What is the true outlet during the chaotic period of the Metaverse?

The prospect is beyond doubt, it is too early to break out.

On April 27, China’s technology industry think tank “Jiazi Guangnian” held the 2022 “Jiazi Gravity X” Digital Economy Summit Forum online.

In the special session of “Web 3.0 and the Metaverse” that afternoon, Jin Cheng, CEO of Peanut Animation, Liang Lu, Head of Strategy and Marketing Department of Unity Greater China, Wu Feng, Partner of Northern Lights Ventures, and Wang Xin, Founder & Chairman of Sharing Times , Liangliang Vision CIO Zhang Li, discussed the current situation and trends of the development of the Metaverse.

After going through the savage expansion period of “everything can be Metaverse” in 2021, in 2022, the Metaverse will continue to develop amid fiery and controversy.

What is the true outlet during the chaotic period of the Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse? This seemingly simple, yet extremely complex issue has not yet emerged as an authoritative definition. In this roundtable discussion, corporate executives and investors from all aspects of the industry chain shared their views on issues such as what the Metaverse is, what stage it is in, what opportunities lie in the industry, and how to identify high-quality projects .

Virtualization is irreversible

Although there is no unified definition, whether it is the hardware side, the software side, or the content production side, people have formed similar views on the Metaverse.

Liang Lu, head of the Strategy and Marketing Department of Unity Greater China, believes that the Metaverse represents the next generation of the Internet. It transforms the original 2D, non-interactive, and static Internet into a real-time, 3D, and interactive form, creating more space experience.

These brand-new features are vividly interpreted by Wang Xin, founder and chairman of Sharing Times: starting from the descendant Nuwa, to the future sci-fi era, through the content development platform, a new universe spanning five thousand years The world is created. Among them, there are all kinds of virtual image IPs and IPs based on real stars and celebrities for secondary development. They are collectively incarnated as “digital assets”, resulting in intersection and interaction in the virtual world.

All this is dismantled to the technical side, Liangliang Vision CIO Zhang Li explained that the Metaverse includes a series of 3D and digital asset displays, which are supported by various fusion technologies such as AI , edge computing, and visual processing, as well as the foundation of Web 3.0. Architecture technical support. The time when diverse technologies converge to the present provides an opportunity for the Metaverse to explode.

Zhang Li believes that no matter what kind of world the Metaverse will eventually present, one thing will be certain – the value created by people in the virtual world will be greater than the entire real world. “In the future, it is very likely that all artists will leave reality and run to create paintings in the Metaverse, so that the scarcity of artworks will be displayed in the Metaverse.”

From the perspective of practitioners, from reality to virtuality, mapping reality with virtuality will eventually be an irreversible process. So, when will the promising Metaverse usher in an explosion?

“Dawn is not that far, it’s past 12 midnight now”

Unlike many previous technological waves, the multiple “small waves” in the Metaverse outlet are developing in parallel.

Jin Cheng, CEO of Peanuts Animation, said that if we understand the development of a new thing according to traditional thinking, we usually go through the process from the preparation period, the development period to the outbreak period.The preparation period corresponding to the Metaverse is the high-speed iteration of various communication networks, cloud computing, and computing power algorithm technologies to improve the infrastructure of the Metaverse. During the development period, various tool modes such as bookkeeping and NFT trading platforms were born. The top application layer is various applications such as games and social networking.

But at present, the three-layer technologies of infrastructure, tools, and applications are developing in parallel, and various startups have sprung up, which shows that the Metaverse will show a momentum of rapid development. Jincheng believes that “the dawn of the Metaverse is not that far away, it is now past 12 midnight.”

Wu Feng, a partner of Northern Lights Ventures, analyzed the law of technological development with the Internet wave as a reference. In 2010, when Internet communication, network and other infrastructure were being built, “At that time, you would not invest in e-commerce and OTO, because payment tools were not yet mature. The best investment targets at that time were tools, games, and social media. .”

