before you met the spicy crayfish, it lived well, but inadvertently looking back at the table one time, it caused you to go to the restaurant to see it several times a month, which is really annoying.

How did all this behavior change?

In fact, there is a problem with the reward system of the brain. Its hometown is located at the lower forehead in the center of the brain. It is mainly responsible for stimulating people’s “work efficiency” and ensuring that tens of billions of neurons are full of morale every day.

But it has a heavy task and requires part-time management of many departments, such as the “rational decision-making department”, which determines your travel today, your preferences, whether you can do things, etc.; but in addition to the perceptual department, you need to be happy, angry, sad, love, hate, and hatred. After passing it, the body language department will not let it go.

Although it has a lot of business, it never slackens, and it is carried out in an orderly manner, but it also has weaknesses. The two things most afraid of are called “dopamine” and “acetylcholine” . It is like a senior leader in your work. The former sing red face, the latter sing black face.

for example:

You have a report to ask the leader to sign. The one who wants to get rid of the back door is “dopamine.” If you say a good word, you may sign it. It is the source of happiness , because it has an important relationship with the generation of the emotion of pleasure.

But acetylcholine does not work . It is an educational side, and it incorporates the role of the integrity of the brain. It will strictly judge whether this report meets the standards.

Where did the addiction come from?

Every action you are now is approaching “addiction”, but it’s just a balance of dopamine and acetyl bile.

For example, drinking alcohol, from the oral cavity, the esophagus to the gastrointestinal mucosa, the alcohol will be attached to various tissues and organs in the body. During 3-4 hours of digestion, do you think it will leave after a while?

Thinking too much, it often stimulates hundreds of millions of neurons, mistakenly thinking that drinking is a “task”. At the same time, alcohol also stimulates the central system to produce more dopamine and secrete more happiness factors.

What scene would you drink? When happiness and sorrow fluctuate, the brain is also in a relaxed state as we chat with outside friends .

Dopamine can cause a misunderstanding of “the more you drink, the happier you are” , like doing something easy, the more you want to do it; each drink is a consolidation, and this “experience” over time will be deeply formed “nervous” Meta-cluster fixed loop”.

What is a fixed circuit of neuron clusters? A fixed pattern of behavior.

Until one day when you get drunk, you will start to think that you must not drink this wine in the future. You must control yourself or drink less. At this time, even if the brain management decides not to drink anymore, it is difficult to change the “behavior pattern”, so addiction gradually forms.

Addiction is not a switch in your mind, it is more like a rule-building . Even if you decide that you can’t do it anymore, it will drive you to do it. Why?

Because behind the restraint is another kind of “mental strengthening”, the more you don’t think about it, the more it will come . On the contrary, the neuronal cluster circuit behind the addiction will become stronger.

The phenomenon behind this will also form a “desensitization reaction” , such as the stimulation of dopamine by the nicotine secreted by smoking, and the obsessive and addictive feeling of muscles brought about by fitness.

What is desensitization?

When the brain receives a new stimulus, dopamine increases sharply, it will not decline until it is satisfied through a certain behavior. On this basis, once a similar stimulus appears, the brain will tell you that it can satisfy you, and then the next addiction will be formed. cycle.

for example:

A lot of people when fragmentation time of day, it seems the road to go down APP from a number of APP , while the brush microblogging jump micro-channel, micro-channel to jump from the community, from the community to the headlines, headlines jump from Baidu from Don’t stop until it is interrupted by an important task. Just imagine, do you have one?

In addition to addiction, it also has the ability to play fine. In life, some people are working and time management crazy, and cannot stop doing things except for the necessary rest; this is because such people are more demanding on themselves, and they believe that perfect appearance and status can win respect.

In order to win praise, they often force themselves to perform certain behaviors to meet people’s expectations. This phenomenon is called “performance addiction.”

“Performance addicts are always busy thinking about what to do next, and only when they are constantly busy can they feel that life is meaningful” , but in terms of actual production, it does not represent high efficiency.

