What makes Multigame unique among the many GameFi projects

Today, we encountered this question when communicating with users in the Telegram group: “What makes Multigame unique among the many GameFi projects?”

The answer is certainly not clear in a few words. Therefore, we wrote this article to make it easier for more users to understand the potential of Multigame. Next, let’s take a look at the “uniqueness” of Multigame.


1. Six major features of Multigame Multigame is a GameFi & multitasking NFT platform built on BSC. This platform can promote the maturity of other game projects and NFT projects, and at the same time promote the development of unique GameFi projects.

In the early development stage, Multigame focused on 6 key features: Fair-launch, mining, Intinial NFTs Offering, Simple LaunchPad, NFTs Marketplace and GameFi projects.


2. The “Fair Launch” combines with modern technology

You may see that many Memecoins are undertaking “Fair Launch” projects (like others in the community, the development team does not hold any tokens), but most of these Memecoins projects do not have any actual products.

Multigame is the team’s first “Fair Launch” project, and many features will be launched as early as the end of August or early September, including:

INO: Also known as NFTs Pad

Token Sale: We call it Simple LaunchPad

“GameFi Focused” market: You can exchange NFTs with community users here

Automatic NFT reward: hold tokens or join mining to earn more NFT

Multigame has specific entertainment features, and we focus on designing and developing unique games for the community. At the same time, our goal is to become a platform for multi-task parallel processing in the GameFi field.

Multigame is a “multitasking” platform that not only relies on GamePlay to attract users, but also provides more interesting content while users are waiting for the game to be released, such as:

Provide more INO projects for $MULTI holders or NFT collectors.

Provide NFTs rewards for $MULTI holders or miners.

Organize various incentive activities in the community to build a stronger community.


3. Token economy is the key

In Multigame, the team attaches great importance to the design of the fairness mechanism from the very beginning, especially in the token release stage.


The development team does not hold tokens. We have the same idea as Charlie Lee ( founder of Litecoin ) that the team holding tokens may cause loss of attention to product development and cause “misleading conflict” in the community. So, where does our operating capital come from? In fact, we have raised enough funds from private placements, and can be locked in for a long time, investors are willing to hold for up to 12 months.

In addition, we also charge platform fees by providing products and services, such as INO, Simple Launch and Marketplace. At the same time, the 1% transaction fee based on the “automatic allocation mechanism” is also sufficient to support the marketing strategy of community development.

4 Conclusion

The above points are the advantages we have established in the GameFi market. A strong community is the most important key to defeating competitors. Therefore, we organize various types of community activities and promise to use 10% of the tokens for these activities within 2 years to provide a better experience for the community.


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