What Metaverse, it’s just nonsense (Part 2)

It’s hard to even put the “apple” of one world into another

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Editor’s note: Metaverse has been hyped up recently, and it gives people the impression that Metaverse is the future. But this article is here to pour cold water. And the words are very harsh, Metaverse is pure nonsense. You may also be suspicious of this, but when you see the self-confidence of the people who sell these things, you may hesitate a little, whether it is you who are crazy. Hope this article can give you some comfort. The article comes from the compilation, the length of the article, we published it in two parts, this is the first part.

What Metaverse, it's just nonsense (Part 2)

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Metaverse is nonsense, because its promised cross-compatibility cannot be implemented.

The Metaverse is nonsense, because no one can really explain why it is better than others

What Metaverse, it’s nonsense (Part 1)

Metaverse is nonsense, because its promised cross-compatibility cannot be implemented.

What Metaverse, it's just nonsense (Part 2)

Mark Zuckerberg chose a set of Metaverse costumes (Image source: Facebook)

Regarding the Metaverse related to games, the most frequently cited statement may be this: it is the key to integrating our digital life into an original account. The magic of the blockchain allows us, for example, to “own” a weapon, and then we can use the same weapon in “Diablo” and “New World” (New World), or it can polish us for a month The ring is sold in exchange for real gold and silver (the so-called real gold and silver refers to cryptocurrencies whose theoretical prices are constantly fluctuating). But this hyped interoperability ignores a lot of issues related to how the game is made, maybe there are a thousand.

MMO veteran Raph Koster recently wrote a series of articles in which he introduced in detail the working principle of game objects and talked about the many difficulties of simple props passing between games. He said: “We should not underestimate how much a piece of pie in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild) should be worth? In other games? We should not underestimate the level of difficulty of this task.”

“At present, there is no standard for’what things can do’ in the virtual world, and we shouldn’t want this standard. Setting the standard will also set limits, which will greatly inhibit creativity. There are too many The possibilities are yet to be explored.”

Koster did talk about how Metaverse can work, but the technical possibility still encounters design challenges first, even for something as simple as Apple. For example: “If you are in a world where you can restore your health by eating this thing, you will destroy the balance of the game by bringing it into a game that should not be cured.” Or: “A survival game may What is needed is actual nutritional value, not a single’food’ value.”

Will every game compatible with the metaverse become a sticky ball of “Fortnite”, mixing everything together? In the Metaverse demonstration made by Facebook, John Carmack referred to the current Metaverse development as “the honeypot trap of Architecture Astronauts”, that is, “programmers or programmers who only want to see things from the highest level.” Designer”.

The people who currently hype this technology seem to have no experience at all, or even experience in making “regular” games that haven’t touched on these issues. It seems that using the right words can make ideas become reality. Take Decentraland as an example. This is “Second Life” for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. When we saw it last year, it was quite dull and boring. However, it obviously has enough vitality to hold an in-game festival. Just this month, Deadmau5 and Paris Hilton also went to DJing. Just like a blog focusing on the Metaverse concluded, this festival “really shows What kind of amazing feats can be achieved in the Metaverse space.”

There are many other blockchain games. For example, “The Six Dragons” looks like a fake version of “Skyrim” that mimics “Law and Order” (the common aesthetic taste of people in this circle). These games often use “decentralization” or some vague way of expressing the player’s possessions, changing ways to promote themselves, but I have never seen one that can become a unique video game in itself. The Metaverse cannot exist just to prove itself.

The Metaverse is nonsense, because no one can really explain why it is better than others

Maybe someone on this planet can convince me that the Metaverse is indeed the future of human interaction. Don Draper (the protagonist of “Mad Men”) can do it, and maybe it will make me cry in the process. But so far, it’s clear that it’s just like William Gibson’s sole cyberspace is “evocative but essentially meaningless”, even though Zuckerberg and Sweeney and others claim that this is the future when they promote the metaverse. , But there is no convincing argument to explain why this thing should exist.

Try to squeeze all the entertainment into a huge content “Dinosaur Team” (Ivan Ooze), what do we want?

Zuckerberg called the metaverse “you can think of the metaverse as a concrete Internet, where you can not only view content, but also be in it with other users.” Has he ever used the Internet? ? How do you want to visualize?

Zuckerberg talked a lot of nonsense about screens, but the great thing about screens is that they only take up part of your attention, rather than complete sensory immersion.

In the one-and-a-half-hour keynote speech, Facebook proposed a feasible idea for living in the metaverse, which is to make a virtual version of your house (composed of crappy 3D rendering objects) and participate in a virtual meeting (In this way, even if you are tired from a Zoom meeting, you can’t turn off the camera), and it also arranges a virtual workspace for you instead of a physical workspace (no matter how clumsy the virtual desktop is compared to the real desktop). Too much development of the metaverse has focused on reconstruction, but what we reconstruct is what we already have in the real world, but it is even worse. The Metaverse they promoted seems to be just changing the way to sell the same nonsense to everyone.

What Metaverse, it's just nonsense (Part 2)

Thanos Crossover in “Fortnite” (Image source: Epic Games/Marvel)

In an interview earlier this year, Sweeney stated that Metaverse’s killer features are “you will have a great social experience with your friends” and “interact together in a 3D world.” He cited “Fortress Night” as an example. But how can the metaverse make this experience better? For decades, we have been chatting while playing games! Try to squeeze all the entertainment into a huge content “Dinosaur Team” (Ivan Ooze), what do we want?

As evidence, social media and telecommunications companies are not good enough to merge. Even if we have amazing AR glasses that allow us to play Pokémon Go more realistically, I don’t need to bring that elf into my crappy Metaverse Mansion. Even if we have a brain-computer interface, I don’t want to live in the concrete Internet, because the sense of touch is an important part of our experience of the world, and the feeling of clicking a mouse is better than making a finger gun gesture in the air.

Technology companies will continue to promote Metaverse, and in the end we will all be forced to deal with this thing. But at the same time, when every publicity feels meaningless, don’t feel that you have lost your mind. The Metaverse is absolutely nonsense.

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