What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

Giants in the chip, software, telecom operations, and pan-entertainment industries have begun to make efforts in Meta Universe.

The meta universe does not actually exist-at least not yet. As of today, nothing can be recognized as a meta universe in the true sense.

But it is precisely because of this that the giants in the field of science and technology and the predators in the investment field will be impressed, and some have even begun to place heavy bets.

Recall the period before the rise of the Internet and the barbaric growth. No one knows where the bet is, and no one dares to say that his direction is correct. In the same way, in the face of the “illusory” meta-universe, it is also impossible to determine that a certain type of product, technology or service is the odds. Among them, the core idea of ​​the meta-universe concept is a virtual, accessible, and real-time interactive 3D environment, which will also become a transformative form of social and commercial participation. So, a more interesting question may be: What track will become the biggest business opportunity for Metaverse?

Perhaps, providers around computing, infrastructure and content will be the first to take the lead?

Is NVIDIA going to continue to raise the stock price?

Meta universe will become the next important computing platform. Some analysts even believe that the Internet will eventually evolve into a meta universe, which will represent the next computing platform. If this concept is realized, it is expected that it will have a revolutionary impact on society and the industry like mobile phones do to PCs.

So, how do core companies that provide computing power view this opportunity?

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta, the industry has been waiting for more hard-core technology companies to speak out. Today, artificial intelligence computing companies such as Nvidia have begun to announce that they will develop their own virtual worlds. Nvidia’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang said in a communication with the media over the weekend that he has a grand vision for the meta-universe field and Nvidia’s position in it.

What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

“This is the three-dimensional extension of the Internet, and it will be much larger than the three-dimensional physical world we feel today. Similarly, the economic scale of the virtual world will also be much larger than that of the physical world.” Huang Renxun emphasized that people will be in the world of the meta universe. More cars and buildings will be built and designed in China, more transportation forms, more clothing, shoes, hats and bags will be involved in more entertainment and leisure activities, but what role does Nvidia want to play in it?

In his opinion, the connection between Nvidia and Metaverse comes from its Omniverse platform, which is an open source tool that allows users to build virtual worlds. Currently, most applications are geared toward enterprises. Huang Renxun emphasized that many companies are using Omniverse to build their own “digital twins”, that is, using physical models, sensor updates, operating history and other data to integrate multi-disciplinary, multi-physical, multi-scale, and multi-probability simulation processes, and complete them in virtual space. Mapping to reflect the full life cycle process of the corresponding physical equipment. A recent example is that Ericsson (Ericsson) is creating a virtual city version to determine how to best lay out its 5G network.

Speaking of the meta-universe, Huang Renxun is particularly excited about the integration of virtualization, artificial intelligence and robotics. “In the meta-universe, a robot can learn in millions of scenarios and then upload it to the physical world as a smarter robot. .”

Huang Renxun emphasized, “In the real world, we may have millions of robots running around the world; but in the virtual world of Omniverse, we will have billions of robots, and countless robots can become physical robots through learning— —You can make one million of them become an excellent robot through learning.”

He emphasized that another type of robot can be an application of autonomous driving software, which can run millions of driving scenarios in the virtual world to learn how to best deal with various situations without worrying about learning to drive in the real world. Security Risk.

To be honest, the first impression of many consumers of Nvidia is that the price will never come down and you will never be able to buy high-end graphics cards from stock. But in addition to games, Nvidia hopes to participate in the meta-universe in terms of computing power other than entertainment, rather than just video games like “Fortnite” or Ariana Grande (Ariana Grande). ) Virtual concerts. People can use VR helmets to log in to the meta-universe for work, study and entertainment in the various virtual worlds described by Zuckerberg, and Huang Renxun hopes that his Nvidia will continue to play an engine in this “game.”

What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

Although the meta-universe is still in its infancy, Huang Renxun emphasizes that mankind is already on the verge of major changes.

However, some analysts said that this seems to be “new stories” to be told after the recent surge in Nvidia’s stock price. It can be seen that the stock price of NVIDIA has soared in the past three months. As of last Friday (November 12), the closing price was $303.9, which is about 155% higher than the $195 in mid-August. However, Huang Renxun does not seem to worry about the overheating of the stock price. On the contrary, he believes that this is a response to investors’ excitement about the chip giant’s achievements in the field of artificial intelligence.

