What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is actually very easy to understand, as long as you don’t chase the concepts created for you by capital and commercial media.

For the future of mankind, the smartest minds in the world have two consensuses:

One is immigration to Mars;

One is the Metaverse.

Immigrate to Mars, represented by Musk;

Metaverse, represented by Zuckerberg.

To put it more directly, the two are not even contradictory, and may exist at the same time.

Darze immigrated to Mars,

If you are poor, you live in the Metaverse.

Anyone with a brain can see that the world has reached an inflection point. The fourth technological revolution is coming to an end, and the fifth technological revolution is still illusory, and we have clearly felt that there are not enough resources to live a better life.

In the past few decades, the world has been in an era of incremental growth. The dividends of the fourth technological revolution have kept the world growing.

The technological revolution has stagnated. When we look at science and technology news and the Nobel Prize in science awards, we will find that the gold content is getting lower and lower. The masters have built the building of the fourth technological revolution, and now the scientific community can do nothing more than refinement.

It has been a long time since revolutionary technology has emerged. The stagnation of the technological revolution has allowed our era to enter the era of inventory competition, which is what we like to say the most about involution.

In the era of stock competition in history, without exception, the Malthus trap, followed by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, plague, war, famine, and death.

If I don’t want to play with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, what can I do?

It is nothing more than these two ideas.

Immigrating to Mars is easy to understand. This is the great voyage of the new era, the discovery of new virgin land, and the exploration of outer space. It is also what Musk has been talking about, and I must immigrate to Mars after death.

What about the Metaverse?

What is the Metaverse?

In 1992, the famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the Metaverse in his novel “Avalanche”: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connection terminal, and you can enter the computer simulation and real world in the form of a virtual clone. Parallel virtual space.”

If you have watched “Number One Player” and “Invincible Destruction King 2”, you may have a better understanding of Metaverse. The courier brother in “Number One Player” is the king of the game in the game.

In the virtual world, when you play a game, you can produce. Game currency can be consumed. It is not just the consumption of buying game props, but even all the goods in real life. Of course, the premise is that people at that time still have a sense of real life. Interested words.

Metaverse is to create a virtual space outside the real world. More directly, the only thing you need to buy in reality is dried tofu.

Why is dried tofu? Remember what the earthlings eat in “The Wandering Earth”? Dried earthworms, dried earthworms are still too extravagant. Another term for dried tofu is the concept of “vegetable meat” that is currently being hyped . Even Li Ka-shing has invested in it.

The advantage of plant meat is that it produces the same protein and is much more efficient than animal meat. Therefore, eating plant meat is clean, hygienic, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has conducted research. The approximate efficiency of planting and animal husbandry is 4:1, which means that the same energy is produced, and the production of animal meat requires 4 times the resources.

In the Metaverse era, virtual space replaces reality. What ordinary people need in reality are nutrients to maintain vital signs, dried tofu, and plant meat.

In the virtual world, people will be able to get a thousand times more happiness.

The Metaverse is a bit like cultivating immortals, one day in the middle of the mountain, the world has been thousands of years old. Your day in the game is richer than the experience of a thousand years in reality.

If the Metaverse is realized, more people, especially young people, will choose the Metaverse. This will be a super game.

In the era of the Metaverse, ordinary people live in the Metaverse, so many people come to ask, they all go to the game to play gold, who will produce? It’s very simple, AI will produce it. Ordinary people will no longer work, and work will be the patent of a few people.

One question that Metaverse faces is: With so many people “playing”, can this world be alright?

Then why not think about a question from another angle, who is feeding the world?

Wu Xiaobo has a view that most people are useless, and the world does not need many people to think about many issues at the same time.

What is the Metaverse?

Wu Xiaobo’s original words are from a thinking perspective, but they are not so impactful.

However, the truth of the world is that with the work ability and efficiency of most workers, it is impossible to cover the social expenditure for him.

I mean the kind of welfare from cradle to grave.

If it is the American lifestyle, four more earths will not be enough.

The social security system of western developed countries collapses on average every 50-60 years.

A small number of countries and a small number of people in this world can enjoy the dividends not entirely because of development, but also because mankind has been reclaiming “virgin land.”

Globalization is a continuous process of reclaiming virgin land.

In 1620, the eunuch, the eunuch, the eunuch of the Ming dynasty, gave a laxative to the seriously ill Ming Guangzong. The dignified Emperor Zhu Changluo of the Ming Dynasty became a jet fighter in seconds. He woke up thirty or forty times overnight. So far, he couldn’t get sick, and Honghe Temple entered the red pill again. As a result, Emperor Ming died immediately. Zhu Changluo was unfortunate, but also fortunate, because it was the same year that Nurhachi captured Shenyang and swept away the main force of Daming outside Shanhaiguan. Since then, Liaodong is no longer owned by Daming. During the 40-year fierce war between Ming and Qing Dynasties, the population dropped sharply by half.

In 1620, due to the religious reformation, Protestants and Catholics were incompatible with each other in Europe, and a small-scale battle broke out. Europeans at the time did not know that this was just the beginning of the Thirty Years’ War. %-40% of the population.

Also in 1620, a ship set off from Portsmouth, carrying 102 crew members, 35 of whom were Puritans, preparing to go to northern Virginia to develop a colony. This is the Mayflower, which is considered the beginning of the founding of the United States. .

The people of the old world can only be trapped in the battle of the red pill case. There are also the baptisms from the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which collapsed in the inner scroll, and the United States of the new world has become the dream of countless people’s honey and milk. Land, and complete the narrative of the American Dream, just because there are endless virgin land.

