What magic can goblintown NFTs rise mysteriously

Recently, the free minting NFT project goblintown.wtf swept the NFT field, and the floor price reached 8.2 ETH in just 14 days. On June 2, Goblintown #6485 was sold at 77.75 ETH, setting the highest price of this series of NFTs. This article takes you quickly to understand the project.

goblintown.wtf hack

“AAAAAAAUUUUUGGGHHHHH goblins goblins GOBLINNNNNNNNNns wake up in goblintown you sniff RATS oooooh rats are yummmz this is a NEFTEEE OR GOBBLINGS on the BLOCKCHIN what? oh. crustybutt the goblinking said GEE EMMM DEDJEN RUTS and queenie said HLLO SWEATIES ok that’s all byeby” — goblintown.wtf new comment


Goblintown.wtf starts minting on May 19, 2022. No pre-marketing, no information, the project kicked off; its website highlights that the collectibles are under a CC0 license, no Roadmap, 1 mint per wallet, only gas fee. Additionally, the site states that the anonymous creators of goblintown keep 1K NFTs for themselves, of which the total number of NFTs in the series is 9,999.

As word spread about this high-profile strange project, savvy NFT players and blockchain watchers quickly minted this NFT and then started introducing these goblin to more people. Interest in collecting the ugly character grew, and rumors began to spread about who was actually behind the project.

This NFT looks scary, to be sure, but the artwork itself has a high-quality flair. This is true of the project’s smart contracts, as is the goblintown.wtf website. Its crypto-savvy Dadaist approach to social media also shows that the creator is an interesting NFT veteran, not a newbie.

And just like that, rumors spread that Yuga Labs, founder of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, was behind goblintown.wtf—they must have a lot of experience, which is the mainstream view. Another rumor states that artist Beeple is a founding member of the project, but the artist himself denies this claim.

Whether it’s the mystery maintained by the project or whether the project was created by an NFT superstar or not, quite a few people have jumped on the bandwagon of collecting goblintown NFTs in recent days in anticipation of something bigger to come.

Goblintown data


At press time, goblintown has been live on the Ethereum mainnet for 14 days. During this time, the collection of NFTs has seen incredible growth. Around June 2, 2022, some key metrics were counted on the Nansen and OpenSea platforms, including:

Current reserve price: 8.2 ETH

Average NFT price: 7.39 ETH

Highest selling price of the day: 14 ETH

Highest selling price so far: 77.8 ETH

Volume as of now: +21k ETH

Current holders: ~4587 addresses

Derivatives boom _

The above stats are impressive for any kind of new NFT collection. But it’s also incredible how many spinoff projects goblintown.wtf has inspired in less than two weeks.

For example, at the time of writing, casually read an article on Nansen Mint Masters and see information on minting activities such as HumansTown, OgreTown, boogeymenttown.wtf, GoblinBirds, True Plebs at Goblin Town, Zen Goblin, etc. These are derivatives of third-party goblintown.wtf or, in some cases, pure pirated copies.

Zooming in, the largest goblintown derivative to date is Elftown.wtf – Elftown.wtf has significantly lower artistic quality compared to goblintown, but so far, it has leveraged goblintown fame to facilitate transactions worth over 2k ETH quantity. That’s… pretty amazing.

Meta for free minting

Just pay gas, goblintown.wtf NFT mints for free. Interestingly, the collectible has sold so much since its launch that the creators made enough money from the ETH royalties they earned, and more if they initially charged a minting fee of 0.1 ETH.

Not bad, eh? Of course, not every rising NFT star who mints for free can replicate this rapid success. However, the rise of goblin has cemented the influence of this free minting strategy, as evidenced by the fact that many new NFT projects have adopted this approach in recent days.

What’s next for Goblin ?


Please don’t quote me because I’m actually not sure what I understood either…but the tweet above seems to suggest that a new batch of NFTs that goblintown.wtf holders can mint will go live as soon as this week.

It’s unclear how closely connected goblintown and McGoblinBurger are, although the projects’ similar art and style suggest they had the same creators, or at least some of them.

Even so, the goblintown NFT ecosystem is just getting started. Will this project be the same as the 2022 cast-like BAYC? Will this NFT that popped up out of nowhere and caught fire continue to conquer our industry? At least goblintown will refresh many of us with our old knowledge. And I can safely say that if the creators were actually active, things would have been even more unexpected.

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