What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

The large-scale airdrop of dYdX has brought back some of the market’s enthusiasm for DeFi. Of course, the focus is on those DeFi agreements that have not yet issued tokens and still have capital financing.

Rhythm BlockBeats once summarized in December 2020, “Who will be the next DeFi agreement for currency airdrops?” 》DeFi projects that may be airdropped on the market. It has been more than August since the last article. For this reason, Rhythm will summarize several hot DeFi projects that have not yet launched tokens in this article (in no particular order) for readers’ reference.

Yield Protocol

What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

Official website: https://yield.is/

Yield Protocol is a fixed-rate lending agreement proposed by Paradigm analyst Dan Robinson. Currently, Yield Protocol provides loans with an annualized interest rate of 1.42% for the borrower and 1.72% for the borrower due in December 2021.

According to DeBank data, Yield currently has a total lock-up volume of US$4.35 million, and the total number of users participating in contract delivery is only 963. Yield announced in May 2021 that it was led by Paradigm, and Framework Ventures, Symbolic Capital Partners, CMS Holdings, Variant and DeFi Alliance participated in the seed round of investment.

Element Finance

What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

Official website: https://www.element.fi/

Element Finance is also a fixed-rate lending agreement. However, compared to Yield Protocol, its team background and scale are larger. According to Dune Analytics data, Element Finance’s total lock-up volume in the first month exceeded 45.88 million US dollars, and the total transaction volume reached 7 million US dollars.

The CEO of Element Finance is Will Villanueva, and he is also the founding research analyst of Quilt. Prior to this, Will served as the co-founder and chief technology officer of Bounties Network. Aave founder Stani Kulechov, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin, a16z, and Placeholder are all investors in Element Finance.


What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?


Official website: https://opyn.co/

Opyn is an on-chain options platform. Opyn allows users to track and manage their long and short positions. Opyn is a non-custodial margin trading platform based on Ethereum, Compound, Uniswap and DAI. This platform enables anyone to go long or short ERC20s through the platform. In June 2019, the platform was launched on the Ethereum mainnet.

The Opyn option platform completed USD 2.16 million in financing in June 2020. This round of financing was led by Dragonfly Capital, with participation from Version One Ventures, Uncorrelated Ventures, 1kx, A. Capital, DTC Capital, CoinFund, and Compound CEO Robert Leshner.

Ribbon Finance

What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

Official website: https://www.ribbon.finance/

Ribbon Finance is a DeFi structured product agreement that creates a portfolio by combining options, futures and fixed income. At present, multi-protocol strangle options have been launched. Ribbon will look for the lowest put and call options on Opyn, and will purchase and package them into smart contracts on behalf of users. It should be noted that, in order not to affect the profit of the strategy, the maximum amount of funds withdrawn from the Ribbon each week is 10% of the pool funds. After the withdrawal amount reaches 10% in the current week, the funds will be withdrawn, and a new round of withdrawal will be started the next week. Limit. And withdrawing from the pool will charge a fixed withdrawal fee of 0.1%.

On May 9, 2021, Ribbon Finance completed a seed round of financing led by Dragonfly Capital and participation by Nascent, Coinbase Ventures, and Scalar Capital.


What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

Official website: https://paraswap.io/

ParaSwap is an on-chain aggregation exchange. Based on the self-built ParaSwapPool exchange pool, it also aggregates protocols such as Kyber, Bancor, Uniswap, Oasis, Curve, and 0x. During a ParaSwap transaction, it will automatically help you figure out how to split a transaction to ensure that your slippage is the lowest, and complete all small orders split by the user in one transaction. At present, ParaSwap does not charge any additional fees in the middle, and provides professional traders and dApps with plug-and-play APIs, SDKs and a set of smart contracts for rapid integration and arbitrage off-chain and on-chain. ParaSwap V2 version of Multi Path is now online, and all major aspects of the aggregate trading system, such as transaction slippage, API, and SDK, have been fully upgraded.


What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

Official website: https://matcha.xyz/

Matcha is a DEX aggregator launched by 0x Labs with similar functions to 1inch. Matcha decentralizes transactions to protocols such as 0x Mesh, Kyber, Uniswap, Curve, Oasis, etc. The constantly updated liquidity resources will match the best price for traders. The platform was officially launched on July 1, 2020.


What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

Official website: https://zapper.fi/

Zapper is a DeFi asset management platform, a merger of DeFiZap and DeFiSnap. Provides a multi-asset pool service. Users can put their own tokens into different DeFi pools with one click, and manage and track their positions through the dashboard interface.

Zapper has received investment from dozens of institutions and investors including Coinbase Ventures, CoinGecko Ventures, Delphi Ventures, ParaFi, Nascent, Mark Cuban, etc.


What other DeFi agreements may have airdrops?

Official website: https://zerion.io/

Zerion is also a DeFi asset management platform. According to co-founder and CEO Evgeny Yurtaev, Zerion is positioned as Coinbase in the DeFi field. According to official disclosure data, Zerion already supports more than 60 DeFi protocols. As of June 2021, Zerion’s monthly active number has exceeded 200,000, and its cumulative transaction volume has exceeded 750 million US dollars.

In 2019, Zerion received US$2 million in seed funding from institutions such as Placeholder, Blockchain.com, and Gnosis.


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