According to the Internet, if “dopamine” and “acetylcholine” are the front end, then the connection of “neuron clusters” is “middle stage”.

No matter what kind of “addiction” is formed, behind it is the habitual characteristics formed by the brain’s processing methods after receiving external information. The smallest unit of all these is the “neuron link”, and the link is like an APP database.

02. The smallest unit of addiction is the link.

What is a link? I sum it up as “end-to-end formation”. According to the principles of neurophysiology, the gap between people is on two levels, namely “the number of neurons” and “the number of links to a single neuron”.

The core of a person’s creativity and addiction lies in the “neuronal synapse”. What does it mean?

Human brain has tens of billions of neurons, which are by synapses (synapse) link together , as the same database.

You accept each visual, auditory, sensory information brings, are electric signals emitted by different neurons, and then transferred to an electrical signal and then another one neuron, the intermediate node is “synapses”, played transfer The role of signals.

What are the characteristics of synapses

It is like a transfer station, whose function is to activate the signal sent by the next neuron to complete the transmission of one piece of information to another.

Whatever your thoughts, fragmented knowledge is a small signal in your brain, just as people often say to build a knowledge structure, synapses are the “fulcrums of the structure.”

Fulcrum proficiency corresponds to whether the synapse structure is strong or not. For example, the formation of memory can be understood as “synaptic formation and linkage” . The more efficient the synapse, the stronger the memory and the more proficient the movements; the powerful brains on the market, the brain The contacts are reticulated and the veins are clear.

Having said that, is it true that the more we dabble in knowledge, the more synapses, and the smarter people are? No, this has a huge relationship with neuronal plasticity. It contains two aspects: “new neuron cells that grow out” and “the way in which new neuron cells produce synapses.”

for example:

The same two people have tens of billions of neurons. The former has been properly trained in a large amount of brain methods, and the number of synaptic activations is much higher than the latter, and there is a significant gap in IQ.

Therefore, if you want to learn more than others in your daily or work, to promote brain development and accept more knowledge, it is important to start with the above two, then how to do it? Let neurons generate new synapses to establish new network links.

It is like a high-speed rail. You have to build a new track, you need the brain to do new things, and receive new information to stimulate the formation of “synapses.” Otherwise, the circuits are repeated under the old network structure.

What should I do if I’m addicted to my phone?

“Neurons and Synapses in the Brain”

Of course, the neurons that receive information send out signals, and there are also strong and weak points. Some form a new path at one time, while others cannot.

The difference between the two lies in whether you secrete enough “dopamine” to stimulate the reward system , like those things that you can get feedback immediately, you will continue to do it, but it will be difficult to persist in the long-term.

From this point of view, all your thoughts and actions every day are either strengthening the synapses formed by the connections of existing neurons, or creating new synapses.

When a behavior habit is repeated a lot, it will become mature and efficient, which also means that you are continuously strengthening. When you accept a new idea or behavior, it also means that new synapses are being formed.

for example:

When you were a child, it may take a long time to learn how to ride a bicycle. The process is very difficult. This is how the brain trains the synapses of neurons to guide behavior to complete a certain action. Once you have learned it, you can be flexible without thinking too much in the future. operate.

For example, in learning English, it takes a lot of time to memorize grammar, words, and expressions in the early stage. After mastering the method, add deliberate practice, and you will find that you can increase the density of the brain’s knowledge base later.

If you want to understand it from a different perspective, those who solidify their thinking are often unable to accept new knowledge, change neuronal synapses, and ultimately lead to conservativeness and stand still.

Another important point of synapse is that as the brain stores more knowledge, it will form a netting pattern, that is, through thing A, B can be deduced, and B can link to C.

Reticular synaptic structure

This kind of reticulated synapse is like an octopus with hundreds of feet. Its greatest ability is that it can communicate with hundreds of other octopuses at the same time, shake hands, and even say hello.

