What is the logo of the True Internet? Lightweight VR glasses are universal or the answer

We feel that the True Internet can combine offline efficiency and online experience at the same time.

In 2021, with the listing of Roblox, the first stock of the meta universe, and this concept of the future derived from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” gradually became known.

Metaverse has become the hottest track in the investment circle, but building such a grand, high-degree-of-freedom, and highly fantasy virtual world requires AI, content creation engines, content ecology, network communication technology, Solutions in different fields such as AR/VR ecology and blockchain are jointly completed.

Domestically, affected by the rise of the meta-universe concept and the entry of Internet companies and investment institutions such as Bytedance, NetEase, and Wuyuan Capital, a number of start-ups in the meta-universe ecosystem have risen. In the fields of content creation engines, AR/VR and AI, due to the scarcity and complexity of related technologies in China, some companies have obtained extremely high valuations when the products are not completed.

So is the meta universe a bubble or a real future? 36Kr held the Advanced Experience·Meta Universe Summit in Shenzhen on November 24. The summit invited many investors, scholars and industry changers, including Cai Weide, professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and expert of international inter-chain network, Xu Lin, vice president of Haima Cloud strategy, Guo Cheng, president of STEPVR, and special assistant to the CEO of “Soul” Huang Ziyang, He Wei, vice president of Chizicheng Technology, Song Lei, co-founder and CTO of EM3, Li Renjie, co-head of NetEase Fuxi Lab, Du Zhenglin, head of Tencent’s magic core market, and many other guests discussed the new development trend of the metaverse industry.

Under the promising trend of Metaverse and Robotics, 36Kr will continue to pay attention to this field through the most cutting-edge vision, and provide comprehensive support for the industry. It is believed that under the layout of the meta universe, 36 krypton will also explore new growth space.

At this Dimensional Universe Conference, EM3 co-founder CTO Song Lei delivered an independent speech. He believed that True Internet can combine offline efficiency and online experience at the same time. The consumption scenarios of True Internet can cover entertainment, social networking, Meetings, medical care, training, education, and some physical experiences. Among them, EM3 can provide it with lightweight VR glasses that can be worn for several hours a day.

What is the logo of the True Internet? Lightweight VR glasses are universal or the answer

The following is EM3 ​​co-founder CTO Song Lei’s “Change the Real Internet: EM3 Ultra-thin VR Glasses Release Preview” theme sharing record:

I am very happy to have the opportunity to release our products ahead of time at the advanced experience meeting. Our company is called EM3, why is it called EM3? Our company’s slogan is composed of three words Man/Machine/Mind starting with M. Our idea is to use cool hard technology to connect people’s consciousness through machines.

First of all, we want to give our answer to the True Internet. We feel that the True Internet can combine offline efficiency and online experience at the same time. The consumption scenarios of the True Internet can cover entertainment, social networking, conferences, medical care, training, Education and some physical experience, these missing parts of the existing Internet, we hope to add them in the real Internet.

What is the logo of the True Internet? Lightweight VR glasses are universal or the answer

This pair of glasses is our first answer to the true Internet. This is a VR glasses, its weight is only 35 grams, its thickness is only 6.8mm, it is the thinnest VR glasses that can be found in public channels so far. It uses the third-generation near-eye display technology, so that it can be worn on your head from morning to night in our daily life like this pair of myopic glasses on my head. Although it is extremely thin and light, it provides With a 90-degree FOV, 2.5K resolution, and support for bare-hand interaction with both hands, we think this is the right thing for the real Internet.

What is the logo of the True Internet? Lightweight VR glasses are universal or the answer

These are our two entry-level and flagship products, which use our third-generation near-eye display technology and the second-generation, more traditional display solutions, respectively. The weights are about 30 grams and 170 grams, respectively.

The reason why our product is so thin is also because we chose it as a split solution. To use our product, we need to plug it into a mobile phone, but we think this is an advantage because everyone has a mobile phone. Almost all apps are installed on mobile phones. If there is a way to make mobile apps the entrance to our Metaverse, I think this is a very correct transition plan.

Let me introduce the near-eye display solution we use. This page may be more academic, which is also related to our company’s genes.

Our company was co-founded by two PHDs. This is a product designed by one of our optical experts and took nearly 6 years to make.

The first is the traditional single-lens VR solution that everyone is very familiar with. Its biggest advantage is that it has a relatively large FOV, but we must match it with a 60mm thick focal length;

The second is the Pancake solution. We use polarized optics to convert this 60mm into three reflections, which add up to 60mm, but the overall volume is reduced to about 20mm. We see a lot of similar HTC’s new FLOW, including Huawei’s VR glasses are adopting this scheme. We call the EM3 solution the third generation solution. Its solution is very simple in terms of form. We have compressed the entire optical part to the millimeter level, so that we can use a thin film-like structure on the RazeDisplay, the overall thickness A single FOV reduced to a few millimeters is similar to traditional VR, which can achieve 90 degrees or even more than 100 degrees. This is the core of all our products. We make near-eye display around this core technology, and we also bring this kind of lightweight glasses to We have developed our own software products based on our daily use scenarios.

Everyone is surprised why such a VR effect can be achieved on a pair of sunglasses the size. The concept of “All day, Everyday” was not proposed by us. It is the consensus in the industry. Everyone always says when the VR metaverse will start. We think that a pair that can only be used for 20 minutes a day is not the beginning of an ecology. From the era when everyone uses the mobile Internet for a few hours a day, I think lightweight glasses that can support everyone to wear for a few hours a day are the beginning of the true Internet.

Our application around this pair of lightweight glasses is an online immersive community, which is running in real time. The feature of our immersive community is that the style is more adult. Everyone can see people who can walk freely, interact and talk and laugh. We support this system to run on IOS and Android phones, and they can all be matched. Our glasses.

The software we made is called Hola. There are two versions of Hola. When you can connect to a cloud with rendering capabilities, you can turn on HD mode. It puts more rendering on the cloud or on the edge, making it possible to present a mainstream 3A game level. Interactive. When you don’t have a cloud, or leave a high-performance graphics card, you can get a good-looking, more realistic interactive scene. We think that in this scene we can carry out many social activities, such as light entertainment, class or interview, we can also make friends with strangers, and we can meet more people. We hope to build our right VR ecology through the portal we already have.

Finally, introduce our company. Our company was registered in May last year. It is a company that does VR hardware and supporting software. Our company has offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. We completed a crowdfunding this year and completed it in Shenzhen. Our own mass production is delivered. The software we matched with this pair of glasses, including ARTeam and Connect, can be downloaded on public channels. Our hardware has won the Red Dot Award and the AF Award, a total of four awards. This is an affirmation of our design. Various conferences in the industry, including exhibitions such as CHINAJOY, began to appear, hoping to gain more industry and customer recognition, and begin to enter the entire ecosystem of the global Internet Metaverse.

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