What is the real “Metaverse?

On August 3, Xinhua News Agency published a review article “Xinhua News Agency: “Spiritual Opium” Has Grown into Hundreds of Billion Industries”, which pointed out that minors’ indulging in online games will have an impact on healthy growth that cannot be underestimated.

Affected by this, the prices of overseas Chinese concept stocks led by Tencent and NetEase were immediately hit. Tencent’s stock price fell by 8% and NetEase’s stock price fell by 11%.

With the lessons learned from policy attacks on the off-campus education and training industry, this time, capital once again voted with their feet to escape from game stocks. There is reason to believe that all game-related overseas Chinese concept stocks such as Tencent and NetEase will continue to fall after the Hong Kong and US markets open today. The future of the game industry will face great uncertainty, and the development of this industry may have come to an end in our country.

When I saw this news, my main concern was not the development of the game industry, but the “meta universe” that I had been discussing recently.

In recent articles, I have been introducing to you the knowledge and current situation related to “Meta Universe”, and introduced the NFT projects recently launched by many Internet giants or some “Meta Universe” concepts. In the book “Blockchain: The Soul of the Metaverse”, I also introduced many Internet giants’ applications in this area.

In general, the NFT projects and applications currently launched by these giants basically belong to the “game” field. If we judge these applications based on the opinions of this article by Xinhua News Agency, they are obviously also targets of attack. This shows that it is impossible for this type of application to have greater room for growth in our country in the future. Even if giant companies in this field appear overseas, they may not be able to enter our country.

In my article and the book I wrote a few days ago, I have repeatedly emphasized one point: I don’t believe that the so-called “meta universe” constructed by centralized institutions will lead mankind to that unified virtual world. I believe that the assets issued by these companies or institutions will have any value in the real meta universe.

Regulatory policies and constraints can terminate the application of these institutions and stop them in minutes. All the assets and applications they launch are nothing more than games, and their credibility should be greatly discounted.

At the same time, we have also seen that under the continuous suppression of national regulatory policies, although my country’s miners have been cleared and the mining industry has been hit, the overall ecological development of Bitcoin and Ethereum has not been greatly affected. growing up healthily.

Therefore, only truly decentralized applications can withstand blows from the outside world and have tenacious vitality. This is also the fundamental reason why I admire Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the meta-universe that will be built on Ethereum in the future.

If you quote the point of view in “Blockchain: The Soul of the Metaverse”, it is that the true metaverse of the future can only be the metaverse based on the blockchain, and it cannot be the metaverse guided by the Internet giants now.

This time, from the policy suppression, the disaster faced by the game industry will make us more sober: who is the real meta universe, and whether the NFT issued by Alipay is of value, and a series of “metauniverses” promoted by giants such as Tencent. “Can the application be developed in my country?”

Therefore, in this industry, we should not only regard this news as negative news, but should be regarded as positive news: it makes us more clear about the true development direction of Metaverse and makes us more cherish the true digital assets of Metaverse.


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