What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

At the same time, Wedbush, a well-known consulting company, poured cold water on Huang Renxun recently. The investment report released by it pointed out that although NVIDIA is currently optimistic about the development prospects of NVIDIA and its long-term advantages in the AI ​​field, it will not raise the stock to the level of an’overweight’ rating. Company analyst Matt Bryson said, “We downgraded its stock rating to’neutral’. Although Nvidia’s market value is increasing, since the last earnings analyst conference call, Nvidia’s stock price has risen by 50%. Based on the comprehensive consideration of the price-to-earnings ratio, we can no longer give its stock an’overweight’ rating.”

Microsoft’s two axes

Before Nvidia, Microsoft was the software industry giant that announced the meta-universe strategy at almost the same time as Facebook.

Unlike Facebook’s vision, Microsoft has previously described the details of its meta-universe vision and related plans to develop 3D applications for Xbox.

Recently at the “2021 Ignite Conference”, the software giant unveiled the mystery of its metaverse 3D team. It will be mainly used for video calls and meetings, but at the same time Microsoft also has business plans for games and entertainment. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (Satya Nadella) recent interview, he said the company will pass a series of new applications integrate virtual environments, will combine the physical and digital worlds in the together .

What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

“Virtual meeting” and “TV Game” seem to be very different from Facebook in Microsoft’s meta-universe, but they also include the easiest form of popularization that is recognized by the public through integrated games. In communicating with the media, Nadella emphasized that Microsoft will “absolutely” focus on Xbox’s meta-universe games.

If we look at it by convention, perhaps some meta-universe stories can appear in Microsoft’s classic games . For example, will “Halo” become a meta-universe? “Flight Sim” and “Minecraft” may also be the same. Nadella emphasized, “In a sense, they are still 2D. The problem is how to bring them into a complete 3D world? We are currently planning to achieve this.” He added.

Indeed, when it comes to Microsoft today, you can’t just think about Windows and Azure. The “Halo”, ” My World” and “Flight Simulator” and transplanted to the whole idea of three virtual world is an ambitious project, especially if explore them together, then the player through a high probability AR or VR helmet. At present, the embryonic form of Microsoft’s game meta-universe is gradually unfolding.

At the Ignite conference, Microsoft’s voice was mainly focused on shared virtual space and mixed reality. The question is, how does Microsoft use its proprietary game and social network Altspace VR for the meta-universe application on Xbox? The outside world also wants to know whether Microsoft plans to introduce AR or VR helmets into the Xbox game console system someday.

Satya Nadella has already proposed that “The End of Windows” (The End of Windows) is the key to Microsoft’s strategy. But this does not mean that Microsoft has given up the idea of ​​having core applications, and core applications are also the core of many workplaces. For example, the cloud operating system for its online devices is Teams.

What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

By the way, some analysts regard Teams as Microsoft’s copy of Slack, which is not correct. Although any of Microsoft’s current presentations are too idealistic scenarios, it can be seen from the recent Microsoft Ignite keynote speech that its (meta universe) vision is undoubtedly very ambitious.

When it comes to the creation of Metaverse, Microsoft’s own related advantages are mainly two: one is the Mesh platform under the MR mixed reality system, and the other is the HoloLens technology in the AR (augmented reality) field. HoloLen constructs an AR infrastructure capability that integrates software and hardware. After officially launching this smart headset with AR effects in 2016, Microsoft proposed to create an augmented reality technology system that integrates human, computer, and environmental interaction technologies. However, although HoloLens is one of the industry’s leading consumer-level smart headsets, it has not yet gained mainstream status in the consumer market.

While exploring the integration of AI software and hardware, Microsoft has also created a mixed reality collaboration platform-Microsoft Mesh. Mesh allows cross-geographic teams to conduct collaborative meetings, design conversations, assist colleagues, study together and social conversations, etc. It is a shared virtual space whose concept is infinitely close to the “meta universe”. The original Slack meeting format was prone to fatigue, which prompted the emergence of Together Mode (virtual background board). Now Microsoft hopes that Mesh can further help professionals to reduce the distress of making video calls all day.

