What is the Metaverse? Why is it so hot?

The concept of Metaverse comes from NealStephenson’s book Snow Crash.

What is the Metaverse? Why is it so hot?

The concept of Metaverse has recently caught fire. Why is it so hot? How will it evolve in the future?

What is the Metaverse?
The concept of Metaverse comes from Neal Stephenson’s book “Snow Crash”.

Meta means “meta”, “beyond”, and verse means universe. Together, the metaverse refers to a virtual world that is parallel to the real world through technologies such as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).

Simply put, everyone and everything in the real world is digitally projected in this cloud world, and you can do anything you can do in the real world in this world. At the same time, you may also do things you can’t do in the real world.

The Metaverse is not about having and only having one virtual world parallel to reality, it is about multiple virtual worlds existing at the same time, and the ultimate form of the Metaverse is that these worlds are interconnected and there is a social and economic system that works as one.

The majority of people agree: the Oasis in Top Gun is the complete form or vision of the metaverse. It would be an all-encompassing virtual world that would be infinitely closer to the real world, and would be an alternative or even a competition to the real world in every way. The Oasis is born out of the real world, parallel to it, and always online. It has a fully functioning economy in which data, digital goods, content, and IP can pass through, and individual users, organizations, and companies can create content and goods to ensure that the metaverse can continue to grow.

According to the setting in Top Gun, Oasis, a perfect combination of virtual reality technology and online games used by gaming companies, provides people with a haven of mind to escape from the world. Here people can escape from reality and enter a realistic virtual world like Oasis to become anyone and do anything. But the will of the founder of Oasis, Halliday, has brought a huge storm to this last paradise. The will claims that if anyone can find the eggs he set in the Oasis, he can take over the Oasis and become the new richest man in the world, and these eggs are hidden in the pop culture of the 1980s.

Realistic implementation
Among the current mainstream products, Roblox (the first share of the metaverse to hit the New York Stock Exchange on March 10, with a market value of $40 billion on its first day of trading) is indeed the closest to the vision of the metaverse.

According to Roblox’ official statement, a true metaverse product should have eight elements.

Identity: You have a virtual identity, whether or not it correlates with the real one.

Friends: You have friends in the metaverse that you can socialize with, whether you know each other in reality or not.

Immersion: You are able to immerse yourself in the metaverse experience and ignore everything else.

Low latency: Everything in the metaverse happens synchronously, with no asynchronicity or latency.

Diversity: The metaverse offers a wide variety of rich content, including gameplay, props, art materials, and more.

Anywhere: You can log into the metaverse using any device and immerse yourself in it anytime, anywhere.

Economic system: Like any large, complex game, the metaverse should have its own economic system.

Civilization: The metaverse should be a virtual civilization.

And to achieve the above experience, at least the technical support of VR, AR, AI, blockchain, edge computing, etc. is needed.

Geometry of the reason for the fire?
In fact, the most direct reason for the explosion of Metaverse is that technological development has extended the imagination boundary. As the technical basis of Metaverse, VR, AR, AI, blockchain, etc. have ushered in a period of rapid growth.

Virtual reality (English: virtual reality, abbreviated VR), referred to as virtual technology, also known as virtual environment, is the use of computer simulation to generate a three-dimensional space of the virtual world, providing the user about the visual and other sensory simulation, so that users feel as if they are in the real world, can instantly and without restrictions to observe things in three-dimensional space. From a technical point of view, virtual reality systems have the following three basic characteristics: the three “I “s of immersion-interaction-imagination, which emphasize the human-led role in It emphasizes the leading role of human in the virtual system. From the past when people could only observe the results of processing from the outside of the computer system, people can be immersed in the environment created by the computer system. As professional VR equipment advances and prices decrease, it is only a matter of time before the metaverse is tied to VR.

To support the identity and economic system, the metaverse needs to leverage blockchain technology in order to establish credibility. The explosion of blockchain in recent years has also provided technical support for the realization of the metaverse.

Of course, in order to ensure the plurality of the metaverse, edge computing technology is needed to ensure a similar and smooth experience for all users.

Of course the above technological developments did not happen overnight, but the explosion of technology in recent years has indeed provided the basis for the realization of the metaverse. In addition, due to the epidemic, people are starting to pay attention to the construction of virtual scenes. In reality, there are some realizable examples, for example: With the push of the epidemic, the famous American singer Travis Scott held a virtual concert in the game “Fortnite”, and 12.3 million gamers worldwide became the virtual concert audience. During the epidemic, the University of California at Berkeley rebuilt its campus in the sandbox game “My World” so that students would not miss graduation ceremonies due to the epidemic, and students came together in virtual bodies to complete the ceremony. Also, there was the top AI academic conference ACAI holding a 20-year seminar on the Nintendo game Animal Mori Friendship, where speakers played a PowerPoint presentation in the game.

In response to the imagination of the future, there is a view that in about 100 years, the metaverse may replace the real world as the main scenario of human life.

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