What is the Metaverse? How does it relate to us? Take a look at the “Metaverse view” of the deputies of the National People’s Congress

“To make Shanghai the capital of the Metaverse, no matter how the Metaverse develops, it is inseparable from the industrial advantages of Shanghai.” From the special review meeting on the digital economy to the high-frequency buzzwords of the panel discussion, “Metaverse” has become this year’s two sessions in Shanghai. Focus.

What exactly is the Metaverse?

How does it relate to us?

As a new thing, what are the “precautions”?

A number of on-site representatives of the Municipal People’s Congress shared their “Metaverse Views”.

Shanghai will become a “star”

“To develop the Metaverse, we must combine hardware and software layout, infrastructure and content development, and both hands must be ‘hard’.” Representative Xie Yingbo believes that Shanghai has many advantages in artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, and information Internet, and should take the lead in formulating Industry standards, control the content, and do forward-looking research on the planning and layout of the Metaverse industry, R&D and manufacturing. “Just like there are many things on the road that can actually be shared, when planning the Metaverse industry, we must avoid wasting investment, and when building infrastructure, let the scenes of education, games, tourism, and office be shared.

In the recent Economic Work Conference of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Economic and Information Commission issued the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Electronic Information Industry of Shanghai”, which mentioned strengthening the forward-looking research and development of Metaverse technology. “It reflects Shanghai’s high sensitivity and ability to capture forward-looking technologies. We and our peers in the industry are actively following up related technology research and solution design, and seize the industrial opportunities brought by the Metaverse to grow and develop.” Representative Ji Xinhua said.

What is the Metaverse? How does it relate to us? Take a look at the "Metaverse view" of the deputies of the National People's Congress

Representative Jiang Hong, chairman of Shanghai Ichuang Network Technology Co., Ltd., believes that Shanghai should provide some strategic and planning ideas for the design and planning of Metaverse. Starting from the science and technology center, Shanghai should propose Shanghai standards for the new digital era in the future. , Shanghai Ideas, Shanghai Directions and Shanghai Blueprint. “I believe that Shanghai will be a dazzling star in the Metaverse in the future.”

Don’t “Free Yourself”

“The reason why the Metaverse has attracted attention is precisely because the virtual world is gradually integrating with the real world.” Representative Jiang Hong emphasized that the moral standards in real life should be introduced into the Metaverse. “If the planning and design of the Metaverse completely loses self-binding, moral binding, and legal binding, then this Metaverse must be dark. It is to expect the government and other social organizations to join the design and planning of the Metaverse. Set a boundary that has come in this era.”

Regarding the Metaverse, Chen Jiejun’s representative is most concerned about possible addiction, especially when applied to the game industry. “We used to play word games and video games, but now it’s a 3D game. The Metaverse is a holographic game. If it is allowed to develop, it can be imagined that it will bring serious problems. How to prevent addiction in the Metaverse is a social problem. .”

In the eyes of representative Xie Yingbo, the development of the Metaverse should pay particular attention to the two groups of “young and old”. For teenagers, it is necessary to prevent them from being disconnected from the real world and the real society because they are immersed in the virtual world. For the elderly, it is necessary to consider providing them with hardware matching and software assistance, so that they have the opportunity to join this “new world” “.

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