Changes in the Asian technology sector

In addition to industry giants such as Nvidia and Microsoft, some Asian industry giants and unicorns have also recently launched related initiatives in the telecom operator market and the field of blockchain and NFT.

On November 15, a virtual reality (VR) startup is also the organizer of the world’s largest virtual reality event “Virtual Market”-HIKKY announced that they have raised 6.5 billion yen in the A round of financing. (57 million U.S. dollars). This time, behind HIKKY also appeared Japanese telecom operator NTT DOCOMO. The strategic cooperation between the two parties has been gradually carried out from the capital level to the business level.

What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

The goal of the cooperation between HIKKY and NTT DOCOMO is to change the world by connecting real and virtual VR experiences. HIKKY said that this round of financing will help expand HIKKY’s capabilities in domestic and overseas virtual reality services and consolidate its organizational structure. HIKKY’s services include the Vket series of VR activities, a VR engine named “Vket Cloud” (browser-based) running on smartphones and computers, and meta-universe technology and development using “Vket Cloud”.

HIKKY advocates the establishment of an open meta-universe where users can interact with others beyond the boundaries of the platform, and communicate and explore in the form of an open world. Vket Cloud, a proprietary virtual reality engine developed by HIKKY, can be used to create meta-universe content. Users only need to click a URL to access it, without requiring a special computer or mobile application. It supports multiplayer mode at the same time, users can communicate in the same space via voice or text chat.

Regarding the prospect of cooperation with NTT DOCOMO, the CEO of HIKKY stated: “With the help of the communication infrastructure and global network of NTT DOCOMO and NTT Group, we will speed up the deployment of meta-universe services. At the same time, we will continue to use our advantages, Provide XR services, technology and content for NTT DOCOMO.”

Outside of the Japanese market, South Korea’s pan-entertainment giant Cube Entertainment has recently stated that it will start the “adventure” of Metaverse. As a well-known record company, agency and music production company in South Korea, Cube announced on November 15 that it will cooperate with An imo ca Brands to jointly create the “K-pop music meta-universe”.

It is reported that the two parties will cooperate to create multimedia NFTs to map the well-known actors and pop singers on the Cube list. NFTs will feature images of these Korean artist portraits and album products, and will also include digital sound sources such as all albums. As a project promoter, Yat Siu, the founder of Animoca Brands, said in an interview with the media that he can’t wait to start working with Cube to “make the open meta-universe a reality.” Xiao Yi said that this cooperation provides Cube artists and their fans with “real digital property rights and other blockchain benefits”, which will continue to be promoted in the performing arts industry in the future.

What is the Metaverse in the eyes of Nvidia, Microsoft and record companies?

Speaking of Animoca Brands, the partner of Cube this time, it is definitely a topic company: it is itself an investment pioneer in the field of NFT games, and it is also the darling of the capital market. At the beginning of July this year, Animoca Brands completed a financing of up to 138.88 million U.S. dollars, led by the prestigious Blue Pool Capital, with a valuation of 1.1 billion U.S. dollars. By October, Animoca Brands raised another US$65 million and its valuation doubled to US$2.2 billion. Investment institutions in this round of financing include Liberty City Ventures, Ubisoft Entertainment, Sequoia China and other giants. The previous investor, Blue Pool Capital, reportedly managed part of Jack Ma’s wealth and most of Cai Chongxin’s US$8 billion assets, and investing in Animoca Brands was its first venture into the chain game industry.

Although it is inevitable that the outside world will cast a strange look when it comes to blockchain and NFTs, Xiao Yi seems to be very confident: He believes that the destructive forms of ownership brought by NFTs and the hype that NFTs are prone to cause have long been disputed by the outside world. However, he still compares the impact of the irreplaceable NFT on the progress of property rights to the “European Renaissance” that appeared in July 2020.

Concluding remarks

From technology giants to telecom operators, to blockchains, NFTs and even unicorns in the entertainment industry, more and more companies have begun to create their own meta universe. The key question here is whether everyone is blind and touching the elephant, each building a meta-universe fragment according to their own understanding, or whether there will be a “World Wide Web” in the future, so that everyone will form a splendid one under the rules of the WWW game. virtual reality?

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