From the perspective of people of advanced species, the strongest ability of the brain is that one piece of information can lead to multiple knowledge points.

For example, if I say: “Have you eaten today?”, it can extend to noon, afternoon, or evening, with whom and what did you eat? Several people are waiting.

A certain neuron behind can activate the neuron behind an additional set of contacts to form a chain reaction, which is also the core of creativity.

Many people’s creative ability declines because they only take a few paths, and the more they go, the better they go, and then they rely on these paths too much. Ignoring the intersection of the brain can link more other possibilities, so they learn. The core is to explore new routes while following the old road.

Finally, all the roads are connected in series to form a network, so that when needed, we can give different answers to some common problems, and on the contrary, for complex problems, we can quickly find the optimal solution.

Another example:

Zhiyuan once read a book, Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking fast and slow”, which explains the human brain has a system (rational) and System II (sensibility), the relationship between them to render the associated state, people Use rationality to deal with work and perceptuality to deal with interpersonal relationships.

In fact, these concepts are the same thing. When I read it, countless knowledge points will be formed in my mind, and all these concepts are connected by several underlying logics. Whenever I write different articles and deal with complex issues and other scenarios , The neuron link network of one’s own brain will be integrated.

The key to building this network is that I often read it on a large scale and then think about it and organize it into a systematic knowledge structure.

As Einstein said, it’s not because I’m smart, I just spend more time thinking about problems than ordinary people, and constantly changing perspectives to argue about problems. This effective way can best create creativity and multiple thinking modes.

It can be seen that the most powerful training method that drives people to form certain habits can be broken down into three steps:

1. Dabble on new knowledge

2. Cultivate effective contacts

3. Create a link of contacts

Looking at all of this in turn, the same is true for addiction. The brain receives external information through perception and transmits it to neurons. The link makes each other a synapse. In addition, the secretion of dopamine causes the reward system to continue to strengthen, so you gradually become fascinated.

03. How to change addiction?

Whether you are playing with your mobile phone, smoking, or drinking, seeing here you also have a basic understanding of negative addiction, so the changes in the market that rely on willpower are almost doomed to fail.

Because the root of addiction lies in the shaping of new systems and the behavior of new neuron synapses. It lies in the two aspects of “mentality” and “action.” Willpower cannot help you change the pain of cognition, nor can it reconstruct yourself.

I often say that the essence of change lies in “designing a new model” , and then running in small steps to speed up iteration; I give an example of quitting mobile phone information addiction. Zhiyuan uses the following four methods:

Reconstruct your own perception of addiction

Behind every addiction is an unsatisfied desire. Only by knowing that you know can you restrain your actions. I have stated that the nature of addiction is not because “certain substances, behaviors” are addictive.

It is because the addict receives a “reward” after receiving an instruction from the outside world, so that the neurons are repeatedly strengthened. In the end, the synapse becomes more mature and efficient, which prevents the “synapses” of new neurons.

This is built into nature, so if you don’t actively break these instincts, it means you still can’t get rid of addictive behaviors, so you must first understand what behaviors make you addicted, and continue to strengthen the reward system.

for example:

When you browse the WeChat community, you see chats related to your work? Can’t help but want to take a look after one or two times? For fear of missing it. Seeing a beautiful lady in a short video? I always want to see it again?

As for constantly entering the loop trap, causing crazy dabbling, crazy desire.

These are the root causes. When you are on the road, in a coffee shop and waiting for people, you don’t want to lose every piece of wonderful content every fragmented time. Therefore, you no longer have the patience to read deeply. After reading for a long time, you don’t know. What am i looking at.

After understanding the complex causes of one’s own addictive behaviors, replace the original addictive model with new behaviors and stimulate the regeneration of neuronal synapses. This is called consciousness determining action and creating new circuits.

