What kind of wine does Zhongqingbao’s meta universe game “Master of Brewing” make?

Following the 20% daily limit for two consecutive trading days on September 7 and 8, Zhongqingbao continued to maintain its strength today (9th), closing 14.31% higher. In the three trading days, the total increase of the stock has reached 64.63%, and the market value has increased by nearly 1.4 billion yuan.

As an “online game veteran”, Zhongqingbao has gathered the current normalizing concepts such as “blockchain”, “metauniverse”, “liquor” and “NFT” this time, and announced the launch of the metaverse game “Master Brew”.

As the leader, Zhongqingbao has recently driven Shengtian Network and Kaiying Network’s meta universe concept stocks to daily limit. However, as a concept of A-share enthusiastic speculation, many companies have attracted regulatory inquiries. Zhongqingbao also issued a change announcement stating that Metaverse is a huge concept and model. The company is still in the preliminary exploration stage, the concept is relatively shallow, and the corresponding products are still under development.

Industry insiders told the “Blockchain Daily” reporter that Metaverse is still far from being fully realized, and its application in games has just begun, and applications in other industries have not yet appeared on a large scale; investors should not be affected by this short-term bubble, The growth is too fanatical.

The key to the ultimate realization of the meta-universe also requires the support of underlying technological innovation and infrastructure construction. For example, VR/AR terminal equipment can support people’s long-term immersive experience in the meta-universe, and the 5G network and satellite Internet are sufficient to carry the global integrated communication network of heaven, earth and sea.

What kind of wine is going to be made in “Master Brewer”?

The sudden explosion of the concept of the meta universe began on the evening of September 6 when the official WeChat account of Zhongqingbao published an article “The Rise of the Metaverse Track, Online Game Veterans Strive for a Journey”, announcing that the company will launch a virtual and real fantasy linkage simulation. The business meta-universe game “Master Brew”.

The article pointed out that “Meta universe games are coming to us”, “From the perspective of product mentality, games are just the prototype of the meta universe development”, and “Meta universe is the dividend of the next era.”

According to the information in the 2021 semi-annual report published by Zhongqingbao on August 24, the positioning of “Brewmaster” will be a mobile phone game that simulates business operations.

Zhongqingbao was once a veteran game bull stock. Stimulated by news such as the acquisition of mobile game companies, the company’s stock had a 10-fold increase in 2013, which is known as the first year of mobile games, and the stock price once rose to a historical high of 50.19 yuan. And Zhongqingbao’s market value of more than tens of billions has left behind the game giants such as Shanda, Giant, and Perfect World.

However, Zhongqingbao has been going downhill since then, and its stock price fell to 7.73 yuan on August 18 this year, with a market value of about 2 billion yuan.

According to the 2020 full-year financial report, the net profit of Zhongqingbao attributable to shareholders of listed companies turned from profit to loss, with a loss of about 135 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 360.93%; operating income of about 294 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 37.32%; basically every The stock income loss was RMB 0.52, a year-on-year decrease of 360%.

It is worth noting that the technical value of NFT was also mentioned in the article officially released by Zhongqingbao on September 6. The game’s cooperative winery is called a well-known liquor brand, and it has been certified by an international liquor taster and finally given an official certification. In addition, the winery brand will obtain NFT certification, and players can obtain revenue through internal auctions in the circle, or they can be mapped to the chain for auction transactions on a larger platform.

In this way, “Master Brewer” has gathered the concepts of “blockchain”, “meta universe”, “liquor”, and “NFT” that are nowadays normalizing. Once the information is officially released, it is not surprising that the stock price will continue to rise. .

However, on the evening of September 8, Zhongqingbao issued an announcement of abnormal stock price fluctuations, stating that the game mentioned in the official account recently involved the concept of “meta universe” and was forwarded by the media, causing abnormal fluctuations in the company’s stock price. Meta universe is a huge concept and model. The company is still in the preliminary exploration stage, the concept is relatively shallow, and the corresponding products are still under development. At present, the launch time and region of new games are affected by many factors, and there are uncertainties.

” Zhongqingbao launched its own meta-universe game, which is actually the epitome of many players running and entering after the explosion of the meta-universe concept. ” Vincent, a senior researcher at Ouyi OKEx Research Institute, said in an interview with a reporter from the “Blockchain Daily”. The high light performance of Roblox , the first stock , has given these listed companies new opportunities. At present, technology giants including Microsoft and Facebook have deployed meta-universe.

Vincent analyzed to reporters that from the perspective of industry development, Metaverse is regarded as a new form of the next-generation Internet, a concrete manifestation of the digital future, and a subversive innovation. Listed companies are the first to lay out this track, which means that they will master in the future. More power to speak has become an important entrance connecting the real world and the virtual world.

“Meta Universe” collective misfire after being supervised

The leader Zhongqingbao’s daily limit yesterday drove other meta-universe concept sectors of A shares to be collectively strengthened. In addition, VRETF, the first domestic ETF with the concept of “Meta Universe”, rose by 3.26% yesterday, with a turnover of nearly 100 million yuan, reaching 98,282,800 yuan, and a turnover rate of 20.68%. The transaction price and turnover in the secondary market were both innovative. A new high.

The explosion of Meta Universe also stirs the nerves of other listed companies. The reporter of “Blockchain Daily” combed and found that there were suddenly as many as 19 companies with the concept of “meta universe” in the A-share market.

