What is Vibe? DAO indispensable important elements

What is Vibe? DAO indispensable important elements

What is vibe? Have you heard about the beauty of the atmosphere, taking pictures with the atmosphere, and the atmosphere of the community?

In fact, it is not very accurate to use “ambience” as a literal translation. vibe is the abbreviation of vibration, which refers to “a special feeling brought by a certain environment”, which can refer to “atmosphere, atmosphere, breath”, which is usually brought to people by the external environment. Feelings are informal terms. In the world of web3, vibe, like meme, is more like a conceptual cognition in the community, a feeling that can resonate among members.

Every community has a different culture, with different memes, languages, and stories. Today, the old yuppie will give you an example of FWB/bankless/seedclub to talk about the different vibes in these three communities.


Central to the Friends with Benefits (FWB) mission is to provide the community and Web3 tools for cultural creators and maintainers who need to gain agency over their productions. To date, FWB has more than 16 teams with nearly 40 projects underway, consisting of hundreds of contributors and backed by more than 5,000 token holders.

FWB redefines decentralized cooperation, reshapes the way of cooperation between people, reduces information barriers, and removes intermediate barriers. As a member of this community, as long as both parties agree and voluntarily, you can hit it off and start creating value. People can quickly find their like-minded friends, reducing the threshold and time and energy cost for people to know, understand and communicate with each other.

What is Vibe? DAO indispensable important elementsMusic artist LATASHÁ participates in the FWB event

FWB DAO issues tokens $FWB, and by requiring to hold a certain amount of tokens $FWB, joining this club requires not only passing strict identity verification, but also holding tokens, and successfully using the social network brought by this social DAO Capital is reflected in the economic value of the token.

Through progressive decentralized events, FWB has quickly established itself as a leader in the field of IRL activity. From tokenized concerts to parties, FWB has developed guidelines for setting up vibes.

FWB has a wide variety of discord channels, and the overall community atmosphere is club-like and beyond. Everyone in the community freely and freely discusses the impact of a change in a certain situation on the economy, which wave of NFTs is most suitable for cutting leeks, but it is more common that many members join just to be able to participate in various activities, expand social contacts, and more people chat and build relationships. Many Metaverse fans are actively communicating the influence of Web3 on society, and their ideas collide and exchange.

What is Vibe? DAO indispensable important elements

In FWB Discord, members greet each other with good morning gm

In an interview with FWB founder Trevor, he said that in FWB, what everyone can get is Vibe, and the token reflects the value of Vibe. As the most iconic social DAO of web3, FWB is obviously the most thoroughly implemented DAO by Vibe in web3.

Unlike other DAOs, FWB has a very strong governance purpose. On the one hand, it clearly and actively formulates and announces the development plan for each quarter. Every online meeting and offline gathering is like a creation among friends chance to meet. By connecting online identities and social forms of offline life, community socialization is brought directly into people’s daily lives, and people from all over the world, industries, and backgrounds are organized to collaboratively produce content and activities, which have a real impact on the people’s minds. A good community has this magic, and no matter what your purpose is to come here, you will eventually be infected with it and have a passion to belong.


Unlike FWB, BANKLESS is a successful case of community collaboration. BANKLESS organizes the operation of the entire DAO in a highly structured manner.

The basic composition of Bankless DAO is a union (guild). The standard of trade unions in Bankless DAO is defined as a talent pool, which brings together talents with specific talents to serve the DAO. That’s why they look like different functions within a company.

You can choose a trade union in Bankless DAO’s discord. Just click the icon of the corresponding trade union in this channel, and you can join the trade union status group in one second, make specific contributions to the development of DAO, become a member of trade union operation and project collaboration, and also You can update the name and ability contribution to the Notion page of the union.

What is Vibe? DAO indispensable important elements

Just click on a few of these channels, and you will find that the people in the guild are actively “working” every day, comparable to the domestic Internet giants. Fast, relatively big, now the number of conferences has grown to an outrageous level. After participating in several online conferences, I found that no matter the matter is big or small, the minutes of each meeting are open and available for inspection. Of course, this It is also for better collaborative governance.

It has a positive guiding effect on Bankless’s vibe. In the community, you can clearly feel that there is a specialization in the art industry, and governance is everyone’s responsibility. Even if you don’t have a specialization, you can become the recorder and operator of the union. And the sense of belonging of members is very strong. No matter how many tokens you hold, or even if you don’t even have a penny, you just come in to make soy sauce. Your speech in the channel is respected. As a contributor, you have the right to speak and influence. Yes, flat “creative work” can be achieved here. In Bankless DAO, vibe is an emotional catalyst for employees, which promotes community members to generate electricity for love and work online.

What is Vibe? DAO indispensable important elements

Seed Club

Seed Club is a web3 incubator, Seed Club is mainly engaged in the education and development of social tokens, and its accelerator program is essentially a training camp for building a tokenized community, aiming to help creators and communities achieve tokenization. The native token of Seed Club is CLUB. Holders can become members of Seed Club, unlock exclusive channels for Discord members, and participate in community contributions to earn CLUB tokens. Social token-related project communities can apply to participate in Seed Club’s incubation activities to receive guidance and training from leaders in various fields in the industry, and have the opportunity to receive certain CLUB token support.

There are three categories in the membership registration, which can be simply divided into small white (white prostitutes) players: after self-introduction and accepting the terms, you can get some access rights, applying for players: after filling out the application form and passing the review, you can receive job earnings on Discord Get $CLUB; Paying players: You can get it after holding 10$CLUB, and this kind of identity can access all resources of Seed Club. .

In Seed Club, vibe is the focus of DAO’s operation. The friendly and perfect community atmosphere makes DAO more like an entrepreneurial training camp, where you can get a complete set of rising plans from rookie to old leek. Through the newcomer guidance mechanism and the software construction required by DAO as the entry niche, it provides a set of teaching programs including community governance, token economics, organizational incentives and community organization for new projects. By building and investing in tokenized communities, running cohort programs (referring to incubation projects), recruiting top minds, expanding the boundaries of social tokens, community tokens and DAO fields, incubating and promoting the development and growth of autonomous communities.


You must feel vibe more or less in a community you have been in. Whether you know it actively or passively, vibe is a very important part of the web3 world.

Different communities have different degrees of Vibe, which is actually more like a glue between members and between members and between members and communities. The existence of vibe in the community seems to be positively related to the productivity, vitality, and sustainable creativity of the community to a certain extent. The density of vibe is not a necessary condition for a DAO to develop well, but a casual, comfortable and free Vibe is indeed An organic appeal is the vitality for the sustainable development of the community.

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