Refactor behavior and replace it with good habits

Tell a story In the late 1980s, psychologist Wegener did an interesting experiment. He found a group of young people and arranged them in an empty room. He asked these people not to think about white bears, and shake themselves when they thought about white bears. Bells.

At first there were only a few, but in the end all the bells kept ringing. Wegener changed the method. He told the experimenter that the red car might be helpful, so the number of bells ringing was reduced by half.

Therefore, you can use thinking substitutions. When you take out your phone and want to watch it in fragmented time, think about whether I have important things. If not, can I replace it with another behavior, such as bringing a book with me at any time. It’s okay to read it a few times.

This method is also effective for people who quit smoking. First, replace cigarettes with nicotine gum, then replace the gum with drinks, snacks, and so on.

The core of the reconstruction is to change the netting pattern of “neuronal synapses” . For example, if you have played tennis, when you pick up a racket or think of playing a ball, the related whole neuron network will be activated, and all related to it will be activated. The action will come to your mind automatically and quickly.

And it is a next action that emerges immediately, which means that the network of synaptic structure is larger, and there are more choices. It is like a cigarette after a meal, and the demeanor is elegant. Can there be more positive directions? What about rhyming quotations?

Physical abstinence (away from an addictive environment)

From some perspectives, the environment is the greatest enabler of addiction , and different “addictions” have different requirements for the environment.

For example, a worse network can help increase the probability of online game addicts quitting games, and a slower mobile phone can help reduce the time that social network addicts spend on mobile phones, so they want to reduce their dependence on mobile phone information addiction. It is not impossible to rely on “physical means”.

But in reality, everyone’s mobile phone network is already in the era of 4G popularization, which is very fast. What should I do?

One: uninstall

Second: Replacement

For “games” and “short video apps”, they don’t want to use them, and they can be uninstalled directly. However, some channels that need to be learned are not available, so Zhiyuan adopted the method instead.

For example, in order to ensure the high quality of the information I have every day, I take the initiative to take the official accounts of low quality and excessive emotional value, do subtraction, and find authoritative and accurate media as subscriptions.

Stay curious and train deep reading and communication

Many people do things for no purpose, just because of curiosity, but this curiosity tends to take themselves farther.

The neuron used in the brain shows an old model of synaptic thinking, which cannot ingrain the behavior change deeply. Zhiyuan believes that it is necessary to set a goal for every curious departure.

For example, if I keep learning about new things, I want to use new knowledge to flush out the original system and concepts. This makes it easy to discover my own shortcomings. If I stick to it at a certain moment, I find that you have gone far from the original fixed mental model.

Training deep reading is “difficult and correct”. It is not just as simple as reading. Here is a good method:

Find a quiet environment to let yourself enter the flow. Start with the difficulty that is the easiest to adapt to. For example, if you are impatient to read a long article at first, you don’t need to force you to finish it.

Slow down and watch the part first, try to record while watching, export it as your own system, and enjoy the thinking behind the depth.

Therefore, as you continue to challenge positive new heights, your sense of self-worth and circulation patterns also undergo a series of changes, and sometimes desires will push you forward.

Communicating with people to feel different voices from the outside world is also a way to change the negative addiction. It is better to ask friends for two or three times to accept too much useless information online, and to discuss work and life insights with each other.

If you want to drive yourself to become better, take your addiction to a positive direction, set a goal, try to start from the above four dimensions, and be trained, I believe you will get different results.


in conclusion:

The formation of a new habit of a person consists of three parts, namely:

Cue (anything that can prompt behavior); routine (the behavior itself), reward (reward for training the brain to repeat the habit in the future).

The best way to overcome negative addiction is to keep clues and rewards while changing daily routines, that is, to use only distractions to change the original behavior and cultivate new neuron synapses and reticular structures.

I hope you can escape any kind of negative “addiction” mental growth. Change will not happen overnight, but will always be on the road.

Continue to iterate in action, wait for the flowers to bloom, your rationality can overcome your own “impulse”, good wishes.

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