However, in 2015, major banks and Internet payment systems were gradually established, logistics systems became more mature, and e-commerce rose rapidly, and then new ways of playing live streaming, video e-commerce, etc. were born. Livestreaming craze.

Wu Feng believes that at the current point in time, there is no doubt about the development prospects of the Metaverse, but it is still too early to say that it will break out . “If the Metaverse is the next interactive cycle, then before the reference , the PC era had the pioneering Windows, the mobile era had the world’s most popular smartphones, the ‘artifact’ of the Metaverse had not yet been born, and everything was still in the early stages of chaotic development.”

Liang Lu, head of the Strategy and Marketing Department of Unity Greater China, explained the urgency of the current rapid development of the Metaverse from the perspectives of industry, technology, and capital.

From an industrial point of view, the Internet has fully entered the “involution era”, and the mobile Internet cannot find new breakthroughs in terms of content, communication or interaction. As the next generation of the Internet, the Metaverse is entrusted with the hope of a new round of industrial growth, carrying the ultimate fantasy of mankind on the Internet.

At the same time, capital is also looking for new breakthroughs. Scenes such as virtualized social networking, virtual idols, and virtual land are believed to stimulate more business potential and give birth to a large number of high-growth companies.

From a technical point of view, 5G, cloud computing, digital twin, XR and other technologies are in the stage of rapid development. Metaverse has built a huge world system, which is the best way out for these technologies.

“Throw away the paradigm based on Web 2.0”

Standing at the current time node, many applications such as Roblox and Axie Infinity have already taken the lead in detonating, allowing investors, founding teams, and even early participants to make a lot of money. How to identify high-quality projects has also become a topic that every investor and practitioner who pays attention to the Metaverse industry cannot avoid.

The answer from Wu Feng, partner of Northern Lights Ventures, is that whoever gets users to play first is the winner.Compared with “what is Web 3.0”, ordinary users are more concerned about “what different experiences can Web 3.0 bring” and “whether it can benefit from it” and other issues related to application effects.

Many applications are indeed bringing new experiences to users. For example, on social media such as Yup, users can manage content from the Web 2.0 world such as YouTube videos, music, etc., while managing Web 3.0 assets such as NFT, and earn tokens by the way; in the digital wallet Disco, users can store different digital identities, And choose the information you want to disclose, and transfer it between different dapps (decentralized applications) and dapps; another example, the game application Axie Infinity allows players to earn tokens through game battles, breeding and other methods, and conduct transactions, consumption…

Wu Feng suggested that Web 3.0 entrepreneurs should throw away the thinking paradigm based on Web 2.0 in the past and start from scratch to attract users again.

How to build a successful Web 3.0 application?

Wu Feng concluded that referring to the most successful Chinese Internet giants in the mobile Internet era – Toutiao, Meituan, Pinduoduo, Kuaishou, Xiaomi, Didi, they all have one thing in common – “uniqueness”, which is highly based on The characteristics of fragmented scenes and high dependence on technologies such as cameras are characteristics that are not found in the PC era and are unique to the mobile Internet era.

By analogy to the present, 3D, real-time, and interaction have become the three most essential features of theMetaverse . Wu Feng believes that each of these three characteristics will create a large number of market opportunities. The investment method of Northern Lights Ventures is to choose the track first and then the CEO, first to choose β and then to choose α.

Wang Xin, founder and chairman of Sharing Times, is more optimistic about the development opportunities of infrastructure. He said that in the initial stage of development, the Metaverse created a large number of digital arts, including music, animation, paintings, etc., which all require clear digital confirmation in order to develop in depth.Therefore, technical services based on digital rights confirmation will be just in demand in the market.

Liangliang Vision CIO Zhang Lize believes that interaction will be an opportunity with both high challenges and high potential. For example, in the fields of optics and gesture recognition, no company is far ahead, and these tracks may eventually converge to a few large head companies to lead the market. From this point of view, the current players on the track have great growth potential.

From the underlying infrastructure to the upper-layer applications, everything on the Internet will face reconstruction. The era of the Metaverse has roared, and a new round of wealth feast is about to begin.

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