Tom Cat stated on the interactive platform yesterday that the company is firmly optimistic about the development direction of Metaverse and has established a special working group for the direction of Metaverse to coordinate R&D teams at home and abroad to carry out conceptual development and project approval of specific categories of products.

Century Huatong also stated on the interactive platform that Metaverse is a very large concept, and the company will actively seek cooperation in many aspects from the direction that is conducive to the development of the company.

Kunlun Wanwei executives said when receiving a survey on September 1st that the Opera game browser and game engine are the first step towards an open meta-universe, and various research and development work is still in progress.

Baotong Technology intends to increase the capital of its wholly-owned subsidiary Hainan Yuan Universe to 50 million yuan to support Hainan Yuan Universe’s investment in emerging industries.

In addition to the above-mentioned companies that explicitly propose to carry out layout or research and development work in the “meta universe”, other listed companies carry out technical reserves in AR, XR or VR.

Zhao Guodong, expert of Whale Platform think tank and secretary-general of Zhongguancun Big Data Industry Alliance, told the reporter of “Blockchain Daily” that Metaverse’s application in the game field has only just begun, and applications in other industries have not yet appeared on a large scale. Don’t let the stock rise. This short-term bubble and growth are too fanatical.

Yesterday after the market, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to Tom Cat, requesting an explanation of the relevance of the existing main business, main products and the concept of Metaverse. The company said that it “has a basis for the development of Metaverse products,” and whether it has statistics. Supported by objective evidence such as data and market research, whether the relevant statements are rigorous and reasonable; whether the company uses interactive easy to respond to hot spots and speculation concepts, and cooperates with shareholders to reduce holdings, etc.

What kind of wine does Zhongqingbao's meta universe game "Master of Brewing" make?

(Meta Universe Concept A-share listed company)

After the emergency supervision was released, the meta-universe concept, which had soared for several days, was misfired in early trading today, and the sector index was deeply adjusted. The meta-universe index, the meta-universe industry index, the online game index, and related stocks fell mostly. As of the close, Jiachuang Video has fallen by more than 16.98%, Goertek and Kunlun Wanwei have both fallen by more than 8%, and Century Huatong, Perfect World, and Sanqi Mutual Entertainment have followed the decline.

Both Zhongqingbao and Tom Cat, which rose strongly before, closed their long upper shadow lines. Zhongqingbao once again tried to seal the board but fell back in shock. At one time, it rose more than 19% during the intraday session. As of the close, the increase narrowed to 14.13%; Tom Cat in early trading. Rushing and falling to close with a slight increase of 0.49%.

How far is the meta universe from us?

It is said that Facebook executives have a must-read-“Avalanche”.

This is a science fiction novel in which humans live in a virtual three-dimensional space through digital avatars. This artificial space is called “Metaverse” by the author. This word is composed of Meta (beyond) + Universe (universe).

The meta universe was born out of the real world, and parallel to the real world. The protagonist in the novel is the world’s top hacker. After getting to know the technical tycoon of Chaoyuanyu, he became the pioneer of the joint virtual world.

When ordinary people don’t know what the metaverse is, Internet giants have already entered the metaverse one after another.

Facebook is a pioneer in this area. As early as 2014, Zuckerberg spent $3 billion to acquire the VR star company Oculus. Zuckerberg has invested in at least 20 VR-related companies, especially VR game companies.

On August 29th, the news that ByteDance spent 5 billion to acquire Pico, a domestic VR hardware manufacturer, was announced, which once again ignited the market’s enthusiasm for the concept of meta universe.

The Guosheng Securities research report pointed out that we are concerned about the direction of the meta universe because of blockchain, network communications, video games, and display technology. The four major “BAND” tracks have all undergone marginal changes in recent years. At present, they are gradually supported from the level of technology supply and demand. The advent of the meta universe.

Specifically, the blockchain DeFi and NFT track are rapidly iterating, from the previous battle between the currency circle and the chain circle to gradually linking the real world, and building a financial model through DeFi, so that more people and institutions begin to accept this The virtual asset paradigm; the game industry has explored the Roblox model with user creation as the core and the economic system as the core. The game UGC model is widely recognized by the market; the large-scale construction of 5G base stations and AIoT, the completion of large-scale IDC data centers, and the The advancement of “computing” has provided the foundation for the new era of Metaverse in terms of network data transmission and computing power; the new generation of VR equipment has been widely acclaimed, sales have ushered in growth, and display technology has evolved from 3D to full reality.

Yu Jianing, expert of Whale Platform think tank and rotating chairman of the Blockchain Special Committee of China Communications Industry Association, told the reporter of “Blockchain Daily” that the development path of Metaverse is not linear, and breakthroughs can be achieved without investing resources. The key is It also requires underlying technological innovation and infrastructure construction to achieve this.

Yu Jianing analyzed that for the existing terminals, whether it is the comfort of wearing or the performance of the terminal itself, the existing VR/AR terminal technology is not enough to support people’s long-term immersion in the meta-universe. Experience.

In addition, 5G network and satellite Internet are also important technologies for the rapid development of Metaverse, ensuring the stability of access and global coverage. However, 5G applications are still in the initial stage of exploration, and satellite Internet is not enough to carry the global integrated communication network of heaven, earth and sea. These aspects require further technological breakthroughs and infrastructure construction.


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