What occupations will the future Metaverse need?

Metaverse is not a new term. The author Neil Stephenson coined it in the 1992 dystopian novel “Avalanche.” The word prefix “meta” means transcendence, and “verse” refers to the universe.

What occupations will the future Metaverse need?

In the book, Metaverse refers to an immersive digital environment, a “virtual refuge of a fallen world,” in which people eat, drink and have fun in the form of avatars, reunite with relatives on the other side of the earth or go to outer space Explore Mars without being restricted by the actual area and environment. In theory, the way to log in to the metaverse is similar to the way to log in to the Internet, but mobile phones and computers are no longer carriers, and virtual helmets or simulation cabins will become channels for projecting ideas.

Nowadays, the footsteps of Metaverse are getting closer and closer to us. It not only changes the way you work through virtual meetings and collaborative workspaces, but also introduces new professions that seem to be more suitable for science fiction. The infinite possibilities of the meta universe will generate more new jobs, just like the Internet more than 30 years ago. Here are five types of jobs you may encounter in the near future.

Metaverse designer

To a certain extent, your character is essentially an embodiment of yourself. As more and more Metaverse companies create customized virtual characters and digital costumes, Metaverse stylist may be a very popular job. IMVU is a meta-universe social network that has grown by 44% last year. It allows users to create virtual characters and put them on designer digital clothing.

What occupations will the future Metaverse need?

Real-life brands like Gypsy Sport and Collina Strada have already contacted customers on IMVU, which also hosted the first fashion show of Metaverse earlier this year.

RTFKT is known as “the supreme authority of the meta universe”, and companies such as DressX are producing digital clothing, just as coveted as brands in the real world. DressX is one of the first digital stores in Metajuku, the Decentraland shopping area.

The meta-universe stylist is similar to the personal shopper and stylist in the real world. When you stroll through the shopping area of ​​the virtual world, they will help you choose and make sure you don’t miss the latest digital clothing. They will tell you what is in the current season and what is out of season. In the meta-universe, you can be whoever you want to be and wear any clothes you want to wear.

Metaverse Asset Advisor

With so many companies entering Meta Universe and the explosive growth of NFT, Meta Universe Asset Advisor will be one of the most popular jobs in Meta Universe. Just like today’s financial adviser, he can make reasonable investments in the assets in the universe.

Can I invest in virtual real estate on Cryptovoxels or Somnium Space? Which is more meaningful to invest in CryptoPunk or to invest in a blockchain that drives the meta-universe? These questions can be answered by Meta Universe Asset Advisor.

What occupations will the future Metaverse need?

Gucci and Roblox have reached a partnership and released a virtual handbag that is priced higher than the retail price of physical handbags. Atari recently announced that it is creating a blockchain-based virtual world. A Metaverse asset consultant has a more professional understanding of these emerging industries and changes, and they can give you better investment advice to obtain higher returns.

Metaverse guide

With endless environments to explore, but without the help of the professional knowledge of the meta universe tour guide, your experience in the meta universe will not be complete. The meta universe tour guide will jump from one environment to another with you, provide you with historical knowledge about the platform, unlock exclusive experiences, and even spend time with you in the Crypto Art Museum.

What occupations will the future Metaverse need?

These positions can be freely hired, just like real-world tour guides, or they may be hired by the blockchain or the virtual world itself. Their participation creates an increasingly immersive environment for us. Of course, the trip to the meta universe is likely to be accompanied by their own travel tickets.

Metaverse lawyer

In 2021, the upsurge of NFT products has opened the door for digital artists, creators, musicians, and athletes. It also accelerates another industry—the law of meta-universe.

What occupations will the future Metaverse need?

With the ever-increasing flow of assets in Metaverse, the legal field also needs to be able to adapt quickly. Who really owns the NFT, digital art-related copyright issues, whether the trademark law applies to the virtual world, whether the NFT can be added to the will, whether the beneficiary needs to pay taxes, these are all questions that an excellent Metaverse lawyer can answer.

Recently, a law firm opened a virtual venue in the central area of ​​Decentraland, which is unprecedented.

Metaverse marketers

In the past few years, the title of “Chief Marketing Officer” has suddenly appeared. This position essentially refers to those who know the fast-developing Internet culture well. They can work with the company to develop strategies on how to best integrate the brand with Connect the audience. Metaverse marketers will do the same thing, but this is based on the complex world of Metaverse.

What occupations will the future Metaverse need?

Your brand may need to buy billboards in the virtual world, need to interact with fans on platforms such as Discord, and hope to collaborate with companies such as Jadu or The Fabricant to create virtual assets. They will become a bridge between physical companies and augmented reality and virtual reality.

Metaverse marketers will launch complex and creative advertising campaigns that blur the boundaries between physical and virtual. Your favorite artist will soon perform an exclusive virtual concert in Metaverse, and only participants can purchase limited virtual costumes. Metaverse marketers will be the creative force behind these activities and brand activation.

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