In the Age of Great Navigation, every discovery of a virgin land will bring amazing dividends to the mother country that was first discovered.

The Anglo-Saxons had to start the Opium War, because in their opinion, as long as the people of the Qing Dynasty bought a foot of cloth, it was enough for all British spinners to step on the weaving machine day and night for a year.

Globalization is colonization and global intubation. Every region involved in globalization is caught in an involution, and after that, it continues to search for the next virgin land.

The American Big Steak House is not an exaggeration to say that it is a borer.

While enjoying the benefits that most people in other countries cannot enjoy, while using the American dream to lure global elites to go.

However, what people want is more than a big steak house. People also want one Di Lieba and Yang Yang each.

I did not say that this idea is wrong.

But it must be recognized that at the current stage of science and technology, relying on human production, one can never live a good life of one person and one Di Lieba, not to mention some people want to both Yang Yang and Di Lieba.

Moreover, when the population of the United States reached more than 300 million, even the welfare of this superpower would not be able to sustain it.

To achieve this goal, either, a technological breakthrough, the fifth technological revolution.

Or, everything in the dream.

The fifth technological revolution, confined by technological bottlenecks, is far from coming.

However, dreaming is not unreasonable.

The Metaverse is just a dream.

In the virtual space of the future, the material is extremely rich, and you can imagine what you want.

Of course, only in the Metaverse.

If immigration to Mars is an open source idea, then the Metaverse, to put it bluntly, is a throttling idea.

Through virtual reality, humans can work in virtual space, consume in virtual space, and use virtual imagination to satisfy their own desires.

Many people will ask, is a virtual thing so fun?

Then it’s better to ask, why the real world is so no fun.

The real world in the inventory era is not fun. When young people start to enter this “game” called the world online, they find that the world has been divided up.

Therefore, the world online game, for most young people who were born without a golden key, has a very poor experience because the rewards are very untimely.

After 50 years of hard work, I couldn’t afford a small house in a big city.

But if you don’t buy a house, even if your life fails, you can’t play all the games in this world.

A young man can unlock a game with three generations of time and accumulation, fifty to sixty years of struggle and anxiety.

What is the gaming experience of this game? Is 0.

What is alienation of people? This is the alienation of people. Man does not live for himself, man lives for those substances, and these substances are not available yet.

So the question is coming?

For most people in the world, a game that can never be won is real, or a game that can always be won is real?

In other words, which world people are more willing to believe is real?

This question can be answered with a story.

Persian teenagers who drink a kind of drug will be taken to a secret garden. The fountain here is spouting fine wine, and there are delicious foods everywhere. The garden is a young age with curvaceous skin that can be broken. Girls, teenagers can mate with them at will.

They can stay here for three days. After three days, they will be taken to the owner of the garden. He will tell the youngsters that you are going to heaven. As long as you are loyal to me, you can still go to heaven at any time.

These teenagers all crawled on the ground, swearing allegiance. This is the old man in the mountains. He used this technique to establish the largest assassination organization in the Middle Ages. These teenagers who have been to the heavenly kingdom will go through all fire and water for him.

In “The Matrix”, there are also two worlds, one is called Matrix and the other is Zion. Matrix is ​​the real world. Neo has lived in the real world for more than 20 years. Suddenly someone told him that the reality of conformity has never been reality. , That’s virtual.

There is a paragraph, the reporter interviewed Musk.

Reporter: Mr. Musk, will you try to immigrate to Mars?

Musk: Of course, the sky is not my limit.

Reporter: Will you immigrate to the desert?

Musk: Of course not.

Reporter: Why? Even if you are not afraid of Mars, why don’t you want to immigrate to the desert?

Musk: Because I can really go to the desert.

After all, for big voyages, you still need at least one more ship. Emigrating to Mars is an invisible consumption.

Not to mention whether the technology of immigration to Mars is feasible, what about after immigration?

In fact, the seemingly absurd Metaverse is not more unreasonable than emigrating to Mars.

The dream of emigrating to Mars is of course very beautiful, but I have to admit that this concept is too crude, and it is just a repetition of the old techniques of the great voyage era.

Moreover, you first need to put resources into the bottomless pit of the Mars project, and then you must reduce other costs.

The meaning of Metaverse lies in low cost.

Since the beginning of this year, many people have been discussing the issue of population, and many people are pretending to be facing the enemy, as if the sky will fall if the population stops growing.

But does the world really need that much population? Does the world really need so much labor?

In the era of the Metaverse, “work” will become a luxury item. The work here refers to the real work we see today, and more people choose to work in virtual space, or simply say, “Game Play gold”.

The bottom layer is gold, middle-class work, and the real Dragon people, play rockets to explore Mars, or other universes.

As for the businessman Xiaozha, why he actively participated in the metaverse is actually understandable.

In recent years, Zuckerberg has been frequently questioned by the US Congress and the European Parliament. It is an inevitable fact that governments around the world have reached out to the Internet.

And Facebook, screen-based social media, has actually been saturated. In several major Internet countries, in a word, infrastructure has been completed, and not only infrastructure has been completed, but community construction has also been completed, and business has stalled.

And if the Metaverse is established, for Xiaozha, this is a completely uncultivated virgin land. He will become the inventor of the “Oasis” game in “Top Player”, the ultimate BOSS like Nolan Sorrento, or rather , He will be Columbus who discovered America, and facebook will be the Mayflower.

This is why he is eager to change his name. They don’t want to be the king of the old continent, he wants to be the god of the new continent.

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