What new ways does Wom bring to digital music?

Today’s world is the world of the digital age, and the same is true for music and art. From records to tapes, from physical to online, every leap forward, music and technology always present a bundled relationship. With the rapid emergence of new technologies and concepts such as 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Metaverse, the way we create and distribute music has also undergone earth-shaking changes.


The fusion of music and the digital age

Wom Labs is a Web 3.0 company established in California, USA in 2022. With the help of blockchain decentralization technology, it perfectly combines the blockchain and the music industry. Through a complete ecological model of music creation, distribution, trading, and sharing, it encourages contemporary musicians, creators, producers, and music lovers to share and create purer music works. Adhering to the ecological principle of “Let the musicians get something, let the listeners have fun”, it builds a bridge for direct communication between music creators and music fans.

Wom Labs is led by OG: G-Stark, the blockchain that manages public companies, and is co-produced by well-known musicians and top personalities from Tencent, ByteDance, SEA, miHoYo. Wom Labs’ full-time professional MOD team is experienced, and they will escort Wom Labs’ community operations. At present, Wom Labs has recruited many musicians to join the pre-promotion, and successfully formed a media matrix, intending to work together to create a new era of digital music.

Wom — a decentralized platform for musicians around the world

Wom is a brand new music NFT platform in the web3.0 era under Wom Labs. It focuses on a fair, transparent, shared, open and immersive music ecological environment. Creators can easily create and distribute NFTs through Wom. Whether they are created through collaborative methods such as lyrics, music, and singing, or independent musicians, they will directly receive the income of creation. Through NFT and smart contracts, Wom ensures that all creation revenue belongs to the creator and the copyright owner, and ensures that the creator has absolute control over the work. Wom can also customize cooperation plans and income distribution mechanisms for copyright companies to ensure that copyright owners get benefits in the Web3.0 world. Wom is a platform for win-win cooperation in the Web3.0 era.


Wom — a new world for music lovers

Wom is a decentralized social platform driven by music culture. Here, fans can directly consume the creator’s NFT and works, and can communicate directly with their favorite creators. Music lovers can get value feedback by listening to music for free, make content consumption a value investment, and gain benefits from hobbies and tastes. The Wom world is far away from the influence of politics, regions and policies, and it will provide a better creative environment and purer free social interaction.


Wom Node — hot pre-sale

Wom will be implemented in stages around modules such as Wom Node, music NFT, and L2E.

On May 18, 2022 (UTC), the Wom platform will be launched globally, and Wom Node will be pre-sold globally with a limited number of 100,000.

Wom Node is the infrastructure leading to web 3.0 and will be deployed in different parts of the world through distributed technology. Holders can provide storage and hosting capabilities for the Wom Node decentralized network through the Wom Node distributed server, thereby helping the continuous development of the Wom music world.

A small portion of Wom Nodes will be distributed to Wom’s creator musicians, ecological contributors and partners through non-purchase. They will all be the guardians of the Wom world, and their efforts will ensure the sustainable development of the entire ecosystem.

As the holder of Wom Node, with the continuous development and ecological establishment of the Wom platform, you can obtain rewards from Wom according to a fixed distribution logic. To put it simply, the more mobile music NFTs in the Wom world, the more connections, interactions, exchanges and value transfer between music fans and musicians, and the more perfect the entire ecosystem will be. Wom Node will be more meaningful as the infrastructure ecology of the Wom world. .

Grasp the rhythm of the times and look forward to the future of Wom

NFT-Avatar, which will be the first NFT issued by the Wom platform, will enter the Wom music community as a Metaverse image, link Wom world individuals, and form a decentralized autonomous ecology.

On the Wom platform, it not only supports musicians to issue NFTs, but also gives musicians more customized empowerment: such as forming club members, fan PASS, free listening to songs, collectibles, artworks, music albums, etc.

In order to help spread the Web3.0 music culture, Wom will invite world-renowned musicians to settle in and assist in holding the Wom offline music festival. Hold Wom’s world music global tour and set up WOM Awards, which will become a key award pursued by musicians around the world, and it is also the direction of Wom’s efforts.


Wom — a new benchmark for music in the Web3.0 era

Wom is an industry revolution of “blockchain + music”. In the Wom world, everyone can be a music creator, and every user can enjoy a lossless music listening feast for free. Wom helps good music go online at the first time, Wom brings musicians and listeners closer, and Wom brings music back to its own purity and freedom.

In the era of Web3.0, Wom will bring you closer to the new world of digital music. As a witness, are you ready?

In order to better serve Wom users and let users fully understand the value of Wom, Wom opened the official Discord community in advance on May 1, 2022. And based on the experience feedback received on Wom’s official Twitter @Wom Labs, the community has been further optimized. The Discord community has set up a variety of different channels, users can get the dynamic information of the project in the first time, fully understand the new ways of Web3 music platform, and interact with the musicians at zero distance in the special channel. Wom has also prepared a variety of interesting activities in the community, and users can get surprise prizes in the joy of experiencing music mini-games. In the official Wom community, start a new musical journey with musicians, creators and fans around the world.

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